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New Releases & Exclusives (20)

May 17, 2010
New releases by Sophie Sugar vs Sunlounger, Dash Berlin feat. Solid Sessions, Paronator, Gold & Osborn, Rock Massive and more!

Dash Berlin feat. Solid Sessions - Janeiro
As the year 2010 approaches its summer at full speed, Dash Berlin is making sure to provide its soundtrack. ‘Janeiro’, featuring the early millennium legends of Solid Sessions, is the fifth hit single from his debut album ‘The New Daylight’. A 10-year old classic with the new Dash Berlin sound written all over it.

The Flying Dutchman has had one wild ride of a year so far. Recent highlights include his completely sold out, solo show in Mexico City rocking a steaming crowd of thousands and off course his much applauded sets at ‘ASOT 450’ in Bratislava and at ‘The Future Stage’ of Trance Energy in The Netherlands. With a firm position in the top 10 of ‘most influential people in Trance’ in the ‘We Follow’ Twitter chart and his steady climb to the current ‘number 17 deejay of the world’ spot as voted by the members of The DJ List, things seem to be going faster then a red Ferrari for Mr. Berlin.

Aside from his epic DJ adventures, Dash has touched the quality Trance-seeking souls with his firstcompilation album ‘United Destination 2010’, which can easily be described a crystal clear reflection of a typical Dash Berlin DJ set. A sound well appreciated by the public and the press, considering Dash’s collab with Australian singer Emma Hewitt, ‘Waiting’, won the International Dance Music Award for ‘Best Hi-NRG/Euro Track’ in Miami.

Standstill is a word that can’t be found in the Dash Berlin story, but the fifth single of his ‘The New Daylight’ album does freshen up your memory. In collaboration with the original producers of ‘Janeiro’, Solid Sessions, Dash Berlin shook this unforgettable, sun-drenched classic to a 2010-fit treat for the ears.

And it’s a tasty package indeed. The Dash Berlin 4AM Mix gets your energy level up, no matter what place or time, it’s the experimental big room sound that matters here. San’s remix underlines the easygoing, feel-good character of ‘Janeiro’ in a deep prog-housy remix. The Dutch duo of Signum give away the perfect example of Balearic trance, while Dutchman Sander van Dien of First State hands in his second Dash Berlin remix so far. After his massive remix for ‘Waiting’, ‘Janeiro’ received another warm, prog-trancy treatment, capturing the soul of the track.
Undoubtedly you’ll be dancing to this classic again this summer.

  1. Janeiro (Original Mix)
  2. Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)
  3. Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4AM Dub Mix)
  4. Janeiro (Signum Remix).wav
  5. Janeiro (First State Remix).wav
  6. Janeiro (San Remix).wav
  7. Janeiro (Radio Edit)

Sugar vs Sunlounger - Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mash Up)
Armin van Buuren is a master in many ways. Not only is he a Master of Law and the number one DJ in the world at the same time, he’s also a true maestro in making mash-ups. At least once a year, he comes to find that two tracks complement each other so much, they just have to be one. Call it instinct or a keen ear for harmony and balance, but when it comes to matchmaking skills, Armin owns.

Combine the emotional, but energetic ‘Together’ of UK’s Sophie Sugar with the soothing voice of Zara Taylor and Roger Shah’s Balearic Sunlounger beats of ‘Lost’, and ‘Lost Together’ is the stunning result. Pure chemistry and a reflection of the best of both worlds are what rock your ears after pressing play on this one. A peak-time anthem, mashed and hammered by Armin himself and now ready to hit the Armind label with a release. This mash-up is a keeper!

  1. Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mash Up)

Paronator - Distance / Sunset

A legion of fresh producer talent is on its way from Russia. One of the captains of this new generation is Paul Iudin, armed with determination and strong releases under his ‘Paronator’ armour. His movement of sounds is supported by the likes of Nick Warren, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and various other leaders of the DJ elite. After an impressive remix for Rex Mundi’s ‘Kalua Islands’, Paronator returns with his own EP, right here on the Electronic Elements label.

Both ‘Distance’ and ‘Sunset’ profile Paronator’s sound as deep, proggy and promising. ‘Sunset’ gets you in a good mood, as it handles prog-house with an easy-going feel to it. ‘Distance’ is the more mysterious and techy of the two, one heck of a highlight.

Keep an eye on Paronator – he’s marching fast!

  1. Distance
  2. Sunset

Gold & Osborn - The Hunt Is On / Hypervyper
Two creative, forward-thinking minds can only head off in one direction: up. Ben Gold and Lee Osborne are in town, and ready to rumble. The dance scene’s lucky to have these UK lads at its side, cause with their open mind, experience, guts and feel for future sounds, a breath of fresh air strengthens the current dance movement.

Speaking of which, gasping for air is one of the side effects of the Gold & Osborne collab. The guys have become a driving force in tech-trance without restrictions, both with their history of multiple styled releases. Where Ben has hit the scene with a heavily-supported ‘Sunstroke’, ‘Today’ and most recent ‘Sapphire’, Lee has moved crowds using ‘Reborn’ and collabs with Ali Wilson as his weapon. Together, this unstoppable force grinds the floor with an EP that doesn’t belong anywhere else than the Captivating Sounds label.

The title might give away a little clue about what ‘Hyper Vyper’ is all about. A boom blasting, floor-sweeping, cheeky fella, ‘Hyper Vyper’ is. Strong elements, an intense break down and heavy-weighing, deep bass make sure this one won’t escape the ear. ‘The Hunt Is On’ is one of those B-sides that needs a while to build, but unfolds to an A-class track within the very second the break kicks in. Prog-trancy, without ever losing its melodic spirit.

Ladies and gents, this is Gold & Osborne at your service.

  1. The Hunt Is On
  2. Hypervyper

Rock Massive - You Know Why
If you’re looking for some blazing sounds to shake those booties and tremble the floor, the Stoneyboy label will fix you up. Maddening drums, a catchy rhythm, arousing vocals and a cheeky electro-synth to make you lose yourself completely. With ‘You Know Why’, Rock Massive brings you all the right flavours, straight from downtown L.A. on to the global house movement.

Shocking your senses with diversity alike, you’ll find three different remixes of this shockadelic sound-blaster. A warmer, melodic prog-house remix of Brown Sneakerz, electro-distortive driven remix of Ph Electro and last but surely not least, an easygoing but highly energetic remix of Mr. Stoneyboy, StoneBridge, himself. An essential track for all those who want to get any type of party started.

  1. You Know Why (Orginal Mix)
  2. You Know Why (StoneBridge Stadium Trippin')
  3. You Know Why (Ph Electro Remix)
  4. You Know Why (Brown Sneakers Remix)

Coldharbour Selections Part 22
One of the proud traditions Markus Schulz has maintained with his Coldharbour Recordings label has been the much heralded Coldharbour Selections series - a platform to give up and coming producers the chance to showcase their talents on one of the most influential labels in trance and progressive.

Kicking off the latest Selections package is Polish producer Łukasz Szyda, better known to the world as Solar Energy, and on this particular occasion, Spiral Waves. His dreamy and melodic "Time Runs Too Fast" debuted on Global DJ Broadcast in February, and immediately became a fan favorite, winning the Global Selection accolade on the show in its first attempt. It has grown to become one of the staples of Markus' radio playlists, and has cemented itself as a Coldharbour anthem for some time to come.

Next up are Los Angeles based duo Norin & Rad, who make their Coldharbour Recordings bow with "Always a New Day". Already causing quite a stir due to its appearance on Disc 1 of Markus' Las Vegas '10 compilation, the track received its fair share of airplay on GDJB also, with many projecting that these guys are one to watch for the future.

And finally, two of Scotland's finest producers unite to deliver a beautiful slice of melodic progressive. Alan Nimmo, best known for his work as part of the Signalrunners, teams up with one of the outstanding producers over the past 12 months in the form of David Forbes to produce "Samui". Debuted by Markus Schulz in a high profile guestmix before the live proceedings of A State Of Trance 450 kicked off in Toronto, Samui has been a regular fixture on Global DJ Broadcast throughout April and May, and rounds off one of the strongest Selections packages to date.

Three tracks debuted and built solely through Global DJ Broadcast support, and now all three stand as being among the most fondly remembered among Coldharbour followers in 2010.

  1. David Forbes & Alan Nimmo - Samui
  2. Norin & Rad - Always A New Day (Original Mix)
  3. Spiral Waves - Time Runs Too Fast (Club Mix)
  4. Spiral Waves - Time Runs Too Fast (Intro Mix)

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