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New Releases & Exclusives (19)

May 10, 2010
New releases by CJ Stone & Chris Ortega, Arctic Moon, Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch, G-Tek, Anton Firtich and more.

CJ Stone & Chris Ortega feat. Lyck – In The Red Light
German producers CJ Stone and Chris Ortega both had their share of experience in dance industry. CJ released his first track in 1998, while Chriss has 6 years on his counter. Joined forces, they make magical things happen. Joining the party, is Danish vocalist Lyck, to give ‘In The Red Light’ a warm and soulful voice.

‘In The Red Light’ will take hold of you with a tempting beat, get stuck in your mind with its contagious vocals and touch your soul with a prog-hous and trancy melody. A track with the real Pilot 6 spirit.

The release of ‘In The Red Light’ is accompanied by remixes of Michael Kaye and and also serves a Red Light Mix and Stone & Ortega Mix from the duo themselves. Ignite in the red light, with this absolute highlight.

Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze – Meant To Be Free
“You can bluff when you’re losing, but never rewind.” A perfect fit to Markus Schulz’ ‘Las Vegas ‘10’compilation, as mystery and darkness unfold in the prog-trancy ‘Meant To Be Free’. A thick production from the hands of Russian sound-rider Anton Firtich, flirting with the lush vocals of Victoria Mazze. A strong track that deserves to be played out loud only.

Remixes hail from Russia with fellow-producer Cramp on the job, turning ‘Meant To Be Free’ into an anthem of progressive depth, and Slovakian ‘Vegas’ producer Robert Burian, intensifying the big room and distortive prog sound on this beauty.

Arctic Moon – True Romance
A promising member of the next generation of trance producers is ascending from Poland. The Polish dance scene is up and coming, and so are its producers. One of them, is Thomas Popielarski. He’s lost the rookie-status quite a few years and releases ago, as he produces one quality Arctic Moon track and remix after another. It didn’t take Aly & Fila long to take notice of the Arctic Moon sound – and secure a release on their own Future Sound Of Egypt label.

‘True Romance’ is that little crack of light you need to feel on top of the world again. Uplifting trance with an emotional theme and epic feel to it. ‘True Romance’ is more than just an instant crush or love at first listen, it’s an anthem you’ll hold dearly for years following. Arctic Moon is able to light the darkest clubs with this one!

The Brave remix, along with a special Intro Mix, comes all the way from Egypt. Brave, who’s had his ‘The Healer’ released at FSOE Recordings, gives ‘True Romance’ that tad of extra big-bass feel to it, in a prog-trance remix that rides on memorable breaks and hands-in-the-air-moments.

Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch pres. Black Pearl – Rise
Paradise awaits you. It’s not that far, you’ll see. Actually, it’s just one mouse click on the play-button away. Roger Shah and fellow German producer Ralph Fritsch get back into their Black Pearl suits to give you another ticket to paradise. Heavenly trance sounds await you on ‘Rise’, with uplifting, touching and boom blasting as its keywords. The guys have travelled all the way across ‘Bounty Island’, the ‘Coral Sea’ and ‘Java’ to end up where they are today’s day , a place all about the mind shivering ‘Rise’. Their travels keep extending to more exotic sounds and challenging breakdowns.

Another black, but really just stunningly beautiful pearl of a track! Swedish talent Kim Svärd added a more downtempo, Balearic prog-sound to ‘Rise’, capturing the essence of the Magic Island label.

G-tek - Cryptographer
From the deep, AVA Blue pool of talent comes the melodic infusion of progressive and trance, ‘Cryptographer’. After years of perfecting his sound in home country Panama, Orlando Garcia manages to rumble the global crowds with this elusive highlight of a tune. ‘Cryptographer’ builds with an intriguing, dark sound, lighting up as soon as the first kick drops, and continuous to light souls throughout its full 7 minutes. Pure prog pleasure by G-Tek!

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