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New Releases & Exclusives (15)

April 12, 2010
An addictive mix for all trance lovers – one they won’t get off repeat soon. Trance Mini Mix 008 contains the brand new releases of Chris Reece, Blake Jarrell, David Forbes, GNX and Heatbeat. All lined up in a must-have 30 minute mix.

Markus Schulz feat. Khaz - Dark Heart Waiting
The story of Markus Schulz’ musical career keeps unfolding. New chapters were added to his impressive musical life, and they just keep on coming.
2009 was an astonishing year to the American DJ/producer. Not only did his ‘Do You Dream’ trancer rock the Evolution crowd as official theme, there was also a darker side of Markus that came out: Dakota. The ‘Thoughts Become Things’ album under the Dakota alias unleashed the deeper, darker proggy side of Markus, and was praised by crowds and DJ’s alike. On the DJ side of things, Markus travelled the world with a never fading smile on his face, rocking crowds during his Global DJ World Tour, broadcast during his Global DJ Broadcast radioshow. With residencies at Boombox and Global Gathering, the ‘Best American DJ of 2008’ and number 8 DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 was exactly where he needs to be: on top.
The first single of his forthcoming third artist album, ‘Dark Heart Waiting’, is now ready to light some souls. Released on Markus’ Coldharbour Recordings label on April 12th, this collaboration with vocalist Carey Stansfield (aka Khaz) of the well-known Departure formation is about to travel light and touch ground on all EDM-loving places around the globe. ‘Dark Heart Waiting’, the follow-up to previous Departure collabs ‘Without You Near’ and ‘Cause You Know’, has Markus’ significant sound: deep and dark, but with a trancy edge. Just the way the crowd loves it.

Remix duties of ‘Dark Heart Waiting’ were done by Dutch tech-trance hot-shot Jochen Miller, UK producer Paul Trainer, the Indian prog duo Lost Stories and includes a Coldharbour Dub for all those that like to rock it dubbed.

  1. Dark Heart Waiting (Club Mix)
  2. Dark Heart Waiting (Coldharbour Dub Mix)
  3. Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)
  4. Dark Heart Waiting (Lost Stories Remix)
  5. Dark Heart Waiting (Paul Trainer Remix)

Francis Preve - Marina
Hooked on EDM since the 80’s, Francis Preve has just kicked off his fourth decade of dance music involvement. The legacy of this producing guru is, least to say, impressive. Not only did he write ‘The Remixer’s Bible’, he also produced film music and works as a technology editor for Beatport. Swopping his role behind the scenes for a place in the spotlights, Francis started releasing his own stuff in 2008. Kicking off with ‘Caboose’ and ‘Hasown’, he now brings another heavyweight to the Difference Pieces label.
Francis Preve serves profound tech-house and progressive in the way only he can. ‘Marina’ is his new, enrapturing track that measures a just amount of everything – bells, bass, beats and melodies.
William A, hot off DP duties with his ‘Umbrella’ EP, gave ‘Marina’ a groovy shake, taking it to the darker side of progressive. UK producer James Talk ‘big boomed’ the track, remixing ‘Marina’ to a sturdy tech-house weapon for the floors, while Tritonal’s ‘Abduction Mix’ gets it all in a trancy mood – with synths, melodic spins and maddening proggy stabs.

  1. Marina (Original Mix)
  2. Marina (James Talk Remix)
  3. Marina (Tritonal's Abduction Mix)
  4. Marina (William A Remix)

Beltek - Eclipse
A contradictory title Beltek has chosen for his new track. While an eclipse cuts off light, all that Beltek’s ‘Eclipse’ does is sparkle and shine. The Slovenian producer/DJ, who had his Armada debut with Umek collabs ‘Army of Two’, ‘Is It’ and ‘Option To Stimulate’, shows he really doesn’t need anyone to hold his hand to make it in music industry.
‘Eclipse’ is the warm prog-house track that takes you in a lush and harmonic melody; that finds itself between uplifting progressive and deep house. ‘Eclipse’ takes you in at the speed of light and sound.
Dutch talent Bas Van Essen gave the track a deeper meaning with a bottomless, profound remix.

  1. Eclipse (Original Mix)
  2. Eclipse (Bas van Essen Remix)
  3. Eclipse (Radio Edit)

Claudia Cazacu - Valley Of The Kings
Within every woman, is a bit of mystery. By giving her all in music, Claudia Cazacu reveals some of hers. Keeping her beats and melodies close at heart, with emotional and sense-awakening sounds, has seen her establish herself as one of the promising producing talents in today’s trance scene. Though the secret of her musical talent is long gone, with tracks like ‘Freefalling’, ‘Lekker’ and ‘Nefertiti’ working the minds of thousands of trance lovers, a new revelation is coming out.
‘Valley of the Kings’ is the lady’s new weapon on the floors. Wrapped in mystery, the emotional vocals and mind-shivering melody leaves you spellbound. The driving force, the beat, will keep your body moving while in trance. This queen of trance knows more than well how to get a party going.
Dariusz Romanowski, residing under the Dereck Recay moniker, smoothed ‘Valley of the Kings’ with an extra trancy sound, fit for any peak time moment.

  1. Valley Of The Kings (Original Mix)
  2. Valley Of The Kings (Dereck Recay Remix)

Phil Fuldner - Miami Pop 2010
In 2001, the Winter Music Conference in Miami was taken over by an ID. It didn’t only rock the beach babes and surf dudes, but also got the entire dance scene in wonder. Eventually, the great white label track turned out to be ‘Miami Pop’, by the hands of Phil Fuldner. The German producer/DJ scored a massive clubhit with his Miami tune, which has now been upgraded with a funky 2010 sound.
‘Miami Pop’ is an easygoing, feel-good track that’ll get the clubbers ‘popping’ again! With a wide range of remixes, from Tube & Berger, Lemon Popsicle and Mario Da Ragnio to Gergor Wagner, ‘Miami Pop’ takes you to Miami without moving anywhere.

  1. Miami Pop 2010 (Radio Edit)
  2. Miami Pop 2010 (Original Extended)
  3. Miami Pop 2010 (Lemon Popsicle's You're Number One Remix)
  4. Miami Pop 2010 (Mario Da Ragnio Remix)
  5. Miami Pop 2010 (Tube & Berger Remix)
  6. Miami Pop 2010 (Gregor Wagner Remix)

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