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New Releases & Exclusives (14)

April 07, 2010
New tracks from Mr. Pit, Aly & Fila, Rex Mundi, Plastic Boy, J Nitti and Vadim Soloviev

Mr. Pit - Simplicity / This Room Is Not Big Enough
The wait is finally over, Mr. Pit’s magical duo ‘Simplicity’ and ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ is about to be added to your collection. This must-have EP gave Markus Schulz’ ‘Las Vegas ‘10’ album an extra push, with Adrian Ivan’s signature sound riding along the waves of Markus’ big room prog-trance.

In ‘Simplicity’, you’ll find a playful anthem with a high-spirited, feel-good structure, loads of details and the true Coldharbour sound. It takes a strong and sturdy build-up before ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ reveals its magical core; a scintillating, extraordinary melodic twist inside this dark ride of a track, whether in its ‘Tech Mix’ or Original interpretation. Whichever way you like it, Mr. Pit gets your spirit up in no time.

  1. Simplicity
  2. This Room Is Not Big Enough (Original Mix)
  3. This Room Is Not Big Enough (Tech Mix)

Aly & Fila feat. Denise Rivera - My Mind Is With You
The very first release of the Future Sound of Egypt label since it’s joined forces with Armada Music hits in with a loud bang. A prosperous future lies ahead for this label, with Egyptian duo Aly & Fila as the driving force of all things quality trance.

Aly & Fila grew into being one of the most popular producer duo’s in the trance scene, conquering a 22nd position in the DJ Mag Top 100 only one year after their new entry. Trance lovers all across the globe are familiar with their sound, as heard on previous successes such as ‘Eye of Horus’, ‘Breath of Life’, ‘Lost Language’ and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah, Lange and many more. Their Future Sound of Egypt label became known as a pool for new talent and high standard trance music – from uplifting to the deeper side of it. By teaming up with Armada Music, Aly & Fila are at the exact right place to introduce the crowd to their sounds and ideas.

‘My Mind Is With You’ is the first gem to be released from the Egyptian treasury of Aly & Fila. With strong vocals by Denise Rivera, who previously enforced productions by Cosmic Gate, Leon Bolier and Joop, ‘My Mind Is With You’ adds a nice and warm uplifting touch to any trance set.

Dutch duo W&W, currently blazing around with their ‘Alligator F*ckhouse’ release, added a deeper and more progressive sound to ‘My Mind Is With You’, without losing the big room effect they’re known for. In their remix and Dub mix, you’ll find all danceable elements you need.

  1. My Mind is With You (Original Mix)
  2. My Mind is With You (Original Dub Mix)
  3. My Mind Is With You (W&W Remix)
  4. My Mind Is With You (W&W Dub Mix)
  5. My Mind Is With You (Radio Edit)

Rex Mundi - Kalua Islands
The Rex Mundi headquarters is far from silent. The sounds filling the air there are miles from ordinary, touching the very tip of trance while balancing on big room progressive. A melting pot of styles have made Boy Hagemann’s productions stand out, as we flashback from trancy vocal dish ‘Nothing At All’ to the very beginning of success, with the sturdy ‘Perspective’.

‘Kalua Islands’ is the new Rex Mundi taste of sound. With an uplifting melody, slick piano twirls and a tough bass to back things up, ‘Kalua Islands’ is a warm trip into upcoming summer.

Russian producer Paul Ludin, residing under the Paronator moniker, dove into the deep, mysterious side of ‘Kalua Islands’ and delivers a very melodic and easy-going prog-house remix.

  1. Kalua Islands (Original Mix)
  2. Kalua Islands (Paronator Remix)

M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy - Aquarius / Journey Of A Man / We're Back To Stay
Sometimes, a new surrounding can shape a producer’s mind and give inspiration. With his studio now set in New York, Mike’s creativity is stimulated this much, that it’s already brought him 3 EP releases in the first months of 2010.One of the Belgian producer’s many guises, is Plastic Boy. The ‘Chocolate Infusion EP’ was the latest pour of this diverse moniker, that blends techno-ish sounds with trance and deep progressive.
The Boy returns on Captivating sound with a new trio – a hat trick of floor mayhem if we may say so. ‘Aquarius’ pumps it hard at the beginning, but throws in a steady arrangement of melodic notes. ‘Journey Of A Man’ touches the very tips of atmospheric prog-house, but keeps its pace higher and the sounds more trancy. ‘We’re Back To Stay’ seals the deal with an armed trancer – making sure the trance crowds are fully aware that Mike Dierickx’ Plastic Boy moniker is indeed there to stay.

  1. Aquarius (Original Mix)
  2. Journey Of A Man (Original Mix)
  3. We're Back To Stay

J Nitti feat Plavka - Surrender
J Nitti has been around for a while and is certainly planning to stay. The Italian producer has been warming up for this release since the mid 90’s, when he had his first track out. Nowadays, J Nitti shares his musical thoughts through a sound that lies between upfront house, edgy prog and tasty tech. Teaming up with Croat-Peruvian vocalist Plavka, legendary for her vocal work on several Jam & Spoon hits in the early 90’s, sees ‘Surrender’ come to life. A lush and catchy prog-house tune with trancy stabs, that gets under your skin after a while.

  1. Surrender (Original Mix)
  2. Surrender (GTR Mix)

Vadim Soloviev - Blue Funk
Out of every corner in Russia, new producing talent rises. But you sure won’t find the ‘new talent’ tag next to Vadim Soloviev’s name. This guy has been around since 1998, and earned his place amongst the world’s top DJ’s and producers of EDM. Starting off with the Sound Fiction project to hit it off on his own solo-kind of way a few years later – Vadim has caused quite a few kicks in the head of music junkies and clubbers. Whether through his DJ sets or anthems such as ‘Alive’, ‘GMT+3’ or AVA Blue release ‘Lost Souls’.

This year, the Russian groove-maker touches the funky tips of house in progressive disguise on ‘Blue Funk’. Its lively rhythm makes the beats march alongside a tasty flangering phaser, taking you in with a Soloviev type of sound: one that gives you a smile from ear to ear.
More good-mood food for your ears comes from the Polish producers of Skytech. Everything they touch turns into big room madness, and so is the case with ‘Blue Funk’.

  1. Blue Funk (Original Mix)
  2. Blue Funk (Skytech Remix)

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