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New Releases & Exclusives (13)

March 29, 2010
New releases from John Askew, The Blizzard & Omnia, Da’Others & Andrea Saenz and Sebastian Brandt!

Sebastian Brandt - 450 (A State of Trance 450 Theme)

The A State of Trance radioshow is up for its 450th episode. Five parties, spread over 2 weekends in 4 different countries will make this milestone a celebration to remember for a long time. Making it extra special, is the fact that there’s an official theme that’ll rock the speakers in Toronto, New York, Bratislava and Wroclaw: ‘450’.

Armin van Buuren gave the honourable mission to please the ASOT fans to Sebastian Brandt. A mission in safe hands of the Swedish producer, who’s put thousands of trance fans into a frenzy with his ‘Serenade’, ‘Technology’ and ‘So Cold’. The same distinctive sound lets itself be captured on ‘450’. ‘450’ is a track that has everything essential to an everlasting theme: a big dose of energy, the right beats and an epic break with classical influences. And all that with the real Sebastian Brandt sound; characterized by a strong build-up, breakdown and pure trance influences.

  1. 450 (Original Mix)

Da’Others & Andrea Saenz - What Are You Watching On TV? E.P.

It may look like Da’Others spent a little too much time watching TV, but it sure doesn’t sound that way. The pilots of ‘Flight 778’ and creators of ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘Spaghetti With Bumblebees’ are back with their blend of bleeping tech-house, cracking progressive and trancy flavours.

You can dance yourself some square eyes with their ‘What Are You Watching On TV’ EP. A triptych with the real Da’Other sound, straight from the Colombian studio of Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz. ‘Behind The World’ is a fine-tuned prog-houser with a bite, while ‘Cadence Not Back’ rides a warm, deep progressive melody with a weaved-in prog-house beat. Last but not least, the techy and profound ‘What Are You Watching On TV’ completes this multifaceted EP. Three highlights to fill the silence.

  1. What Are You Watching On TV (Unplugged Mix)
  2. Behind The World (Unplugged Mix)
  3. Cadence Not Back (Unplugged Mix)

The Blizzard & Omnia - Metanoia

What to do when your sound is very much alike someone else’s? You join forces! That’s exactly what Omnia and The Blizzard did. Norwegian producers Lars-Christian Nyheim and Tore Vatle Jensen of The Blizzard teamed up with Ukrainian producer Evgeny Smirnov, and made their sounds melt into one beautiful ensemble. ‘Metanoia’ is the first result of their fruitful studio time together.

The eerie, atmospheric sounds, as heard on the previous The Blizzard releases ‘Iselilja’ and ‘Kalopsia’, make a strong pact with the light and melodic works of Omnia. Balancing things out till the very last beat, ‘Metanoia’ represents trance and progressive in perfect harmony. More collabs of this trio are coming up, so keep an eye out!

On the remix, we’ve got German talent Dennis Sheperd, who impressed us with his tyDi collab ‘Somehow’ last year. This year he kicks off with a spine-tingling, but more cheeky remix of ‘Metanoia’. Last but not least, the pack provides an epic touch-up of ‘Metanoia’ by young talent EDU, playful and energetic.

  1. Metanoia (Original Club Mix)
  2. Metanoia (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
  3. Metanoia (EDU Remix)

John Askew - F@cking Caps Lock

How does one handle frustration? Right, you vent it all out in music. Though John Askew deserves to have his introduction written in capital, the banging beats of his new weapon ‘F@cking Caps Lock’ tell us to stay on the safe side – and keep the Caps Lock off.

The over 15 years on the counter say it all – John Askew is rooted in trance and a high member of its family. Successes like ‘Moodswing’, ‘Chime’, ‘Nothing Left Between Us’ and collabs with John O’Callaghan himself, are found in his catalogue – a list of highlights to thousand of clubbers and trance junkies.

The punchy attitude of John’s tracks also finds its way back on this Subculture release. Soothing, melodic breaks for the hands in the air-geeks rapidly fade into slighty aggressive, banging beats and a feet-killing tempo to express the wonders of that ‘F@cking Caps Lock’ key.

Taylor Leigh looks at the bright side of Caps Lock and took the aggression out. His remix of ‘F@cking Caps Lock’ will hit the speakers with a funky and refined but upfront sound.

  1. F@cking Caps Lock (Original Mix)
  2. F@cking Caps Lock (Tylor-Leigh Remix)

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