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New Releases & Exclusives (12)

March 22, 2010

Moonpax vs Snatt & Vix - Winter Of Love
Five heads, five thoughts and five different opinions. But the result is one track, and one in harmony. Moonpax, a musical minded trio from Tel Aviv, Israël combined their sound with that of Romanian duo Snatt & Vix. Two new names on the AVA Blue label, of who we’ll surely hear a lot more.
‘Winter of Love’ sounds just like its title. Driven by a cold hard and deep bass, but built around a core that’s filled with warm progressive and melodic trance. ‘Winter of Love’ is one of those tracks that unfolds along the way – and wins you over time after time, whether with its rich instrumental path or tough bassline.
New York based trance producer DJ Eco put some trance violence into ‘Winter Of Love’, with a sizzling hot climax as the cherry on top of his remix.

  1. Winter Of Love (Original Mix)
  2. Winter Of Love (DJ Eco Remix)

Mischa Daniels - Mega
Size does matter. Especially if you’ve got a reputation to keep up. That’s no problem for Dutch producer/DJ Mischa Daniels. The owner of Fame and Zouk Recordings knows more than well how to handle big room house, so it’s no wonder he comes up with a track called ‘Mega’. Set for big things to happen, ‘Mega’ is the answer to all dancefloor problems. Meant to played out loud, ‘Mega’ takes you in with a deep bass, playful syth stabs and a cheeky attitude.
The King of Swing remix tames the big room sound with a more refined one, while Sida’s Groove remix slides into a soothing proghouse sound.

  1. Mega (Original Mix)
  2. Mega (King Of Swing Remix)
  3. Mega (Sida's Groove Remix)

W&W vs Jonas Stenberg - Alligator Fuckhouse
The 2010 award for most original track title goes to…W&W and Jonas Stenberg. Luckily, ‘Alligator Fuckhouse’ doesn’t only stand out because of its name, but also shines in sound.
Dutch duo Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst invited a special guest to their producing party. Swedish producer Jonas Stenberg, the guy behind flaming tech-trancers such as ‘Memories’, ‘Switch’ and remixes for the likes of Rank 1, Jochen Miller and Marco V, is the chosen one. His style, based on powerful synths and a deep and dark energetic feel, makes a perfect combo with W&W’s more trancy approach. This time, it’s the Dutch mustangs versus Jonas Stenberg.
‘Alligator Fuckhouse’ is one for the club speakers, to blast the night away. A flawless example of what peak time trance ought to sound like. All the right clicks, bits, pieces and instruments are there, representing both significant sounds of its creators. Deep synths, a constant drive and a catchy melody draw you into the W&W and Jonas Stenberg battle – a heated fight that has trance with a f*cking attitude as the outcome.
Pushing the tempo and touching the heights of a pure trancer, Swedish producer Björn Akesson delivers a melody-driven remix to the ‘Alligator Fuckhouse’ package.

  1. Alligator Fuckhouse (Original Mix)
  2. Alligator Fuckhouse (Bjorn Akesson Remix)

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