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New Releases & Exclusives (11)

March 15, 2010
New releases by Roger Shah, Arnej vs 8 Wonders, GNX, Signum, Skytech and Jerome Isma-ae

Jerome Isma-Ae - Hold That Sucker Down (Vocal Mixes)
After weeks of rocking the charts, Jerome Isma-Ae’s remake of ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ is coming back even stronger. Is that possible? It sure is! Let us introduce you to the vocal mix of this big room prog-houser. Featuring the original vocals of the 90’s hit by O.T. Quartet and backed up by the rumbling beats and infectious melody that can only be Jerome’s, this mix is definitely a keeper!

  1. Hold That Sucker Down (Extended Vocal Mix)
  2. Hold That Sucker Down (Vocal Radio Edit)

Arnej vs 8 Wonders - Beginning of the End / The Crossover
Looks like Canadian producer/DJ Arnej Secerkadic suffers from a small identity-crisis. A little schizophreny never harmed creativity though, so we welcome Arnej and his 8 Wonders moniker all together on this A State of Trance release. With two proggy flavoured Arnej tracks, ‘They Need Us’ and ‘Ping Pong’, going round the dance scene at the moment, the mastermind behind ‘Strangers We’ve Become’, ‘They Always Come Back’ and ‘The Ones That Get Away’ is off to a swift start of 2010.

Those tracks were the perfect warm up for what was about to come, for this trancy duo is an absolute main course. The bulky beat of ‘The Crossover’ punches directly in the face, guided by a storm of distortion and dramatic synths. Driven by the unmistakable atmosphere of the 8Wonders moniker, Arnej made ‘Beginning Of The End’ reside on the darker side just the same, with another legendary, theatrical type of break. We’d like to think it’s not the beginning of the end for Arnej, but more the end of the beginning. This talent is ready for the next phase in his already impressive musical career.

  1. Beginning Of The End (Original Mix)
  2. The Crossover (Original Mix)

GNX - Fuzz Junkie / 105
Girls, stand in line, for Damion Houchen is rubbing things down with ‘Fuzz Junkie’ and tingles the senses with ‘105’. The UK producer/DJ, still recouping of last year’s tune duties on ‘Copius Cain’ and the ‘Gekko’ EP, calls in the year with an even stronger sound. His cheeky Re-Rub of ‘Fuzz Junkie’ is energetic, melodic and fusions house, progressive and trance with an attitude. ‘105’ is the more proggy track of this magnificent duo, gently flowing pass warm melodies, distortive peaks and soothing vocal blends.

  1. Fuzz Junkie (Genix Re-Rub)
  2. 105 (Original Mix)

Roger Shah pres. Savannah - Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour. As lovely as its name, as beautiful as its source of inspiration. During his Australian tour, the sun-loving producer/DJ Roger Shah came up with a very suitable title to his new Savannah single. After last year’s ‘Body Lotion’, the ever beautiful harbour in Sydney, Australia is next in line of becoming the talk of trance town. ‘Darling Harbour’ is a firm trancer, kicking in best with the volume up and the eyes closed – to let yourself be taken on a magical, warm ride into Balearic trance.

Roger Shah composed this Savannah beauty together with Fast Distance, so it’s no wonder he’s one of the remixers on board. The Belgian producer seems to feel, hear and understand the track just as much as Shah himself. The Fast Distance Mix is light, melodic and would make a great soundtrack to any sunrise, especially at Darling Harbour. Another sun-drenched aubade comes from Czech producer Electribe, giving ‘Darling Harbour’ a lovely big room edge.

  1. Darling Harbour (Roger Shah Original Mix)
  2. Darling Harbour (Fast Distance Mix)
  3. Darling Harbour (Electribe Remix)
  4. Darling Harbour (Edit)

Skytech - Comet / Asteroids
The brothers in blood and music hit in with some new notes. Polish producers Julian and Mateusz Dziewulski manage to capture the big room feeling – time after time, track after track. First it was their ‘Cardboard Box’, followed by its b-side ‘Neon Warrior’, then ‘Moonlit’ and ‘Solitude’ that rocked the crowd to pieces. Producing together since 2003, it’s safe to say these guys are well on their way of touching the sky. If it’s not their fingertips touching, then it’s their sounds, that – played out loud- reach for the highest heights of dancefloor mania.
The new Skytech EP aligns with the stars, hitting in at full effect with its ever-withering big room sound. ‘Asteroid’ is tough but melodic, playful but serious and ,sure as shooting, danceable. ‘Comet’, already featured on Markus Schulz’ ‘Las Vegas ‘10’ compilation, finds its strength in sturdy techno-bits, deep progressive sways and an unexpected break.
‘Comet’ received a more trancy approach by another Polish producer duo , Sonic Division, who joined a little battle in the ‘Sonic Division & Skytech Remix’. Distorted electro and deep and layered trance find their glory on the Space Rockerz remix, from the hands of US producers Michael Calderone and Austin Hall.

  1. Comet (Original Mix)
  2. Comet (Sonic Division & Skytech Remix)
  3. Comet (Space Rockerz Remix)
  4. Asteroid (Original Mix)

Signum - First Strike 2010
Adding the final touch to their upcoming artist album, the Dutch duo of Pascal Minnaard and Ron Hagen first see their history return. A brand new remix of their 2001 track ‘First Strike’ has found its way out. Swedish producer Sebastian Brandt is responsible for this shift in time.
He took in all the essential elements of ‘First Strike’ to upgrade them with a 2010 fit, blazing trance sound. Tiny vocal effects that make a huge impression, a strong build up and a warm but speaker-rocking remix is the result. Let history repeat itself – or at least test the repeat-button on the stereo.

  1. First Strike 2010 (Sebastian Brandt Remix)

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