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New Releases & Exclusives (09)

March 01, 2010
New releases by Heatbeat, Ingsha, Chris Reece & Luiciana Di Nardo and The Space Brothers!

Chris Reece & Luiciana Di Nardo - Still Breathin'
If anyone holds the formula to chart-success, it’s got to be Swiss producer Christian Hirt. Ever since the early nineties, he’s clocked up over 70 weeks in the Swiss single chart, producing for the likes of DJ Energy and Tatana. But the times of residing in the studio are long gone.
Next to releasing stuff under his Dinka alias, Christian also strives to bring magic with the Chris Reece moniker. His latest tricks can be heard on ‘Still Breathin’, a warm and soothing vocal prog-house track with a trancy edge. Mesmerizing vocals by Luciana Di Nardo and genuine floor-filling beats with the real Reece sound make this a true gem.

Colombian producer Jessus, one of the names to watch this year and definitely after remixing ElSandro’s ‘Style Fusion’, enchanted ‘Still Breathin’ with a deep, big room feel.

  1. Still Breathin' (Original Vocal Mix)
  2. Still Breathin' (Club Mix)
  3. Still Breathin' (Dub Mix)
  4. Still Breathin' (Instrumental Club Mix)
  5. Still Breathin' (Jessus Remix)
  6. Still Breathin' (Radio Mix)

Heatbeat - Hadoken / Mr. Walrus
Get yourselves ready, cause the big beat, floor-filling, all-destroying Heatbeat sound is back! The big boys of Argentina, Matias Faint and Agustin Servente, found two successors to their ‘Vergatron’, ‘Paradise Garage’ and ‘Because of You’. A new Heatbeat EP always kicks in, especially when it’s as good as this one.

‘Hadoken’ will freshen your memory with the unmistakable Heatbeat sound, including the famed organ, characteristic piano play and a balanced portion of techy beats to back it up. ’Mr Walrus’ is the new kid in town, and one more than welcome. ‘Mr Walrus’ is fresh, playful and shocks your senses with a mix of infectious electro/proghouse and trance with a cheeky attitude. Heatbeat delivered some Buenos beats again!
While the Sequence vs Detune remix of ‘Hadoken’ serves a just amount of peak-time trance with a banging attitude, the XGenix remix of ‘Mr Walrus’ puts even more electric pressure on the already mind-blowing original.

  1. Hadoken (Original Mix)
  2. Hadoken (Sequence vs Detune Remix)
  3. Mr. Walrus (Original Mix)
  4. Mr. Walrus (XGenic Remix)

Ingsha - Montego Bay
Turquoise water, white sand and the tropical heat of an everlasting summer. Try not to get sunburned while listening to the new track of German producer duo Sasha Da Link and Ingo Zielinski. Inspired by one of the most beautiful bays in the world, on the island of Jamaica, Ingsha brings us a little bit of paradise with ‘Montego Bay’. The follow-up to Ingsha’s ‘Niavara’ is made out of a seamless, emotional melody, sparkling Balearic trance synths and beats to keep you going.

  1. Montego Bay (Original Mix)
  2. Montego Bay (Etasonic Remix)
  3. Montego Bay (Steve Allen Remix)

The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come (Stoneface & Terminal Remixes)
Stack their releases and its pile will be mere feet away from heaven. We hold Richard Simmonds and Steve Jones responsible for the many hours listening to their trance classics. Chakra, Lustral, Ascension, The Space Brothers and Oxygen are some of the aliases these masterminds worked under. ‘Love Shines Through’, ‘Everytime’, ‘Home’ and ‘Heaven Will Come’ wrote trance history in the late nineties. But have they altered? Not at all! They revive and therefore survive the destruction of time.

Eleven years after its first release, ‘Heaven Will Come’ gets an upgrade by none less than Stoneface & Terminal. The German trance duo put their famous, magic trance touch on countless tracks. Their uplifting, energetic trance sound now mingles with the classical touch of The Space Brothers. A divine combination that comes with a vocal mix and dub, built to last and last throughout the years.

  1. Heaven Will Come (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)
  2. Heaven Will Come (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
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