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New Releases & Exclusives (08)

February 15, 2010
Check all new single releases and exclusives for Week 8 -2010!

Chris Metcalfe – Outback
The second release of John O'Callaghan's brand new Subculture label, comes straight from the UK headquarters of producer Chris Metcalfe. After his 'First Encounter' on the Captivating Sounds imprint, he's ready for the next with another prime time tech-trancer called 'Outback'. This time, he's doing it Subculture style. A warp-speed trancer that doesn't only bring you rush, but also kicks in with a break that's not far from ambient. A 7 minute bliss with all main ingredients to sweep the floor. On the remix, we've got Italian trancelator Giuseppe Ottaviani. He took the best bits and pieces of 'Outback' and fit them into one, trance-blasting whole.

  1. Outback (Original Mix)
  2. Outback (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Download 'Outback' on!

Weightless – I Think I’m In Love
Spring feelings have hit the American city of Chicago. Combine the two most wonderful things in the world and the brand new track of Blake Jarrell under his Weightless alias is what you get. Love and music come together in 'I Think I'm In Love', a cheeky and playful A-class fusion of catchy house and soulful progressive. There's no better feeling than the rush of a good track pumping through the speakers at a packed club, and be sure..this one is going to fill it!
Blake's stunning original sees an interpretation of no one less than Stoneyboy himself, StoneBridge, who tweaked the bass and distorted the melody just a bit. Resulting in a heavier build-up and housier break in his 'Re-FX remix'. We think we're in love.

  1. I Think I’m In Love (Original Mix)
  2. I Think I’m In Love (StoneBridge Re-FX)

Download 'I Think I'm In Love' on!

Rory Gallagher – Darkside of the Sun
The green hilled country of Ireland must have had a music-minded baby-boom in the 80's, cause the amount of quality trance tracks from Irish producers is off the hook. Though Rory Gallagher now resides in the lovely town of London, it's the Irish blood that flows through his veins and keeps his musical heart pumping. After various remixes and collabs, it's time for the youngster to show what he's made of. 'Dark Side Of The Sun' is going to do exactly that, and more.
Cause a no-nonsense trancer is what this talent delivers. 'Dark Side Of The Sun' is strong, dramatic and danceable. On the remix, we've got Australian Dutchman MaRLo, who turned the dark side into a minimalistic, techy side. Tasteful, catchy and completely MaRLo.

  1. Dark Side Of The Sun (Original Mix)
  2. Dark Side Of The Sun (MaRLo Remix)
  3. Dark Side Of The Sun (Radio Mix)

Download 'Dark Side Of The Sun' on!

Magic Island Vol. 2 Album Sampler 03
We're back on the island where all's about the Balearic spirit. Sun is always shining on the Magic Island label, home to the warm and soothing productions by some of the world's most talented producers. The third sampler of Roger Shah's 'Music For Balearic People Volume 2' compilation, contains four heavyweights trancers.

Two peaktimers, 'Escape' and 'After The Sunset', come fresh out of Jorge Nava's Deep Nights studio in Mexico. Authentic vocal effects and lush guitarplay make 'After The Sunset' stand out, while it's the tranquility and energetic feel of 'Escape' that characterize it.

But that's not all this sample has to offer. Swedish producer David Hedlund remains on the progressive and sunny side of things with 'Sunny Thoughts' and 'Calm Waters', two tracks with the Balearic sound written all over.

  1. Deep Nights – Escape (Original Mix)
  2. Deep Nights – Escape (Intro Mix)
  3. Deep Nights – After The Sunset (Original Mix)
  4. Semantica – Calm Waters (Original Mix)
  5. Semantica – Sunny Thoughts (Original Mix)

Download the 'Magic Island Album Sampler 03' on!

M.I.K.E. – Mi Casa Su Casa
Countless tracks and remixes have left the studio of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx. Whether under one of his 60 aliases, or under his original moniker of M.I.K.E., all of them were a clear example of the endless stream of inspiration that flows through his mind. After his Push revival last year, Mike is continuously sharpening his old trance sound to a tight, 2010 one. More than fit for today’s day, ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ presents a warm and indulging trance track with proggy influences and a big dose of energy. On the flipside, Mike brings an ode to the beautiful surroundings of the city of New York. That’s exactly where these two Club Elite productions were made. Straight from M.I.K.E.’s New York studio, ‘Winter Night In NYC’ finds itself on the melodic side of trance. Deep, uplifting and catchy.

Grube & Hovsepian, A-class remixers as proven by their interpretation of ‘Pier 39’ on S107 and ‘Sound Of Flight’ on Coldharbour, reworked ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ to a more progressive and sturdy type of tune.

  1. Mi Casa Su Casa (Original Mix)
  2. Mi Casa Su Casa (Grube & Hovsepian Remix)
  3. Winter Night In NYC (Original Mix)

Download 'Mi Casa Su Casa EP' on!

Paul Trainer – Deal With It
Whether you’re able to handle it or not, the classy tech-trance sounds of Paul Trainer you have to deal with. There’s no way of avoiding them on the floor, cause this guy’s tunes are going places and find the support of the highest DJ elite. The Scottish producer is still recovering from the wave of positive feedback he got on his ‘Comply Or Die’, ‘Seize The Day’ and ‘Elusive’ releases.
‘Deal With It’ is another sure-shot at success for the youngster. Unavoidable beats, an in-your-face-bass, a mind and body-shivering trancy melody and the techy outburst right after the break that makes you go wild…it’s got all Trainer ingredients. And you know that’s all you need to start a party on the floor.
The Rapid Sense remix of ‘Deal With It’ is all about the more uplifting side of trance, with more depth and trancier stabs than the original.

  1. Deal With It (Original Mix)
  2. Deal With It (Rapid Sense Remix)

Download ‘Deal With It’ on Trackitdown.

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