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March 17, 2009

MasqueradeAshley WallbridgeDownload
You might know him as the 'under aged' kid that won some over 18 DJ contests. But this kid has grown. Not only as a DJ, but as a producer too. Ashley Wallbridge took the EDM scene by storm with his tracks, ending up in several charts, hitting in right at the top tens. His productions range from prog to trance , techno and house, which make them a nice mixture that stretch far beyond the average.
Named as Producer of the Year 2008 by Andy Moor himself, it's no surprise he now welcomes Ashley to the Ava Recordings label. 'Masquerade' is Ashley's new joint venture of sounds, in which piano play is combined with some trancy elements and heavy beats. Included in this package, is the Nifra remix. A minimalistic but pumping remix of Ashley's tasty 'Masquerade'.

1. Masquerade (Original Mix)2. Masquerade (Nifra Remix)

Dusk / Traffic LightsSecond LeftDownload
UK based producer Ben Preston is once again taking things to another level under his Second Left guise. Shortly after 'Leave / Drop Pounds', he's back with another duo pack on the Electronic Elements imprint. 'Dusk' hits in with a cheerful melody, thumping base and an original use of electronic sounds. 'Traffic Lights' is on the same happy side, with an indulging build-up, ultimately leading to a strong break. We're already looking forward to the next Second Left release!

1. Dusk2. Traffic Lights

Climate Change / Zero CompromiseMonogatoDownload
Dutch producer Peter Smit is showing his progressive side with a duo pack on the Coldharbour Recordings label. The guy is full of inspiration, cause only shortly after his 'Kunk/Gearbox Package' and 'Miami' release, he is back with two new prog beauties. 'Climate Change' is one of them, and is a laidback, progressive medley of gentle effects and an uplifting melody. 'Zero Compromise' on the other hand, is a bit heavier, as it darkens right in the first beats all the way up to the piano minded break that guides you to the end. Monogato sure knows how to deliver a beat.

1. Climate Change2. Zero Compromise

PanoramaSimon & ShakerDownload
Simon & Shaker's State Recordings label presents its eight release. Eight and counting, for Simon & Shaker are not even close to running out of inspiration. 'Panorama' is their follow-up for 'Starstuff', 'Plastic Upgrades' and 'Soultech!'. A genuine tech-house track with a heavy bassline that instantly hooks you to the beat. While the beat remains steadfast, contagious little electric elements try to take over, resulting in an pure class escalation of sounds. On the remix, we've got the Chatelain brothers, Nick and Danny, who added some twisted acid sounds and turned 'Panorama' into a funky lot.
1. Panorama (Original Mix)2. Panorama (Nick & Danny Chatelain Remix)

Growing up in the city where house was born, has left its mark on the life of DJ/Producer Behrouz. He held two 8-year lasting residencies in San Francisco, the place where it all started. But nowadays, the man is busy travelling from gig to gig.
When he's not on the go, he's hitting the studio. And with success. After numerous releases, the Gangsta Audio imprint has managed to snatch up one of his offsprings. 'Touch' is a soulful, deep house track with a unique, laidback sound that has Behrouz written all over. Perfect to open with and turn up the heat, or have the crowd cool down.

1. Touch

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