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April 27, 2009
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Germany's bringing some noise. But luckily for us, it's good noise. As can be heard through previous club crackers 'Temptation' and 'Explain', of which the first held the number one position on the Beatport trance chart for more than a week. Supported by elite names like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate, Vengeance has warmed up the crowd well enough for their next A State of Trance addendum. 'Unexpectation' is everything you would expect from German producers Dennis Gertner & Manuel Schleis. Trance to the max, a kicking bass, and techy edges are what characterize 'Unexpectation', making sure it doesn't just make the crowds float but also stamp their feet solidly back on the ground during a wild, energetic jump session.

  1. Unexpectation (Denga vs Manus Mix)


Maltese hot shot producer duo Tenishia continues to conquer the world with their tracks. Besides having success with their Tenishia LIVE shows in Malta, they've also left their marks on the scene with their excellent productions. 'Outsiders', 'Reasons To Forgive', 'Invisible' and the awarded 'Burning From The Inside' have now found their follow-up. 'Everything' is Tenishia's new vocal track, possessing every element for a fit Coldharbour track. With the original mix progressive and slightly techy, it's got peak-time written all over.

The Big Room Mix is slightly more proggy and fit for the dancefloors. However, it's the Tim Grube remix that managed to found its way onto Markus Schulz' Toronto '09 compilation. This quickly arising talent from Miami is finding his way up and gave 'Everything' a completely different approach. More drums, more drama and more impact, on both the sub and vocal remix. A worthy addition to an already solid production by Tenishia.

  1. Everything (Original Mix)
  2. Everything (Big Room Mix)
  3. Everything (Tim Grube Mix)
  4. Everything (Tim Grube Dub)

Paul Webster

Irish producer/DJ Paul Webster thought it was right about time for a techy trip down lovely, warm Turkey. 'Istanbul' is the follow-up to 'Cut Off' and 'Corruption', two sturdy tracks on the Captivating Sounds label. 'Istanbul' covers the same tough beats and explodes with a tech-trance melody right after the break. Set to work on the dance floor and spread Paul's distinctive sound all around.
Fred Baker pushed the tempo a bit, and even added some housy influences, to complete the package.

  1. Istanbul (Original Mix)
  2. Istanbul (Fred Baker Remix)

Dust Sucker
Ferdy & Matt van Wyk

Matt van Wyk & Ferdy are not new to the Armada label. With two strong releases on the Electronic Elements and Soundpiercing label, both championed by the big names, their third tune will surely receive a more than warm welcome. These Dutchies supply the Electronic Elements imprint with another heavy proghouse track, 'Dust Sucker'. And indeed, it just sucks you into it. But there's nothing dusty about this track. With a soft electro touch to the laidback progressive sound, this one is flowing all the way and drags you into it.

Muute's remix hits ground to minimal-tech, with a tasty distortion and a more melodic approach, highlighting the break to the max. The San Martino remix dives deep into the melody, and adds a few stirring strings, turning 'Dust Sucker' into a mysterious dance floor destroyer.

  1. Dust Sucker (Original Mix)
  2. Dust Sucker (Muute Remix)
  3. Dust Sucker (San Martino Remix)

X3 / It Ain't Over
M.I.K.E. presents Caromax

In dedication to his wife and son, M.I.K.E. recently started producing under another guise, called 'Caromax'. His 'Logic/ Oasis of Dreams' release was a little different than expected, less techy and more proggy. But it doesn't take long to realize that this Belgian producer is not just doing 'tech-trance'. No, he's been as far as progressive, trance, electro, techno and everything in between can reach. Another example of his diversity, is his new release pack on the Pilot 6 imprint: 'X3' and 'It Ain't Over'. 'X3' starts with a minimal feel, after which a lovely, captivating melody takes over. Same counts for 'It Ain't Over', which has a warm sweep of melodic trance written all over. Another release that just doesn't fit into one box, in that's exactly what makes it tasty.

  1. X3
  2. It Ain't Over Yet

Because Of You
David Forbes feat. Antonia Lucas

Scottish producer David Forbes has discovered his sensitive side. With more than 100 releases under his belt, 3 Top 40 UK singles and 5 releases on the 68 Recordings imprint, David's now testing his proggy vocal stuff on the S107 imprint. 'Because Of You' is different than any of his previous work, which aimed for the techy side. This time, it's the dreamy progressive vocal track 'Because Of You' that shows his ability to blend the styles into one. With strong vocals by singer Antonia Lucas and a lush, laidback melody, he captures the senses and shows us diversity is on his side.

On the remix duties, we've got Pulser. Known for his unmistaken classic hits, 'My Religion' and 'Point of Impact' on the A State of Trance imprint, his remix shows us he still hasn't lost his feeling for trance. The D:Folt remix sticks to a more banging style, highlighting the break with a beautiful, strong interplay of sounds.

  1. Because of You (Original Mix)
  2. Because of You (Pulser Remix)
  3. Because of You (Pulser Dub)
  4. Because of You (D:Folt Remix)
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