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March 10, 2009

Magic Island Sampler 002Various ArtistsDownload
The Magic Island imprint prepares for summer, with the second sampler to showcase its Balearic soundscapes and tempting beats. Roger Shah's label hereby presents some of the tastiest tracks from new, and undiscovered talents.
One of them is Christian Rentschler, guising his productions under Chimera State. On this sampler you'll find two of his beauties, which will take you on a journey, from 'Middle East' to 'Asia'. 'Middle East' starts off in a nice, ongoing tempo that leads you to an indulging break, slightly mysterious. 'Asia' has the same build-up but comes up with a typical Asian flute that, despite it's relaxing sound, also manages to drag you along in a twirl of rhythms. Czech producer Ronny K. brings us his 'Seashore', a more uplifting, blasting trancer with melodic synths in the Original Mix and a blazing, mind blowing guitar in the Guitar Mix. Last but not least, there's Deep Nights, a young Mexican producer that knows right how to deal with drums, loops and a typical laidback, Magic Island guitar. 'Memories of Love' could have been made by Shah himself, but no, it's the 18 year old Jorge Nava that is responsible for this lovely summer tune. 'Back Home' is his deeper, more emotional side and has a tender sound.
All together on this sampler, these tracks are absolute stand outs for the Magic Island label. A must-have for those in love with the Balearic sound.

1. Der Mystik & Alex Relic pres. Perplexity - Bahia (Original Mix)2. Der Mystik & Alex Relic pres. Perplexity - Mediterraneo (Original Mix)3. Der Mystik & Alex Relic pres. Perplexity - Mediterraneo (Club Mix)4. Renov8 & Euphorik - Passive Pressure (Original Mix)5. Renov8 & Euphorik - Passive Pressure (Arabica Mix)

A New LifeStelDownload
In January 2009, Josh Gabriel's Different Pieces label teamed up with Armada Music. This label will release some very diverse tracks, ranging from chunky progressive to pounding melodic techno with plenty of drama. Luckily you don't have to wait that long to hear the first release since the team-up!
'New Life' is a tune with uplifting melodies and groovy beats. The Greek talent Stelios Vassiloudis is not new to the scene. His previous tracks have been released on several big labels including Renaissance and Toolroom. Stel has gained a good repertoire of remixes as well, including remixes for John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg and Gabriel & Dresden. On Stel's 'New Life', Josh Gabriel has returned the favour and remixed his track. The whole package of 'New Life' is a verification of that; keep an eye out for future releases from the 'Different Pieces' label.

1. A New Life (Original Mix)2. A New Life (Josh Gabriel Mix)3. A New Life (Francis Preve Mix)

Endorphine / Some Hours LaterKismetDownload
Shifting sounds, detailed layers and a combination of prog- and deephouse. Only just a couple of words to describe Kismet's diversity of sound. Kismet delivered another appetizing duo-pack to the Pilot 6 imprint. Only shortly after 'Empty Streets/Staten Island', he hits back with 'Endorphine' and 'Some Hours Later'. 'Endorphine' might have a laidback start, but the melody that fades in right after the break unfolds an awakening beat-beauty with a strong impact. 'Some Hours Later' has everything a true deephouse track needs: a steady build-up, a relaxing melody and an indulging melody. This Kismet pack will rock the crowds big-time.

1. Endorphine2. Some Hours Later

SurrealJohn O'Callaghan feat. JarenDownload
Combine one of the best producers with one of the best vocalist, put them in a studio and the result will be far beyond the average. John O'Callaghan doesn't really need an introduction, but if one thing has to be said about this Irish producer it's that he knows how to handle a good pair of vocals. Good thing that Jaren, singer of big trance crackers such as 'Light the Skies', 'Unforgivable' and 'You Never Said', was up for a collab. The result is 'Surreal', which has the beloved big room sound only John manages to achieve. Jaren's voice is pushed to its limit, flawlessly hitting the high vocal peaks that characterize this track.
'Surreal' is the worthy follow-up for John's 'Big Sky', and will surely have as much impact in the clubs. John's Club Mix is a tad faster and more uplifting, while the Original fits home-listening. We can't guarantee you won't be singing or moving along though, cause 'Surreal' moves you in many ways.

1. Surreal (Original Mix)2. Surreal (Club Mix)

Agustin Servente and Mathias Chavez, the young talents behind Heatbeat, deliver another mind-hunting, extraordinary track to the Soundpiercing label. Only two years ago, these guys put themselves on the map with tracks like 'Caledolia', 'Geek Love' and 'Nebula', with 'Push Over' and 'Paradise Garage' following in late 2008. They seem to be able to make every tune stand out, therefore this highly anticipated follow-up is more than welcome! 'Vergatron' goes far beyond an average trance tune. A break that might sound strange at first, but unfolds to an outstanding melodic game of organic sounds. The original mix lifts off right after the start, and the stunning break forms itself to a groovy tech-trancer.
The Element One remix draws you into the music immediately, as it has a slightly more progressive build-up, but an even greater impact in the break, where the organic sounds lead to a haunting, mind-blowing effect in the end. 'Vergatron' is another Heatbeat release to be proud of.

1. Vergatron (Original Mix)2. Vergatron (Element One Remix)

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