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March 23, 2009

Bromley AveProject MCDownload
'If he can, we can' is probably what crossed Caroline Dierickx' mind. Project M.C. is the official guise of M.I.K.E./Push and his wife Caroline. They stimulate, toy around with and bind their sound and the result comes together in 'Bromley Ave', released on the Coldharbour Red imprint. Whoever said DJ's aren't family guys?
'Bromley Ave' is a melodic driven, deep progressive track, with a playful, trancy touch. The track has a few suprises in stores, as it passes by all different types of EDM and takes the best of it. A rich, layered track that proves that sometimes it really does take two to tango.

1. Bromley Ave (Original Mix)2. Bromley Ave (Dominic Greene Remix)

ShapeshifterThr3shold & DetuneDownload
Tr3shold & Detune. Three guys ranging from the lovely, warm country of Argentina, have found the way to transfer their talent. Their first release on the A State of Trance label, is a big room trancer called 'Shapeshifter'. Tr3shold and Detune all grew up with dance music as their major influence, and ended up with the melodic progressive trance as their most favoured style. Their sound can best be described as a mixture of banging hi-hats, sensitive melodies, a healthy dose of drama and striking trance synths.'Shapeshifter' totally applies to that sound, and bangs away with a heavy synth, a lovely piano in the middle and a break that'll blow the mind of numerous trance lovers. The Riot remix is a lot more techy, with an overwhelming break.

1. Shapeshifter (Epic Mix)2. Shapeshifter (Riot Mix)

All That Mattered (Love You Down)Mischa Daniels vs De NuitDownload
Fame and Zouk imprint owner Mischa Daniels has chosen his direction. The only way is up! With the success of his 'Another Place' still fresh in memory, he's now hitting back hard with 'All That Mattered'. The original vocal sample comes from a memorable classics: 'De Nuit- All That Mattered', which had its first released in 2001. More than 8 years later, with the steady beat, the shivering vocals and a hypnotizing synth on top, this Mischa Daniels remake is about to break down the house and tear down the clubs. 'All That Mattered' won't easily be forgotten

1. All That Mattered (Love You Down) (Extended Mix)2. All That Mattered (Love You Down) (Mischa's Rock Tool)

Tel AvivMichael TsukermanDownload
The main cities of the world will always be an on-going source of inspiration. Tel Aviv sure was for Michael Tsukerman. This Israeli trance producer captured the magic of the city into a pumping trancer with a classical edge. He produced under various aliases, and with different producers, but only recently started to pour out his own stuff. The exact right decision, cause this talent has a promising future ahead. 'Tel Aviv', released on the Soundpiercing imprint, is right where it's supposed to be: in the middle of classy, high quality trance music.
1. Tel Aviv (Original Mix)2. Tel Aviv (Immoral Monkeys Vs DJ Shultz Remix)

Comply Or Die / Seize The DayPaul TrainerDownload
Scotland's bulking with talented producers. One of them is Paul Trainer, a hard working producer and event promoter to get the dance scene in his area going. After a few good releases, the Captivating Sounds imprint snatched up his 'Comply or Die' and 'Seize the Day' package. Two heavy bassed, well-build tech-trancers with impact. Both tracks have a distinguished sense of drama, as they influence the atmosphere with tiny detailed changes. Paul Trainer brings us two trancers at heart.
1. Comply Or Die2. Seize The Day

Magic Island RecordingsVarious ArtistDownload
After love, the summer is probably the biggest source of inspiration when it comes to music. The Magic Island imprint is filled with translations of sun, sand, beach and all the Balearic senses that come along with them. To showcase the imprint and make sure we can all turn the heat down a few degrees to save the environment, there's the third sampler of Magic Island.
Three brand new tracks, in different remixes but with the Balearic minded sound. US Producers Der Mystik and Alex Reliic team up and bring us 'Bahia' and 'Mediterraneo'. In 'Bahia' and 'Mediterraneo', the flanged summer guitar forms the highlight, while little uplifting elements swim up against the laidback beat. 'Mediterraneo' hits the sensitive spot with a lovely string.On the other side, we've got Renov8 and Euphorik, who bring us the more upbeat tempo of their 'Passive Pressure'. Another moving track with fine details and a little bit of an electric touch, which also comes with a Arabica remix, adding a mysterious hint to 'Passive Pressure'.
The Magic Island imprint has another few beauties waiting to capture your senses.

1. Chimera State - Asia (Original Mix)2. Chimera State - Middle East (Original Mix)3. Deep Nights - Back Home (Original Mix)4. Deep Nights - Memories Of Love (Original Mix)5. Ronny K - Seashore (Original Mix)6. Ronny K - Seashore (Guitar Mix)

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