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May 11, 2009
New releases at!

Mr. Pit
The Cube / Vanguard

Romanian producer Adrian Ivan, better known as Mr Pit, has rapidly grown out to a household name for the Coldharbour sound lovers. After 'Isolarium', 'Back For More', 'Shana' and a teamed-up EP 'Superstition/ More Manners Please' with B.E.N., Mr Pit now comes up with a tasty follow-up package. Melodic, uplifting prog might just be the best way to describe Mr. Pit's sound. 'Vanguard' is the perfect example of that. An indulging flow of melodic progressive melodies and lots of minimalistic details build this track to a solid trancer. On the different side, we've got 'The Cube', that has already been making noise on Markus Schulz 'Toronto '09' compilation. 'The Cube' is a stirring, peak-time prog-track with a melodic break that just doesn't get out of your head. With these two Coldharbour babies, Mr Pit delivers another delicious EP that stands out.

  1. The Cube
  2. Vanguard


Reigning from the Czech capital of Prague, two guys guised under the Crossryders moniker have build the steady foundation to a prosperous career in music. They've been dj'ing for a few years already, but really got into producing in the past 3 years. And not without success if we may say so, as their track 'Dynamis' was quickly picked up by Mister Ava, Andy Moor, himself.
It was well worth the wait for this progressive beauty. An easygoing beat, detailed build-up and a rich sound is what covers up the most part of 'Dynamis'. Tiny playful elements indulge you into the deep progressive Crossryders sound that perfectly matches the Ava Blue label.

  1. Dynamis

Second Left
Dissolution / Escape (feat. Soda)

There's nothing second hand or off-sound to Second Lefts productions. They hit in right where they supposed to. UK producer Ben Preston, guising under Second Left, has brought 2009 4 smashers already. 'Dusk/ Traffic Lights' and 'Leave/ Drop Pounds', both on the Electronic Elements imprints are about to be backed up by another duopack. 'Dissolution' is a fine instrumental proghouse track, uplifting and playful. On 'Escape', Ben experiments with Soda's vocals. Delicate progressive flavours team up with Ben's housy manours. A warm, swift duopack.

  1. Dissolution
  2. Escape (feat. Soda)

John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells
Find Yourself

With his artist album 'Never Fade Away' coming up in May 2009, numerous monster-hits and remixes in his discography and the talent to turn every piece of vocal into a smashing trance jewel, John O'Callaghan enters the summer season of 2009 with a head start. The first single of the album, out on May 11th, is a collaboration with singer Sarah Howells. This Welsh singer is mostly known for last year's collab with Lange on 'Out Of The Sky'. Luckily, John O'Callaghan snatched her up for the album, resulting in another addictive, peak-time trancer and therewith a worthy follow-up to 'Big Sky'.
'Find Yourself' will be travelling down the halls, shatter through the club systems and linger in the minds of anyone that loves vocal trance. A rocking guitar lead that has John's sound written all over, Sarah's mesmerizing vocals and the energetic melody shape this track to a big room anthem that might be even bigger than 'Big Sky'.
The Cosmic Gate remix is another perfect show-off of their beat-bulking, floor destroying sound. A muscular, intense remix that exalt the vocals in an almost acapella-like break. A big shot remix to an already stunning track.

  1. Find Yourself (Original Mix)
  2. Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Andrew Bennett
Break Away

When German producer Andrew Bennett pours out his inspiration and translates it into sound, the result just has to be good.
We know Andrew from several big productions. Team-ups 'Light of Hope' and 'Language', plus solo tracks 'Safe From Harm', 'Menar' and 'Heaven Sent' have put Andrew's name on the map. Let alone the success he's had with his Kismet tracks. Being part of music industry for more than 10 years already, Andrew has had plenty of practice for this one. 'Break Away' is his new vocal track, on the S107 label. A progressive-trancer with simple but effective deep vocals, and a playful diversity on the production itself.
'Break Away' comes with a smashing Martin Roth NuStyle remix, toying around with the elements and fortifying the production to a heavy dancefloor bomb. The Dennis Shepard remix settles with a fine electro-touched sound that makes the break an even more powerful highlight.

  1. Break Away (Original Mix)
  2. Break Away (Martin Roth NuStyle Remix)
  3. Break Away (Martin Roth NuStyle Dub)
  4. Break Away (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
  5. Break Away (Dennis Sheperd Dub)

Complicated Life

Slovakian DJ/Producer Nifra is not who you might think she is. That's right, Nifra is a she! Though the last couple of years the amount of powerbabes that understand music and actually know how to make a good tune have been growing, this girl is still a unique thing in Slovakia. In her home country, she's still the only female prog/trance DJ, and she does her status more than good.
After ' Ready' , released in 2008 on the Coldharbour label, it's now time for a release on AVA.
'Complicated Life' is a playful, well-layered tune of a trancer. Lovely synths, a solid base and tiny details make this track stand out.

  1. Complicated Life (Original Mix)
  2. Complicated Life (1985 Remix)
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