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April 20, 2009
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To Take Away
Ismael Rivas and Luis Damora

There's a lot to say about Spanish DJ Ismael Rivas. Not only is he considered to be the best Spanish Deejay, he's released more than 60 productions under several guises. Saying that he's had a bit of a warm-up for this release, would be an understatement. While in the beginning of his career, latin and tribal got the best of him, he discovered the sound of progressive house and electro and let himself be drawn into it.

'To Take Away' is another expression of his passion for the deep, techno-ish progressive house sound. The collaboration with fellow Spanish producer Luis Damora starts off with a laidback beat, as it slowly but progressive lead on to an unfolding break, which unleashed a techy minimalistic sound. Groove Garcia remixed the track, stripped it naked to stick to the minimalistic yet atmospheric sound he's known for and added some sophisticated, enriching details.

A tasty pack that has State Recordings written all over.

  1. To Take Away (Original Mix)
  2. To Take Away (Groove Garcia Remix)

Ralph Fritsch

Ever since 1989, when dance was just coming up in Europe, Spanish producer Ralph Fritsch has been bringing trance to the masses. He became known as half of live act Komakino, with Detlef Hastik, or by work under various other aliases, such as Ralph Fridge or team-ups like Black Pearl with Roger Shah. You could say Ralph had plenty of time to warm-up for this release. 'Phoenix' is one of the tracks featured on Shah's 'Magic Island - Music For Balearic People' compilation, and has been named one of the favourite tracks on it. No wonder, with 'Phoenix' being the perfect example of Balearic beauty.

'Phoenix' solidly builds up to a magnificent, illustrious break with children's laughter, sounds of the ocean's shore and a flanged guitar that expresses summer within only a few simple notes. 'Phoenix' drags you into it, picturing yourself in that perfect bounty island we all wonder off to sometimes. But this time, paradise is put together in notes, beats and a stirring melody.

The Fast Distance remix kicks us out of paradise and hits in with a firm tech-trance approach. But his genuine, original break makes sure the Balearic spirit remains present, and makes the track more fit for the peak-time moments on the dance floor.

  1. Phoenix (Original Mix)
  2. Phoenix (Fast Distance Uplifting Mix)
  3. Phoenix (Ole van Bohm Remix)

Drone E.P.
Glenn Morrison

Where would the Morrison Recordings imprint be without some input by its owner? It's been a while since we heard from Canadian multi-talent Glenn Morrison, but he's been using his time well. Glenn's extracting his own Morrison imprint with a diverse 4-pack. An electric tease called 'Detune Your Drone' is one of them. A huge, almost endless build-up, leading to a heavy progressive distortion is what characterizes this one. 'Yvette' settles things down a bit, and remains deep and proggy. 'Starship Road' is a true feel good progger, and has a bit of playful house twist, while 'I See You In Me' is the most emotional track of this EP, chilled-out minimalistic but filled with all the right sounds.

Glenn Morrison knows good music is worth the wait.

  1. Detune Your Drone
  2. I See You In Me
  3. Starship Road
  4. Yvette

Lights Are Low
Dumb Dan

Not new to the Armada label, as his 'Razorface' release on the Electronic Elements label is only a couple of months behind him, Swedish producer Daniel Lindeberg is now hitting back under his Dumb Dan alias. A smart move, cause with the Dumb Dan alter ego, he lets go all his tasty house beats. 'Light Are Low' is one of them, a swinging, feel good house track with a big hit potential. A trembling, energetic house track with an 'ass-shaking' effect to enrich the Stoneyboy imprint

  1. Lights Are Low (Dumb Dan Main Mix)
  2. Lights Are Low (Dumb Dan Dub Mix)
  3. Lights Are Low (StoneBridge Re-Edit)
  4. Lights Are Low (Juha Nikumaa Remix)
  5. Lights Are Low (Radio Edit)

Equinox / Subaquatic Dream
Mat Zo

There's not many producers out there that can say they've been releasing tracks from their 16th. However, UK producer Mat Zo can. At the age of 13, he taught himself to produce dance music. By the time he was 18, he had 5 of his own track signed, along with numerous big remixes to the likes of Markus Schulz, Lustral, Andy Moor and Tiësto. Mat's spongy way of learning and developing his skills have led to even more quality releases, of which the latest 'Aurus/ The Price Of Oil' pack was released only 2 months ago. Luckily, he's keeping his brainwaves floating, leading to another release on the Soundpiercing imprint.

'Equinox' and 'Subaquatic Dream' are the two solid, progressive pearls that will be echoing down the clubs soon. 'Equinox' builds up with a thumping base, snaring down to a playful, organic break with a warm touch-up. 'Subaquatic Dream' sounds like its name: deep, atmospheric and a little spacey. An indulging break that only Mat knows how to produce forms the highlight of this one, as it shoves onto a melodic payoff in the end. Another fine package by this young talent.

  1. Equinox
  2. Subaquatic Dream
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