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February 23, 2009
New releases at!


M.I.K.E. has been working hard to revive the legendary Push guise. Only shortly after 'Dream Designer', 'Trance Indicator' and 'Voyager', he's bringing back his heavy trance sound on 'Interference'. A touching big room trancer, set to destroy the floor and reveal an explosion of sound along the way. Sean Tyas reworked the track and turned Push' techy touch into pure trancy elements while The Club Flow remix peak timed it that little bit extra. 'Interference' is a true Push cracker, that comes with a great package.

  1. Interference (Original Mix)
  2. Interference (Club Flow Remix)
  3. Interference (Sean Tyas Remix)

Signum 2009 Mixes Vol. 1

Two oldies, shaped into fitting 2009 versions! Two talented trance youngsters, M6 and Sean Tyas reworked 'Second Wave' and 'Jewelry By Nature'.

Dutchies may be proud of their fellow countrymen, and one in particular. M6 has been haunting the club scene ever since his 'Destination 6'. Many track releases followed, and so did some remixes. He's proven to be able to put his signature on every track with his stylish, atmospheric sound. He turned 'Jewelry By Nature' into a highlight anthem with a 2009 feel to it. Unlike some of his techy releases, such as 'Fade 2 Black' and 'Into the Unknown', he now stick to trance in its purest form.
Swiss producer Sean Tyas, on the other hand, brings us 'Second Wave' in his Third Wave Remix. Uplifting, slightly techy and with a mind-blowing break he revives Signum's classic to a banging jewel. You'll surely witness this duopack hitting the soundwaves in the clubs!

  1. Jewelry by Nature (M6 Remix)
  2. Second Wave (Sean Tyas Remix)

Too Small Too Low / On The Fly
Eelke Kleijn & Francesco Pico

Dutchies Francesco Pico and Eelke Kleijn are hard to place in one certain style. And that's the beauty of it. Where Eelke has explored the borders of trance, minimal and progressive, while Francesco went on a trip down to groovy lane. Teamed up, they make a mix of it all and deliver us this tasty 68 Recordings package. 'Too Small Too Low' is a laidback progressive track with a nifty groove to it. 'On The Fly' hits grounds with minimal electro-house and has quite an off-standard, maddening break. Two tracks that enrich the 68 Recordings label.

  1. Too Small Too Low
  2. On The Fly

Benya feat. Penny Nixon

Danish producer Ben Bording, better known as Benya, had his debut appearance with 'Prometheus', but is mostly known for his remix skills on tunes such as 'Daydream', 'Rush' and 'Entry To Heaven'. This Dane takes it easy. He's studying to be an aircraft maintenance technician for Scandinavian Airlines, and produces in his spare time. However, he's found another way to make people rise above the ground. 'Serendipity' is his lovely vocal trancer, and the second release of the new S107 imprint. Teamed up with vocalist Penny Nixon, Benya delivers a gentle, profound progressive-trancer that's fit for the clubs and home-listening.

The Midnight remix of the track adds a few spices to make it more peak-time, while the Tenishia remix carries the listener away from the very first beat, with a mind-blowing piano break and techy surroundings.

  1. Serendipity (Original Mix)
  2. Serendipity (Tenishia Remix)
  3. Serendipity (Midnight Mix)

Magic Island Sampler 001
Various Artists

The Magic Island imprint has a way of turning snowflakes into rays of everlasting sunbeams. This Sampler, with tracks from Roger Shah's 'Magic Island - Music for Balearic People' album contains a selection of warm sounds, tropical beats and lovely melodies, all in the form of 6 tasty tunes. Aerian presents his 'Evenfall' and 'Heat', two upbeat Balearic club-crackers. Alongshore stays close to the ambient, loungy stuff with his 'Moonrise Over Palms', 'Ocean And Breeze', 'Sunset And Pina Colada'.
A lovely, refreshing package that captures the senses and moves the crowds.

  1. Aerian - Evenfall (Original Mix)
  2. Aerian - Evenfall (Rick McAlister Remix)
  3. Aerian - Heat
  4. Alongshore - Moonrise Over Palms
  5. Alongshore - Ocean and Breeze
  6. Alongshore - Sunset and Pina Colada

The Plan

We have to admit, the W&W sound is like no other. Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem must have peak time in their blood, cause all they ever released applied as true dance floor highlights that stand out. 'Mustang', 'Dome' and 'Arena' are only just a selection of the floor fillers these youngsters came up with. 'The Plan' starts off with a playful dropdown and hits in shortly after. A mysterious, slightly sinister atmosphere starts to take over and works towards a typical W&W break: one hell of a climax. The melody guides you through the dark tones that set 'The Plan'. It really does take some masterminds to work out a plan this big.
The Leon Bolier remix has calmed down the techy parts a bit and turned 'The Plan' into a deep trancer, with the typical Leon Bolier sound.

  1. The Plan (Original Mix)
  2. The Plan (Leon Bolier Remix)
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