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April 06, 2009
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Phoebe / Love In Harmony

Originally from Sri Lanka, but currently residing in New York city, is producer/DJ Sanjeewa Chandrasiri. To ease the pronunciation a bit, he came up with the Avenger guise and made name with his first track 'Climax', that gave him a warm welcome to the trance scene. 'Phoebe' and 'Love in Harmony' are in guard of setting his name as the pure trance producer he is.

'Phoebe' holds the classic trance formula, with a strong build-up, pure euphoria in the break and a piano minded, synthesized outcome afterwards. A sweet, uplifting trance tune, soon to be favoured by the heaps of trance lovers that unite on the dancefloor. 'Love in Harmony' will surely receive the same treatment, starting off more techy, with a summer minded, shivering break.

A strong and energetic package that proves Avenger's got what it takes to get them in a state of trance.

  1. Phoebe
  2. Love In Harmony

You're So Cool
Roger Shah & Tenishia feat. Lorilee

Female vocals and trance. To most EDM lovers, that's a combination to die for. They must count themselves lucky, for they're about to hear the best of both worlds, united in 'You're So Cool'. Vocal trance masters Roger Shah and the Maltese talents from Tenishia have teamed up, invited vocalist Lorilee and merged their sounds into this hot trance jewel.
A pair of vocals that sends shivers down your spine, an indulging deep beat and summer guitar along the way. 'You're So Cool' is a warm, yet of course incredibly cool new release on Shah's Magic Island imprint.

  1. You're So Cool (Original Mix)
  2. You're So Cool (Roger Shah Big Stage Remix)
  3. You're So Cool (Tenishia Remix)
  4. You're So Cool (Tenishia's Mid Winter Remix)

Shine A Light
Maarten Hercules

Dutch producer Maarten Hercules fortifies his name with a strong progressive trancer on the Ava Blue label. This young and promising talent, who you might know from his 'Body Fusion' or the much supported 'Red Sun Landing', is slowly making name in the scene by spreading his energetic, characteristic sound.

'Shine A Light' spreads a lively feel good glow, as uplifting synths and housy kicks toy around and shape a balanced club cracker. Maarten gives trance a new perspective, working with a mixture of house, progressive and the best trance has to offer. We'll surely be hearing more of this talent in the near future.

Tim Preijers has been blessed with the remix duties on this track and gave 'Shine A Light' an even more progressive feel, distorting the synths and lifting the bass to a higher level.

  1. Shine A Light (Original Mix)
  2. Shine A Light (Tim Preijers Remix)

Key Of Life
Ohmna feat. Nurlaila

Dutch producer Johan Groenewegen, known as Johan Cyber or Ohmna, seems to have an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The producer/DJ, best known for his deep trancers 'People get Lost' and 'The Sun'll Shine' has brought us an easy-going, addictive trance track: 'Key of Life'.
The vocals of the track were done by no one less than Dutch musical star Nurlaila Karim, who takes the track to a higher level with her powerful yet gentle voice. Together with Ohmna's beats and stirring melody, 'Key of Life' owns the formula to a big dance floor cracker.

On the remix duties, we've got MaRLo. Known for his heavy, deep basslines and edgy tech-house style, he gives the track a little extra push to make it more peak-time. His remix is trancy, with an explosive break that makes this one a true highlight anthem.

  1. Key of Life (Original Mix)
  2. Key of Life (MaRLo Remix)

The Darkproviders

State Recordings label owners and Spanish tech-house masters Simon & Shaker bring their sounds guised under the Darkproviders. The Darkproviders projects is used to release their more melodic, atmospheric stuff. And that's exactly what you'll get with their new track 'Nasicilia'. A dark foundation with a strong build-up, effectively toying with little playful elements and a captivating melody. With 'Nasicilia', The Darkproviders bring us more than just a good tech-house track. They bring us a true highlight for the ears.
On the remix side, we've got multiple talent Ben Preston. This UK producer has made name with his significant, uplifting house style. He gives 'Nasicilia' a little lift and takes it out of the dark by making the melody less heavy and more joyful. What's left, is a cutting-edge remix that makes this Darkproviders package completes.

  1. Nasicilia (Original Mix)
  2. Nasicilia (Ben Preson Remix)

5 Steps Ahead

French producer Klems feeds the crowd his sophisticated trancy minded electro crossover. Over the past three years, he's had a few heavy releases under the proggy Klems alias on the Club Elite label, like 'Skaling the Cliff' and 'The Last Way'. With '5 Steps Ahead', he puts his trademark right back on the map, as he pushes forward with a progressive, yet deep-based trance track that just sucks you into it. The Uplifting Mix holds on to the trance side of the track, and shows the sensitive side of Klems. A fine package by a talented, multi-stylish producer.

  1. 5 Steps Ahead (Original Mix)
  2. 5 Steps Ahead (Uplifting Mix)

B.E.N. & M6

It's always interesting to hear what arises from a team-up in the studio, especially when it involves two fresh talents such as M6 and B.E.N.
As one of the Armada artists, M6 has caused furor with his 'Destination 6', 'Fade to Black' and most recently 'Byte Me' and 'Into The Unkown'. This guy is on full fire at the moment. B.E.N. is best known for his team-up with Mr. Pit on 'More Manners Please' and 'Superstition', but also knows how to make a fine solo track.
Joined forces, they bring us 'Interplay', a fair game between both producers in which they combine their elements and sound and come together into a fine fusion of atmospheric progressive. 'Interplay' builds up with a deep, ethereal movement, towards the techy outburst in the break, eventually leading back to a trance end. An interaction between more than just two sounds is what divides 'Interplay' from any other tune.
The Element One remix sticks to a pure trance sound with a stirring techy edge, making this package complete.

  1. Interplay (Original Mix)
  2. Interplay (Element One Remix)
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