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March 30, 2009

Limit Of Perception / DimensiveHamiltonDownload
A fresh release on Ava's Blue label by a newly discovered producer, Hamilton. Both tracks have that deep, proggy trance style that make a perfect fit to the other Ava tracks. 'Limit of Perception' stays a bit more laidback and easygoing, while 'Dimensive' has a contagious, playful touch and flowing break. This duotrack will surely find its way out to the dancefloor!

1. Limit Of Perception2. Dimensive

MarLo might not instantly ring a bell. But his productions sure bring some noise! This Dutch born, Australian raised producer/DJ is one of today's phenomenon's in club land. Last year, he performed at Trance Energy in Utrecht, as well as club nights across Europe, Asia and all around Australia. On the production side, he's has some success with tracks as 'Transmission', 'The Train' and 'Sacrifice'. But the biggest one is about to land!
A refreshing, somewhat dirty sound is coming from the StoneyBoy imprint this time. 'Ula' is a filthy, smacking, house-jacking energizer, with some stirring vocals and a tempting beat. Need a boost? Be sure to put this one up, and you're up and ready to go on for hour and hours to come. The StoneBridge remix hits in just as hard, but sticks to a deeper sound and dimension. Another impressive package on the Stoneyboy imprint!

1. Ula (Original Mix)2. Ula (StoneBridge SG Trippin' Mix)

It's been some time since we heard something from Coldharbour very own Elevation. Besides a few indulging remixes, the last solo successes, 'Ocean Rain' and 'Blinding Truth' have been more than a year ago, yet will always linger in the minds of countless trance lovers. But in 2009, he's hitting back hard, for Michael Targanski is back in shape. Guising under his Elevation alias, he brings us his new progressive trancer 'Biscayne'. A gentle yet energetic track that will put Elevation's career as a top notch producer to the next level.
On the remix duties, we've got Norwegian duo Lemon & Einar K., who enriched the track with their distinctive sound; uplifting, stirring and trancy.
1. Biscayne (Original Mix)2. Biscayne (Lemon & Einar K Remix)

Adagio For Strings 2009DJ YvanDownload
One of the biggest, if not the most played, classics in the trance scene is 'Adagio for Strings'. Many big names gave the track a special treatment and brought it back to club land in a new type of jacket. It's time for DJ Yvan to showcase his version now.
Yvan is one of the leading Swiss dance producers, having 15 years of experience as a backup. Even though it's a tough challenge to remake a classic such as this one, Yvan has proved to be able to pull it off big time. 'Enjoy the Silence' was his previous remake, teamed up with Dan Daniel and released at the Armada label. The track received support by numerous big DJ's and was one of the most downloaded tracks in 2007.

Two years later, Yvan gives 'Adagio for Strings' a little treatment. As if this ultimate classic wasn't banging enough , Yvan restructured the track into a major dance floor anthem, making a crossover from gentle proghouse to the indulging trance synth-sound that makes 'Adagio for Strings' so lovable. This highlighted remake lives up to the 2009 standards in EDM and updates it to a timeless, multiple styled club anthem.

Along with this package, comes the Phil Green Rework, that gently toys around with the track, giving it some extra details and makes the break even more remarkable than it already is.

1. Adagio For Strings 2009 (Original Mix)2. Adagio For Strings 2009 (Phil Green Rework)

Fallen In Too DeepManvel Ter-Pogosyan featuring Jenni PerezDownload
You might trip over his unusual name, but it's much better to sit in wonder on how he managed to produce such a progressive beauty. Manvel Ter-Pogosyan, originally reigning from Armenia but now living and studying in the US, has done some of his earlier work under alias Amurai.He's about to have the biggest success under his original name though. 'Fallen In Too Deep', with the vocals by lovely Jenni Perez, is his vocal weapon of choice on the brand new S107 imprint. A tender, moving progressive track that captures the senses and stimulates the soul.
On the remix, we've got Armada's very own Ruben de Ronde, teamed up with Miami resident Vitaliy. The Ruben de Ronde and Vitaliy remix is an armed proghouse version of the track with a pure trancy touch to it. The vocals received a little treatment, making them stand out and retrieve full attention on the break.

1. Fallen In Too Deep (Original Mix)2. Fallen In Too Deep (Amurai Remix)3. Fallen In Too Deep (Ruben de Ronde & Vitaliy Remix)4. Fallen In Too Deep (Ruben de Ronde & Vitaliy Dub Mix)

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