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May 26, 2009
For the fourth single to be taken from the 'Imagine' album, Armin van Buuren hooked up with multi-talented, American vocalist and DJ Jennifer Rene.

Armin van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene
Fine Without You

For the fourth single to be taken from the 'Imagine' album, Armin van Buuren hooked up with multi-talented, American vocalist and DJ Jennifer Rene. 'Fine Without You' is the result of a special studio session between the two, and can best be described as an atmospheric, progressive dance track with a slick guitar lead and a ravishing pair of vocals.
Jennifer Rene first stepped into the dance scene 2 years ago. 'Louder' was the suitable name for her first vocal release, with producer Jose Amnesia. The trance community was highly intrigued by Jennifer's profound voice and kept longing for more. And more they got. After 'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'Invincible' and 'Fall to Pieces' it's now 'Fine Without You' that's going to bring her sound to the masses. Performed live at all 7 of the Armin Only: Imagine shows in 2008, 'Fine Without You' was echoed back in appreciative crowd chanting across the globe.
The first three Imagine singles were more than prosperous on the global charts. 'Going Wrong', 'In & Out of Love' and 'Unforgivable' still receive regular airplay and unsafe the clubs. With 'Fine Without You' fresh in town, both Armin van Buuren and Jennifer Rene show why two masterminds make a more than fine track.

  1. Fine Without You (Extended Mix)
  2. Fine Without You (Sied van Riel Remix)

Standing By Your Side

Already supported by Marcus Schossöw, Ferry Corsten and numerous other big shot dj's, is Musetta's release on the Morrison imprint. 'Standing By My Side' is the fitting title to yet another artistic piece of music by Matteo Curcio and Marinella Mastrosimone. 'Red Star' and 'Nicotine' have now found their follow-up: Standing By My Side'.

'Standing By My Side' is another distinctive, different piece of music. A laidback, easy-going track in its original version, but activating in its remix form. There's lots to choose from this time! We've got the dreamy but catchy house Gutterstylz mix, trancy big room Fred Numf remix, proggy Lemon Missile remix with faded vocals, a tech-house Mike Hoska remix and last but not least, the minimalistic and indulging Ormatie remix. What more do you need?

  1. Musetta - Standing By My Side (Original Mix)
  2. Musetta - Standing By My Side (Fred Numf Mix)
  3. Standing By My Side (Gutterstylz Mix)
  4. Standing By My Side (Lemon Missile Mix)
  5. Standing By My Side (Mike Hoska Mix)
  6. Standing By My Side (Ormatie Mix)

Tritonal feat. Soto
Invincible Sun

American producer duo Tritonal, consisting of Dave Reed and Chad Cisnernos , have been bringing their warm sounds to the scene for a couple of years already. They've proven themselves to be true masters with vocals. It's not the first time they collaborate with singer Christina Soto, and we sure hope it won't be the last. 'Walk With Me' and 'Piercing Quiet' crashed into the trance scene, supported by the DJ elite and praised by the crowds.
Tritonal feeds us the necessary new beats and melodic beauty in 'Invincible Sun'. Christina's stunning voice again manages to capture the senses and take the track to a higher level, while Tritonal's strong production work frames it all and completes this into a masterpiece.
The Air Up There remix is less uplifting and more of the dark progressive type, offering a nice contrast to the original.

  1. Invincible Sun (Original Mix)
  2. Invincible Sun (Air Up There Mix)

What Ya Got 4 Me (DJ Yvan Remix)

Signum's flashing back to their second release ever. Or actually, it's DJ Yvan that brings this big Signum classic back in shape. 'What Ya Got 4 Me' is the second upgrade package of Signum's 2009 remixes series, and has been treated more than well by Yvan. Known for his remakes 'Enjoy the Silence' and 'Adagio for Strings' it wasn't a very hard choice to have Yvan spread his easy-on-the-ears type of proggy house and proggy house sound on top of this already cracking track.
Divided in a 'Prog House Mix' and 'ProgTrance Mix', Yvan delivers two outstanding remixes with a perfect blend of his own, and Signum's sound.

  1. What Ya Got 4 Me (DJ Yvan Prog House Mix)
  2. What Ya Got 4 Me (DJ Yvan Prog Trance Mix)
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