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April 14, 2009

Hasown E.P.Francis PreveDownload
American producer Francis Preve is more than just a part of the Different Pieces family. His productions shine on this still fresh and shiny label. After years of making commercial music for the masses, Francis dove into the world of underground beats. Shortly after his first release 'Caboose', he's picked up another savory EP, 'Hasown'. 'Hasown' is a tech-house flavoured progressive dish, that sets forth a deep and somewhat dark atmosphere, yet drive on to a highlighting break with a more than satisfying club impact hitting in afterwards. 'Less Cowbell' is the other side of his deep house style, and resembles a countdown towards a heavy lift off break with a detailed, funky yet deep joining of sounds.

1. Hasown2. Less Cowbell

Viva La Vida!Da OthersDownload
Da Others are enjoying life as it is. Only a few months after their last release on the Pilot 6 imprint, they're ready for another luscious pampering session of the ear. These Colombian producer/DJ's bring us 'Viva La Vida!', a celebration of life and sound. If one thing's for sure, it's that it's a celebration to your ears.
'Viva La Vida!' is a high-strung, funky minimal-house track, where all the bleeps and elements come together in a freshly squeezed juicy whole. Included in this package, is the Sego 'Mi Vida Loca' remix, Milton Channels remix and a remix by one of the guys from Da'Others themselves, the Andrea Saenz & Sebastian Reza Taco Nation Mix. That's a whole mouth full, but every single one of them gives the track a different feel.
The Sego remix hits in with a deep bass and sticks to a minimal amount of effects, showing that 'Viva La Vida!' has more than plenty of fine elements to work with. The Milton Channels remix toys around with every click, snap and sound to make it a true tech-houser, while the Andrea Saenz & Sebastian Reza remix comes closer to progressive house with a trancy feel to it.'Viva La Vida!' comes in every music form one might wish.

1. Viva La Vida! (Andrea Saenz & Sebastian Reza Taco Nation Mix)2. Viva La Vida! (Milton Channels Remix)3. Viva La Vida! (Sego 'Mi Vida Loca' Remix)4. Viva La Vida! (Unplugged Mix)

Dust In The WindArnejDownload
Canadian Producer/DJ Arnej doesn't really need an introduction. But just because he deserves to, we'll give him one anyway. With 5 Arnej releases and another 7 tracks under the 8Wonders guise, he's brought a fresh sound to the sometimes so repetitive styles heard on the dance floor.
'Strangers We've Become', 'The Ones That Get Away' and 'They Always Come Back' now make way for a worthy addition to Arnej's already weighty list of productions. 'Dust In The Wind' is a high class combination of classical music, progressive beats and an emotional and little bit saddening melody. No one better than Arnej knows how to drag you into a piece of indulging music and blow you away with it. 'Dust In The Wind' is no exception to that unwritten rule.
Dutchman Leon Bolier gave the track a little push towards tech-trance with a progressive feel, speeding the BPM to a higher tempo to give it a peak-time approach. Arnej's intro mix starts off with the incredibly beautiful strings that don't only cover up the break, but catch you from the very first second the sound touches your eardrums as well. Arnej's Deep Dub is a lot more laidback, with a phatter than phat bass and heavy but playful techy effects.

1. Dust In The Wind (Intro Mix)2. Dust In The Wind (Deep Dub)3. Dust In The Wind (Leon Bolier Mix)4. Dust In The Wind (Leon Bolier Mix - Arnej Rework)

Starglow / Cabin FeverMark Sherry & James Allan vs Stuart TrainerDownload
A well-known name to those that appreciate a bit of techno flavoring to their trance, is Mark Sherry. Add James Allan and Stuart Trainer to that, and you got yourself a fine team of producer masterminds to cover up a pack of two indulging, techno minded trance bangers.
'Starglow' starts off with any tidy build-up, where beats and kicks run about. However, what divides 'Starglow' from the millions of other techers, is the soaring effect you'll find within the break. Exhilarating stabs, worthy to a highly energetic Captivating track. 'Cabin Fever' is another bass-in-your-face anthem and a haunting big room cracker to balance this pack.

1. Starglow2. Cabin Fever

Broken WingsDanilo Ercole feat. MarcieDownload
Brazilian producer/DJ Danilo Ercole is working his way up in a shift pace. Only weeks after his first release, 'Harbour', on the Coldharbour imprint, he's back with a vocal track already. It's the lovely, sweetening voice of multiple talent Marcie that carries 'Broken Wings' to higher grounds. The original mix slips off into a delicate progressive track with a rock influenced guitar lead on top, emphasizing Marcie's vocals at the break. The Easy Mode mix is more melodic, with tiny details to enrich the whole. The Tech'n'Dub Mix has the BPM driven up a bit, bringing back the guitar in a darker sound.
B.E.N. and Nurettin Colak bring this package a thrilling dub mix, with a more techy sound than any of the other remixes, turning 'Broken Wings' into a peak time surprise.

1. Broken Wings (Original Mix)2. Broken Wings (Tech 'n Dub Mix)3. Broken Wings (Easy Mode Mix)4. Broken Wings (B.E.N. & Nurettin Colak Dub Mix)

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