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February 17, 2009
New releases at

Pawel Meller

Polish producer Paul Miller has got what we like to call the 'oldskool' trance sound. Those typical strings, the way he lets the beat be in perfect harmony with the melody and, of course, always a satisfying break in the middle. Under his Pawel Meller guise, he brings his new trance banger to the A State of Trance imprint. 'Escape' doesn't break free from any rules, but sticks to the tasty trance sound so many are hooked on.

  1. Escape (Original Mix)
  2. Escape (Underwater Remix)

Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto

Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros team up with singer Christina Soto once again. Their last vocal jewel 'Walk With Me' has left quite an impression, receiving support by numerous DJ's. 'Daybreak' is less proggy, but has a few more techy elements. 'Daybreak' still remains a laidback, trancy track in which Tritonal and Soto have managed to make a worthy follow-up to 'Walk With Me'.
The Cortinas and Wade remix is a bit more playful and housy, to complete this tasty package.

  1. Daybreak (Original Mix)
  2. Daybreak (Cortinas & Wade Remix)


There's nothing like Musetta's typical sound. Right after the beautiful 'Red Star', Glenn Morrison is presenting a new jewel from this Italian duo: 'Nicotine'. While the bitter taste of nicotine forms the center of attention in this track, it's the beloved, soulful voice of Marinella Mastrosimone that captures the senses. Glenn Morrison took the honor to transform this ambient pearl into a progressive banger with a mysterious touch, while Todd Mackenzie calms it all down into an enchanting chilled version. Last but not least, Tyler Michaud and Manuel de la Mare gave it a bit of a housy feel, with a summer-minded, dreamy break. As you can see, all favours and flavours are represented.

If you love the Musetta sound, you'll surely put these on repeat!

  1. Nicotine (Original Mix)
  2. Nicotine (Glenn Morrison Remix)
  3. Nicotine (Todd Mackenzie Mix)
  4. Nicotine (Tyler Michaud & Manuel de la Mare Remix)

Aurus / The Price Of Oil
Mat Zo

Soundpiercing is lucky with such a young, yet established producer like Mat Zo. Still being in his teenage years, but with a list of impressive releases behind him he's one of the most promising names in today's scene. And he's enchanting us with two new jewels. 'Aurus' , being a fine, loveable prog track that doesn't only carry you away while listening, but also surprises you with a delicate break that sends you straight off to the eternal progressive fields. With 'The Price of Oil' Mat shows a different, darker side and sets an ominous atmosphere that unfolds to a strong, incredibly rousing break that sends the shivers right down your spine. And all that, right before it works towards a banging proggy ending. With this pack, Mat manages to set the moods right, and relax and activate at the same time.

  1. Aurus
  2. The Price Of Oil

Is It? / Longer Trail
Umek & Beltek

The Slovenian tech-house brigade is back! Umek & Beltek just can't stop producing one big cracker after another. Their 'Army Of Two', 'Option To Stimulate' and 'Lifetime Use' already showcased their ability to mix up techno, house and progressive and shape it to their sound. A new pack with two cheerful tech-housers has arrived. 'Is It' is, above all, an energetic, strong track that strikes down to minimal, house and so much more. Same goes for 'Longer Trail', even though it's a tad darker and comes closer to the techno sound than any of their previous team-up productions. These two will certainly please the crowd, whether they're house lovers, techno purists or minimal dancers.

  1. Is It?
  2. Longer Trail
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