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New releases at Armada (52)

December 21, 2009
New tracks by Ashley Wallbridge, Push, ElSandro, Saint Rush and Alexander Popov!

Ashley Wallbridge - Chimera
After a splendid 2009, UK producer/DJ Ashley Wallbridge continues to follow the path he has already started to create. It's a successful one, paved by his 'Shotokan', 'Masquerade' and collab with Andy Moor and Meighan Nealon on 'Faces'. Ashley chose the right direction for 2010, kicking things off with a new tune on AVA Recordings.

Like on his previous tracks, it’s obvious the youngster's got a thing for melody. He makes them spin, turn, flip and twist. And all that in perfect harmony. 'Chimera' hits the profound depths of a quality prog-trancer, with a rich sound and epic piano break. Whether you prefer the original or like to break things down with the Dark edit, Ashley Wallbridge brings you his 'Chimera' in any shape needed.

  1. Chimera (Original Mix)
  2. Chimera (Dark Edit)

ElSandro - Style Fusion
Quality over quantity, Dutch producer/DJ Sander Bouma must have thought. It's been almost 1.5 years ago that his debut track 'Natural', a collaboration with Ruben de Ronde, hit in with its fusion of groovy house and lush progressive. His new dancefloor seducer is of a truly different type though. In 'Style Fusion', it's the electronic synth that makes up the rules. Tripping over housy clicks, rumbling beats and building towards a killer of a break, 'Style Fusion' is that one cheeky tune you'll be clicking your tongue to, long after leaving the club.
'Style Fusion' comes with two surprising remixes. The Jessus Progressivo remix hits a sensitive note, as the feel-good melody has been changed to a deep and dramatic one, with a pumping, proggy remix as the result. Colombian prog-house producers Andrea Saenz, Da'Others and Robots Memory left nothing untouched but the catchy hook of 'Style Fusion' in their deep and rousing proghouse remix. Different, daring and surely pleasing to a whole lot of dancefloor movers.

  1. Style Fusion (Original Mix)
  2. Style Fusion (Da'Others Vs Andrea Saenz & Robots Memory Unplugged Mix)
  3. Style Fusion (Jessus Progressivo Mix)

Push - Global Age
The rousing sound that came along with the return of Mike Dierickx' Push alias, still echoes in the minds of numerous trance lovers. The Club Elite label-owner surprised everyone with the release of a complete Push album, in the early summer of 2009. The title track of 'Global Age' now sees its full release, with a ravishing remix by proud Dutchman Leon Bolier.

The original of 'Global Age' is much more light-hearted than we're used to hearing from mister Mike, but the lack of drama doesn't make it any less tasty. 'Global Age' is a rich and full track with a feel good sound to it. Progressive, trance and even a little techno ends up in one big, delicious blend of ageless Push clubsounds.

Leon Bolier always finds an original hook in his remixes, so the 'Global Age' version he's came up with naturally fits that description. Deep, distorted stabs and an impressive melodic swing make his remix an outbalanced one, heavy and strong.

  1. Global Age (Original Mix)
  2. Global Age (Club Mix)
  3. Global Age (Leon Bolier Remix)

Saint Rush - The Rooster
His latest production, 'Shine On Me', shot into the trance stratosphere with the stunning vocal works of the Zirenz ladies. This time he's doing it solo, and delivers a track that'll get inside your system at an instant. Danish producer Mikkel Hansen, residing under the Saint Rush moniker, hits in with 'The Rooster'. The very moment you press play, it surfaces somewhere deep and leaves all superficiality behind. Melancholic progressive with a dark and sensitive touch to it.

  1. The Rooster (Original Mix)

Alexander Popov - Everest
Alexander Popov is surely climbing these days. As one of Russia's fastest rising trance/progressive producers, this young talent has a swift start to what lies ahead. After a handful of quite successful releases, he's now ready to hit full throttle with one on AVA Recordings. 'Everest' is the melodic trancer that flirts with house and progressive at the same time, without leaving the genre. It's a true hands in the air track, without getting too uplifting.

  1. Everest

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