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New releases at Armada (01)

January 05, 2010
New tracks by Roger Shah & Signum, William A and Benya!

William A - Umbrella EP
They say everything's bigger in Texas, but we're pretty sure there's an exception to that rule. Beause no matter where this EP of American DJ/producer William A lands, it's going to be huge! Chased after by no one less than Pete Tong himself, the explosive triptych of this young talent sees its release on the Different Pieces label.

'Shot Glass', 'Tall Glass' and 'Umbrella' all took a little walk with prog-house and techno. 'Shot Glass', that gets you with a gloomy, straight forward sound, had a little flirt with 'Tall Glass', which cracks things up with a tasty high saw and deep bass. The warmer, more profound tech-houser 'Umbrella' balances this EP, showing the A in William A stands for nothing less than A-quality producer.

  1. Umbrella
  2. Shot Glass
  3. Tall Glass

Roger Shah & Signum - Healesville Sanctuary
In the summer of 2009, a silence fell upon Club Amnesia, Ibiza. A harmonious wave of beautiful trance synths and choir voices got the crowd in total awe, and Armin van Buuren knew he had made the right choice of featuring 'Healesville Sanctuary' on the fourth Chapter of his 'Universal Religion' series.

'Healesville Sanctuary' is the stunning result of a collab by German producer Roger Shah and Dutch trance duo Pascal Minnaard and Ron Hagen of the legendary Signum. It's the warm, dramatic sound of Balearic beats master Shah that rushes over the pure trance synths of Signum and causes a storm on the dancefloor. The Roger Shah Mix sticks to a deeper, under the surface type of sound, while the Signum Mix remains peak time till the very last tone has faded.

  1. Healesville Sanctuary (Roger Shah Mix)
  2. Healesville Sanctuary (Signum Mix)

Benya - Europat
Danish producer Ben Bording may be up in the clouds with his study for aircraft maintenance technician, he sure doesn't need a bird to get the crowd flying! After his 'Prometheus', 'Serendipity' and remixes for tyDi, Markus Schulz and Andy Moor, Benya lets himself be inspired by the many-sided continent of Europe to bring an even more diverse track to the masses.

'Europa' makes sunny guitar, a Celtic-inspired melody and a deep progressive sound blend to one outstanding beat-beauty. Russian producer Santerna reworked it to a more groovy, prog-house track with playful, high effects.

  1. Europa (Original Mix)
  2. Eurapa (Santerna Remix)

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