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New releases and exclusives (49)

December 07, 2010
New releases this week by Robert Nickson & Ruben de Ronde, Julian Vincent feat. Jessie Morgan, Marcus Maison & Will Dragen, Eco, Three 'N One and EDX & Tamra Keenan !

Robert Nickson & Ruben de Ronde - Superlative

Straight from the headquarters of Armada Music, two Dutch talents present you the result of their very first team-up. Robert Nickson, causing some heavy waves in the trance scene with tracks like 'We Won't Forget', 'Maybe Next Time' and 'Spiral', teamed up with Armada's in-house producer Ruben de Ronde, who's delivered us masterpieces like 'Stoer' and 'Grand Boulevards', tingled by the unlimited options of diversity.

The boys are ready to rock the floor, to leave it trembling deep on the echo of their new track 'Superlative', a title that says it all!

Kicking in with finely cut progressive sounds and bold beats, 'Superlative' surprises and quickly turns into a tender uplifting piece. With 'Superlative', Robert & Ruben deliver a genuinely built up track with a soul-soothing melody. However, what truly makes 'Superlative' stand out, is the angelic female vocal-line on top of it all, boosting it with an absolute feel-good buzz.

Heartfelt, blazing and with a typical British trance sound, Maltese producer Jo Micali appears on the flipside of 'Superlative' with his remix. Quite the contrary, is the remix of Turkish producer Lodos, who kept his focus on the progressive elements and tricks you with some profound, playful synth-lines.


  1. Superlative (Original Mix) (08:00)
  2. Superlative (Jo Micali Remix) (07:26)
  3. Superlative (Lodos Remix) (07:00)

Julian Vincent feat. Jessie Morgan - Shadows The Sun

Welcome to the outstanding prog-sound of Julian Vincent- truly magical as proved with releases like 'Here For Me', 'Perfect Sky' and 'No End'. 'Shadows The Sun', his latest offering, joins his catalog of high quality productions and awaits you with tight, deep synth-lines, a bold baseline and Jessie Morgan's night-black voice on top of all happenings.

Danish DJ and producer Daniel Kandi presents nothing less but pure uplifting candy on his remix of 'Shadows The Sun'. He delivers a dramatic yet deep trance piece with countless heartfelt melody-layers.

Quite the contrary, a tight progressive translation that's going to move you for sure, comes straight from the US. Producer Ken Loi awaits you with one phat, dark storm of a record you shouldn't miss out on!

Support by:

Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Nic Chagall, Andy Moor.


  1. Shadows The Sun (Original Mix) (07:35)
  2. Shadows The Sun (Daniel Kandi's Bangin Mix) (06:52)
  3. Shadows The Sun (Nifra Remix) (07:38)
  4. Shadows The Sun (Ken Loi Remix) (07:30)
  5. Shadows The Sun (T.O.M. & Tommygoff Remix) (08:08)
  6. Shadows The Sun (Ken Loi Dub Mix) (07:30)
  7. Shadows The Sun (T.O.M. & Tommygoff Dub Mix) (08:08)

Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - In The Horizon

There's a warm sound on the horizon, ready to fill the air with a blistering heat of melodic prog-house. Out there, are Marcus Maison and Will Dragen, bringing you seven minutes of pure sun-splashed delight. Melodic gem 'In The Horizon' is surely going to warm you up in the cold winter days, either with its warm synth-lines or dancefloor-moving drive.

With easygoing prog-house elements, a euphoric build up and layer over layer of catchy sounds, 'In The Horizon' offers everything you need to recall summer-spirit. We guarantee – on this one the feel-good factor is high up, so you better be sure to check out the latest release of the beloved ZOUK imprint!


  1. In The Horizon (Radio Edit) (02:29)
  2. In The Horizon (Original Mix) (06:56)

Eco - Drowning

The master of melodic gold, hailing straight from his studio in New York, is back again! Trance community, we are proud to introduce you to Eco's new master piece 'Drowning'! Heavily requested, Marcello Pacheco already put a spell on the global trance scene with remixes for the likes of Coldplay, Ferry Corsten and previous productions 'And We Flew Away', 'Love' and 'Borealis'. Get ready to experience a real state of trance once more, with his latest tune 'Drowning'!

Like most of his previous productions, 'Drowning' already made it to the Tune Of The Week on Armin van Buuren's famous A State Of Trance radio show. It's the Dutch superstar himself, who keeps on praising Eco's sixth sense for outstanding melodic trance. On 'Drowning', Eco invites you to another deep dive into his beloved sound. A harmonic build up, an intricacy of effects, piano-lines and a strong baseline come together into an absolute peak-time example of uplifting trance in excellent shape.

Some tighter beats and a big room feel can be found on the 'Dereck Recay Remix'. The DJ and producer returned to classical trance sounds after the break, delivering a hands-in-the-air yet floor-moving piece to get lost in!

DJ Support: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, W&W, Nic Chagall:


  1. Drowning (Original Mix) (07:14)
  2. Drowning (Dereck Recay Remix) (07:49)

Three 'N One - Reflect 2011

This release sends you right back to the early days, where the beloved melody of Three' N One's all time classic 'Reflect' turned your moments on the floor into everlasting memories. These memories go as far back as the year 1996, with the infancy Love Parade gathering music lovers from all across the globe, bringing back the flower-power feel of the sixties. After re-releasing the track's original version in the summer of 2009, Armada Music now awaits you with a second flashback to the good old times: The 'Reflect' remix package.

German duo About Blank & KLC kick in with a violent, but feel-good attack on your senses. Philipp & Achim's rework empowered the original with a twisting and turning firework of effects. After toying around with countless layers and the main melody-line, the outcome is huge! The same goes for the remix of the German producers Nils van Gogh vs. Sunloverz. Their rework remains closer to the original 'Reflect', but give it a modern, 2010-fit hint of today's sound. Last but not least, we find Englishman Mike Foyle on remix duties for this one. Known for his diversity, he used various styles and sounds and created a dreamy atmosphere in the break as well as floor-destroying beats after its climax.

A remix package filled with variety, combining the past with the brand new present.

Support by:

Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Nic Chagall, Andy Moor.


  1. Reflect (Niels van Gogh vs Sunloverz Remix) (06:18)
  2. Reflect (Mike Foyle Remix) (07:43)
  3. Reflect (Aboutblank & KLC Remix) (06:31)
  4. Reflect (Original 1996 Club Mix) (07:12)
  5. Reflect (2003 Club Mix) (06:59)
  6. Reflect (Niels van Gogh vs Sunloverz Edit) (03:19)
  7. Reflect (Original 1996 Short Mix) (03:52)
  8. Reflect (2003 Short Mix) (03:46)

EDX & Tamra Keenan - Out Of The Rain (The Remixes)

Straight from his studio in Switzerland, Italian born DJ and producer Maurizio Colella takes over the EDM world bit by bit, with his X-trademarked sound. Besides high profiles remixes for the likes of Axwell, Dubfire, Armin van Buuren and Deadmau5, he built a strong reputation with his solo release 'Thrive' and 'Hoover'. Another one on his impressive list of successes, is 'Out Of The Rain', a vocal gem with Tamara Keenan.

'Out Of The Rain', his summer anthem featuring singer and songwriter Tamra Keenan, moved the masses and will surely continue doing so in different remixes. The prog-houser with its gentle vocals, deep synths and sounds that carry you to the darker side of house music, has hit the stores in a rousing remix package!

Swiss producer Fred Lilla's rework has left the alps, to conquer speakers in the rest of the world as well. His version of 'Out Of The Rain' rides an energetic sound, caused by heavily built and dropped arrangements. Tingling melody-lines on the top and Tamara's voice in the back swirl in perfect harmony in this remix. The Taylor Inc & Viron Ltd remix has the same dancefloor potential, but with a completely different sound. While toying around with the track's layers, they created a deep translation of 'Out Of The Rain' with catchy minimal influences.


  1. Out Of The Rain (Taylor Inc. & Viron Ltd. Remix) (06:18)
  2. Out Of The Rain (Fred Lilla Remix) (06:52)
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