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New releases and exclusives (48)

November 29, 2010
New releases by Arnej, John Askew, Orla Feeney, J.O.C. Orjan Nilsen and more!

Arnej - We Need Them / For The People

2010 has been good to Toronto's Arnej Secerkadic. He commenced the year with the massive anthem 'They Need Us' - a staple of Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren's livesets over the winter months, and proudly found a spot on the former's Las Vegas '10 compilation in February, along with B-Side 'Ping Pong'.

His summer contribution to Coldharbour was a high profile one, taking on the task of bringing the classic 'What' by Attention Deficit back to life for the label's 100th release celebrations, and doing so in style. Now, building upon the news of his ascent into the influential DJ Mag Top 100 for the first time, and to close out Coldharbour's 2010 story, he returns with another double EP, which in his own words, is dedicated to the fans.

'We Need Them' is regarded by many as the follow-up to They Need Us. Similar in style and mood, the traditionally dark Arnej basslines are evident in a track built for club plays. However, not to be outdone, 'For the People' has captured the imagination of Global DJ Broadcast listeners from the outset; and delighted thousands of fans at the Mayday celebrations in the Polish city of Katowice, when Markus unveiled it at the beginning of his set. The track was also featured in a high profile role for Arnej himself, when he appeared on Judge Jules' BBC Radio 1 show for the DJ Relay segment.

The EP is a fine way to bring the curtain down on an incredible 2010 for Coldharbour Recordings. And we look forward to Arnej's next adventure with the label, as well as everyone else, in 2011.

Support by:

Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond


  1. We Need Them (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. We Need Them (Club Mix) (07:30)
  3. For The People (Original Mix) (07:34)

John Askew - Intimate Strangers

Sometimes, you can get familiar with something unfamiliar. Though John Askew is doing what he does best, his new track 'Intimate Strangers' reveals more melodic power than any of his previous releases. The UK producer/DJ, knocking off the good stuff for more than 10 years, is up for his Future Sound of Egypt debut, and yes; it shall be heard!

On 'Intimate Strangers', an atmospheric vocal line balances with uplifting trance, kicking in with a shot of emotion. Tingling effects back up a matching baseline and lead to the track's unbounded break-down. On top of all happenings and delivered in the right dose, Askew drops a slew of melodic layers, making 'Intimate Strangers' a full-package floor anthem.

Aly & Fila, the Egyptian masters of uplifting trance, raise the tempo on their remix of 'Intimate Strangers'.

They save the vocal-line for the very highest peak and focus on hard basslines and breathtaking synths.

Support by:

Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules Sean Tyas


  1. Intimate Strangers (Original Mix) (07:25)
  2. Intimate Strangers (Aly & Fila Remix) (08:01)

Orla Feeney - Lesson Learned / Random Madness

An Irish lady to handle with kid gloves, Orla Feeny's got the master recipe to produce pieces of outstanding quality, and she's not willing to share that secret...but that doesn't mean this talent doesn't let us enjoy her skills. With a double release, 'Lesson Learned' and 'Random Madness', she fixes up a diverse duo of absolute rapture and mayhem, alike. Unfeigned, gentle effects and a euphoric melody make 'Lesson Learned' stand out, while 'Random Madness' leads you on with bold beats, a warping bassline and night-black synth lines that live up to the title.

The Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of 'Lesson Learned' is of no less quality than we're used to hearing from the Rome-based producer. It's got those typical trancy stabs, that only Giuseppe knows how to handle. Riding the soothing melody line of the original, his remix finds itself in perfect balance.

Support by:

Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Judge Jules


  1. Lesson Learned (Original Mix) (07:33)
  2. Lesson Learned (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (06:50)
  3. Random Madness (Original Mix) (06:39)

Various Artists - Magic Island, Vol. 3 Album Sampler 05

This year, Balearic-minded DJ and producer Roger Shah invited us to his beloved Magic Island for the third time, with his 'Music For Balearic People Vol. 3' compilation. He took us on a tour into the deep, warm sounds of Dejan S, Dimension and Semantica, to name but a few. Since everyone enjoyed these little sunshine trips so much, he asks you to join him once more, with the fifth sampler of his beloved 'Magic Island Vol. 3' compilation.

Like the compilation's previous samplers, this edition showcases the sounds of various upcoming talents. Producer Dennis Nygren kicks off the sampler with a track under the name of Kyrst. His sun-splashed production 'Kata Sea Breeze' features soothing, electrical guitar-sounds, beaming you straight to one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches.

We extend our journey with Kyrst, this time in collab with Roger Shah himself, under his High Noon At Salinas moniker. 'Ocean Spray' is already their second collab and is just as tempting as their previous 'Virgin Kyle Beach'.

Perfectly fitting the feel-good sounds, with the temperature high up, is the brand new Tomac release, 'Good Karma'. With lush guitar-lines, warm melodic waves and a bit of uplifting versus melancholic trance, this one's a perfect addition to Roger's Magical Island compilation. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your little trip to the Balearic side of life!


  1. Dennis Nygren presents Kyrst - Kata Sea Breeze (Original Mix) (07:54)
  2. High Noon At Salinas & Kyrst - Ocean Spray (Original Mix) (06:21)
  3. Tomac - Good Karma (Original Mix) (08:57)

J.O.C. - Botnik

It's been a while since John O'Callaghan tightened things up with his Joint Operations Centre alias. Ever sharp-edged, John delivered the 100th Captivating release with his 'Backup' and 'Cramped' at the end of 2009. Within the past 12 months, a lot has happened. John kicked off his very own Subculture label, now home to all of his productions and part of the Armada Music family. After 2 successful compilations, securing an amazing 33rd position in the DJ Mag and being Ireland's number one DJ and Producer, he now proudly presents a new Joint Operations Centre: 'Botnik'.

Anyone familiar with John's darker side knows what to expect on 'Botnik'. Like his previous 'Jetleg Dancer', 'Back Up' and 'Bass Thing', he digs deep into the harder effect-box and created another storm of a record, ready to destroy everything on its way.

With the original version bringing its listeners the unavoidable urge to dance the night away, the remix-duties weren't the easiest. But Dutch duo W&W, known for their 'Alpha', 'Manhattan' and 'Mustang', know their way around with anthems like these. They've created an absolute killer remix, underlined with their typical bassline kicking in and back up with genuine techy effects, they once again prove to be in absolute control.

Support by:

Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, Tenishia, Ashley Wallbridge, Blank & Jones, Lange, Andy Moor


  1. Botnik (Original Mix) (07:04)
  2. Botnik (W&W Remix) (07:00)

Orjan Nilsen - Shoutbox!

His 'La Guitarra' is a sun-splashed feel-good tune, 'Lover's Lane' comes along with a bitter-sweet melody and his 'So Long Radio' mingles arousing house, tricky electro and deep progressive. It goes without saying - Scandinavian DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen has always been Mr. Diversity. His catalog of releases benefits from countless influences and after having a listen you might ask yourself if there's anything left Ørjan hasn't tried yet. But we give you the guarantee - he's going to surprise you once again. This time with his latest smasher 'Shoutbox'.

A female vocal-line in the back, fat baselines topped by a euphoric melody which twists from house into a touch of uplifting, and all of this backed up with a deep atmosphere - this is 'Shoutbox'! What first looks like an adventurous mix turns out to be a perfect balancing act of many styles, with floor-moving results.

On the flipside a true trancer is awaiting you. German sound-creator Matthias Baumann a.k.a. Cressida focuses on one style and delivers a captivating translation of 'Shoutbox'.

Support by:

Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin


  1. Shoutbox! (Original Mix) (08:26)
  2. Shoutbox! (Cressida Remix) (08:07)
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