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New releases and exclusives (47)

November 23, 2010

Roger Shah - Over & Over 2010 / Guaba Beach

German born but Balearic hearted sound-creator Roger Shah looks back on another exciting year. Recently he didn't only release his Sunlounger's 'The Beach Side Of Life' album, but also secured the 34th position in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 poll. And that's only just the tip of the iceberg. His Magic Island imprint is doing better than ever and as if that wasn't enough yet, he also keeps on touring the world with outstanding live performances.

Whether you're Balearic minded or not - be sure that Roger's going to put a spell on you with his latest intoxicating double release 'Guaba Beach' and 'Over & Over 2010' anyway. 'Over & Over' already saw the light of day in 2008, on Roger's successful 'Songbook' album. Nearly two years later, the guitar-based vocal beauty returns with the same magical feel as its first, original version, but with a fresh, 2010-fit sound written all over.

'Guaba Beach' is one of those 'losing your mind' and 'hands up in the air' uplifting tracks, not just spreading Roger's typical Balearic atmosphere but taking you in completely. With its captivating melody, strong layer over layer, it's offering that pure, emotional trance feel that so many of us have come to know and love. A new Shah duo to carry you away, that's for sure.

DJ Support By:

Paul Oakenfold, Dash Berlin, John O'Callaghan, Andy Moor


  1. Over & Over (Roger Shah 2010 Rework) (08:48)
  2. Over & Over (Ferry Tayle E-Motion Mix) (09:25)
  3. Over & Over (Nuera Remix) (07:26)
  4. Over & Over (Roger Shah 2010 Radio Edit) (03:58)
  5. Guaba Beach (Original Mix) (07:16)

Gofman & Tsukerman - Ethnica / One Thousand Moons

Two of Israel's finest prog-house producers team up for a second round of quality releases. Michael Tsukerman and Igal Gofman, blending the progressive trance smoothness with piquant house sounds, present the follow-up EP to their 'Arpology' and 'One Way Back'.

Riding the same fluent mix of influences, the duo presents the contagious pack of 'Ethnica' and 'One Thousand Moons' on the Pilot imprint. 'Ethnica' is a warm wave of progressive trance, reaching out with an indulging melody line and soothing summer-like sounds.

'One Thousand Moons' is heavier on its chords, but playful in its set-up. Deep, stirring and strong.

Support by:

Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Jorn van Deynhoven, Ashley Wallbridge,Alex M.O.R.P.H., Ernesto vs Bastian, tyDi, Andy Moor


  1. Ethnica (Club Mix) (06:07)
  2. Ethnica (Extended Mix) (08:02)
  3. One Thousand Moons (Original Mix) (08:36)

Orkidea - Beautiful

Going strong for more than a decade, we find Finnish producer/DJ Tapio Hakanen on the ever-diverse waves of his music. 'Beautiful', first released in 2005, has received a stunning new ambient mix. Taking you in with soothing, drum-driven sounds, 'Beautiful' sounds exactly like its title!


  1. Beautiful (Ambient Mix) (04:51)

Ben Nicky - Rattle

As one of UK's up and coming EDM talents, Ben Nicky knows how to shake things up. After getting to know his sound on VANDIT releases 'Special Moment' and 'Altitude', Ben Nicky also pleased the AVA Recordings fans with 'Tears'. He's making sure the volume stays up loud, cause this time he's kicking in with 'Rattle'.

Deep effects and tingling synth-melodies - this is 'Rattle' throughout! Without a sign of clatter, this tempting masterpiece awaits you with an unexpected climax shortly after the breath-taking break. 'Rattle' stirs, rouses, but above all, takes you in.

British talent Paul Vernon gave 'Rattle' a different feel with daring effects and sub-melodies. He also toyed around with the uplifting touch of the original version. Same goes for US producer Nate 'Audien' Rathbun, whose translation soothes with a Balearic trance feel but kicks in with a fat bassline all the same.

Support by:

Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Dash Berlin, Simon Patterson, Lange, tyDi, Robert Nickson


  1. Rattle (Original Mix) (07:28)
  2. Rattle (Paul Vernon Remix) (06:56)
  3. Rattle (Audien Remix) (06:50)

Cesar Lugo - Elapse

Straight from Mexico City, the sounds of DJ and producer Cesar Lugo once again prove the international character of the VANDIT label. As one of Mexico's finest trance producers, he endows the label with a new track and performs a brilliant balancing act between deep and uplifting trance. Dreamy, tempting and mellifluous - those are the keywords to 'Elapse'. Be sure not to pass by this one! Remix duties go to Irish DJ and producer Sneijder, who's just released his own 'Away From Here'. His rework of 'Elapse' focuses on the uplifting part of the track. A stunning, melodic break for the hands in the air moments rapidly fade into slightly aggressive, banging beats. Two tracks for the club speakers, to boom-blast the night away!

Support By:

Paul Oakenfold, Dash Berlin, John O'Callaghan, Andy Moor, Lisa Lashes


  1. Elapse (Original Mix) (07:47)
  2. Elapse (Sneijder Remix) (08:48)

Shogun - Come With Me

The list of releases is getting longer and his name is growing with every single of the tracks in it. With his name resounding all across the scene, Shogun now presents the follow-up duo to his 'Nadia', 'Save Me' and 'Imprisoned': 'Come With Me' & 'Star Line'.

A double release, divided in non-vocal and vocal, both riding the same enchanting, powerful prog-trance sound we've heard on Andrew Chen's previous tracks. 'Come With Me', featuring the extraordinary vocals of UK singer/songwriter Susie takes you in with a gentle and warm breeze of deep, melodic trance. In 'Star Line', you'll find a tempting instrumental, deep and diverse. Big uplifting synth-melodies, revealing a stunning break that'll give you goosebumps, guaranteed!

Support by:

Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Myon & Shane54, Ashley Wallbridge, Signum, Signum, Lange, ATB, Tenishia, Andy Moor, tyDi, Leon Bolier


  1. Come With Me (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. Come With Me (Dub Mix) (07:30)
  3. Star Line (Original Mix) (07:40)

Matt Joko feat. SK8 - Inside

It's that time of the year again, with autumn kicking in with full effect, giving us cold and rainy weather and way too many dark hours a day. No wonder we all long back to the warm Ibiza state of mind. Swedish DJ and producer Matt Joko heard our call and provides us with his feel-good houser 'Inside', bringing back summer as soon as the first beat kicks in.

Easy going and with naturally flowing house sounds written all over it, its 'Classic Mix' is one to go along with steaming hot beach party memories. Focused on rousing synth-lines, a contagious piano melody and SK8's tempting vocals on top of it all, you'll surely be surfing the warm waves of his 'Inside'.

On the flipside, 'Inside' turns into a floor-moving club anthem. The 'Big Room Mix' is ready to conquer all dancefloors, as Matt left the vocal line out but added some intricate melody layers and a bold baseline. So don't you worry - no need to feel down , as long as you have this EP in your collection!


  1. Inside (Classic Mix) (05:54)
  2. Inside (Big Room Mix) (05:37)

Signum feat. Kate Louise Smith - Liberate

There's plenty of DJ's and producers out there, who've been around trance-land for years, but there's only a few of them that managed to leave a remarkable impact on it. Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard are, undoubtedly, two of them. Together, they form the legendary Signum duo, looking back on 13 years of producing all-time classics such as 'What Ya Got 4 Me', 'Push Through', 'Come Around Again', 'First Strike' and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and ATB.

An absolute highlight of 13 years of Signum productions is coming up on December, the 3rd with the release of their first artist album 'For You'. Taken from the album, the two Dutch masterminds now present their new single 'Liberate', featuring the lovely vocals of Kate Louise Smith. 'Liberate' is the tempting beat evidence that their sixth sense for captivating melodies hasn't aged a day. An intimate, layered track for the floors and quiet moments at home.

On the remix, British DJ and producer David Forbes translated 'Liberate' into a contagious flow of melody, soothing chords and tender piano. On the remix, Forbes creates plenty of space for the vocals to truly stand out. Delicacy is being served.

Support by:

Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Judge Jules, Ashley Wallbridge, W&W Tenishia, Lange, tyDi, Nic Chagall, Ernesto vs Bastian, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Jorn van Deynhoven, John O'Callaghan, Andy Moor


  1. Liberate (Original Mix) (07:01)
  2. Liberate (David Forbes Remix) (08:03)

M.I.K.E. - The Art of Love

Being a musical mastermind for nearly an entire trance generation shows that Belgian DJ, producer and label owner Mike Dierickx knows exactly what's required to reach a music lover's deepest emotion. Well-combined layers of extraordinary melody-lines will do the trick. Whether you listen to his Plastic Boy, Push or any of his other alias releases, countless times Mike has proven to know the game. This time, he's doing it under his M.I.K.E. alias, by presenting his newest masterpiece, 'The Art of Love'. With the queen of emotions featured in its name, you might have already guessed what this anthem is all about.

On 'The Art Of Love', M.I.K.E. starts off on a proggy ride, to fade into an intricately built up peak-time example of his unique brand of enchanting melodies and moving basslines. Combining the right elements at the right time on this atmospherically instrumental piece, he delivers another bewitching bit of prog-trance perfection.

'The Art Of Love's flip side awaits you with the sounds of South African producer Nate Raubenheimer. Under his Protoculture moniker he translated the tracks original version into more uplifting sounds, with the tracks progressive touch still remaining intact.

Dj Support By:

Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery


  1. The Art Of Love (Original Mix) (08:28)
  2. The Art Of Love (Protoculture Remix) (08:18)
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