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New releases and exclusives (46)

November 17, 2010
New releases by W&W vs Ben Gold, Mike Foyle & DNS Project, Heatbeat, Vengeance, Suncatcher vs Pizz@dox, Ben O, Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel and Skytech!

W&W vs Ben Gold - Break The Rules / Nexgen
Into the tougher side of trance? Then better be all ears, cause three masters of big room teamed up to instantly and irretrievably get you hooked up to their latest EP. One of the freshest, most exciting electronic dance duo's of the moment, Dutch duo W&W, teamed up with British talent Ben Gold, who hit the scene with his heavily-supported 'Sunstroke', 'Today' and most recent Lee Osborne collab 'The Hunt Is On'.

W&W's A-list-hammered track portfolio swept international floors with tracks like 'Mustang', 'Manhattan', 'Mainstage' and 'Alpha'. But rocking the floor sure isn't the only highlight of their young but impressive career. In October 2010, the Dutch duo entered the DJ Mag Top 100 on the 71st position. A remarkable feat for the youngsters.

Their energetic  beats perfectly suit Ben's outstanding big room sound. Together, they build a driving force in tech-trance and present you the 'Breaking The Rules' EP. 'Breaking The Rules' offers intricate key changes, an ever-growling baseline and an intensely moving breakdown. On the flipside, 'Nexgen' combines lively synth-melodies with an up-and-down bouncing baseline. In search of this winter's tech-anthem? You've just found it!


  1. Break The Rules
  2. Nexgen

Mike Foyle & DNS Project - Cayo Norte
Sometimes there's that little, magical spark. And you know it, when two stars collide, you get a twinkling end result. Two musical talents, Mike Foyle and DNS Project, have joined forces on a scintillating prog-trancer called 'Cayo Norte'.

British multi-talent Mike Foyle, known for his spine-tingling piano-driven tracks 'Shipwrecked', 'Silver Lake' and the darker proggy 'Bittersweet Nightshade' and 'Deadly Nightshade' teamed up with Estonian producer Rene Pais, working under his DNS Project. Rene, who's had his share of success with the indulging 'Timestep' and 'Mindful' as well, has mastered the progressive side of trance more than well. But there's so much more to both sounds of these producers. And that's showing on 'Cayo Norte'.

'Cayo Norte' is intensely deep and diverse. A bold bassline supports a scintillating combination of strings and Mike Foyle's typical piano-lines. The mesmerizing break-down leads into a storm of a record, unleashing a big room power that'll make 'Cayo Norte' explode every dance floor.

On the remix, Norwegian duo Lemon & Einar K present a 'Cayo Norte' translation that sits between progressive- and tech-trance. It hits in harder, faster and stronger.


  1. Cayo Norte (Original Mix)
  2. Cayo Norte (Lemon & Einar K Remix)

Heatbeat - Shawarma / Trash
Agustin Servente and Matias Faint. Two big boys with an even bigger appetite. But this Argentinean duo, better known as Heatbeat, craves more than just food. They've got an insatiable lust for beats and that's showing in their new double release: 'Shawarma' & 'Trash'. As both tracks blast out the speakers, you know a good dish is being served. Following the big room path of their previous releases 'Vergatron', 'Mr. Walrus' and Exit collab 'Go', they bring back their floor-filling, all-destroying Heatbeat sound!

Techy, fat sounds reign supreme on their 'Shawarma'. They build it up and up and up to finally deliver a genuine but powerful tech-trance conclusion. 'Trash' is similar in its sound, but stands out with its build-up, focusing on a strong bassline and making use of male vocals. We love our little portion of these midnight snacks!


  1. Shawarma
  2. Trash

Vengeance - Decadence
From the very moment German duo Manuel Schleis and Dennis Gertner introduced the world to their sounds, they've been known for their high quality standard. 'Temptation', released in 2008 under their Vengeance moniker, became a huge club hit. Follow-up tracks 'Dimension', 'Explain' and 'Unexpectation' clearly showed that the guys were influenced by techno, electro and the harder side of trance. Diversity is what it's all about in the Vengeance sound: it's straight-forward, pumping and loud!

New track 'Decadence' goes down that same road. The 'Denga & Manus Remix', by Vengeance themselves, offers its listeners 9 minutes of pure diversity. Kicking off with a strong bassline and big room effects, it builds up to a melodic break-down for the hands-in-the-air-lovers. With fat synth-lines kicking in after the break, it provides you with everything a true tech-trance should.

On the flipside German DJ's and producers Lehn & Gras focussed on the strong sounding beats of 'Decadence'. Strong sounding, thundersome sounds kick in, giving you a 200 percent guarantee of dance floor madness!


  1. Decadence (Denga & Manus Mix)
  2. Decadence (Lehm & Gras Remix)

Ben O - Definition
Ben O has always wanted to wow music lovers with spine-tingling, enrapturing euphoric moments. His passion and open-minded way of thinking come together in his first trance sensation 'Definition'. The British producer fooled around with lush chords, beautiful piano sounds and an electro-styled bassline. As surprising and special sounding as the original is Enoh's rework of 'Definition'. The German producer added heavy, groove-based drums and percussion to the track, while Cesar Lugo backed up its melody with deep synths. No matter what version you go for, these will all give a new definition of trance in their very own way.


  1. Definition (Original Mix)
  2. Definition (Enoh Remix)
  3. Definition (Cesar Lugo Remix)

Suncatcher vs Pizz@dox - Remember The Youthful Years
Aly & Fila's very own imprint has always been famous for supporting new, up and coming talents. So it isn't surprising that two rising stars, Romanian producer Suncatcher and his British born colleague Pizz@dox, deliver a new Future Sound Of Egypt release: 'Remember The Youthful Years'.

The lovely instrumental collab 'Remember The Youthful Years' sits somewhere between Balearic and pure uplifting trance. With its break-down, a breathtaking sound-scape stuffed with melodic power and low-tempo beats, it sends you off to dreamland indeed!

This dreamy effect is even increased by Portuguese sound-creator Nery, who translates 'Remember The Youthful Years' into a lovely string piece, without losing the synth-line feel of the original. On the other remix, Egyptian DJ and producer Mohamed Ragab kicks in with a tight bassline, faster pace and the feel of a real peak time trancer! We're pretty sure this package will be remembered for a long time!


  1. Remember The Youthful Years (Original Mix)
  2. Remember The Youthful Years (Mohamed Ragab Remix)
  3. Remember The Youthful Years (Nery Remix)
  4. Remember The Youthful Years (Intro Mix)
  5. Remember The Youthful Years (Radio Edit)

Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel - Vorahnung
After the success of last year's 'Heyaah', Dave Seaman and Josh Gabriel have returned with another exotic slice of progressive techno in the form of 'Vorahnung'. Named after the German term for 'premonition', this future classic revolves around a thoroughly analog melody that is both haunting and deeply moving. Its rhythms blur through syncopations that fuse triplets with rough-hewn tribal inflected beats, resulting in a groove that is mindboggling in its complexity.
Naturally, a floor-filler like 'Vorahnung' should also have a massive remix package - and Different Pieces has put together an EP that further proves the versatility of this track.
Synthesizer visionary and tech guru Francis Preve delivers one of the funkiest remixes of his career, transforming the original chords into a tech house stomper, complete with wailing sirens and that monster low-end throb that is swiftly becoming his trademark. This mix is destined to be one of the big room house hits of the season.

Egostereo's remix is a punchy and dark progressive tour-de-force with enough whipcrack twists and turns to keep even the most demanding floors writhing in anticipation of where it will go next. Expect to hear this mix at peak floor moments in the coming months.Preve protege and Different Pieces upstart, William A, returns with a deep tech-prog reinterpretation that's the perfect compliment to those hazy afterhours events where down is up and anything goes.
Rounding out the remix package, Different Pieces' latest discovery - The Secret Panda Society - turns in another dubstep knockout that further pushes the boundaries of everyone's favorite new genre. Like a hammer to the chest, the Panda's mix extends the sonic flexibility lurking within Seaman and Gabriel's latest brainchild.


  1. Vorahnung (Original Mix)
  2. Vorahnung (Francis Preve Remix)
  3. Vorahnung (Egostereo Remix)
  4. Vorahnung (William A Remix)
  5. Vorahnung (Secret Panda Society Remix)

Skytech - Rocket Science / Planet
2010 has been another year of steady development for the Polish brothers Julian and Mateusz Dziewulski. Whilst their last headline track Comet lit up the beginning of the year, they return with a double EP to close out their production efforts in 2010, which has seen them branch out into notable remix work for the likes of M6 and Grube & Hovsepian.

And like Comet and Asteroid, their fascination with all things space-related continues with the two titles on offer here.

Rocket Science reveals Skytech presenting their sound in a much more sensitive and heartwarming light, and has captured the heart strings of those who love their trance blossoming with beautiful melodies. In the post-Ibiza Summer Sessions period, it has become one of the most in-demand tracks from Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast studio sets, and also received support from Armin van Buuren on A State Of Trance in November.

On the flipside is Skytech's more traditional sound - the darker, techier front which they have presented through the likes of Cardboard Box and Comet. Planet is one built firmly with the club and dancefloor environment in mind, and will be one to keep an eye on as it grows throughout the winter. Like its partner in this package, Planet has received multiple plays on both Global DJ Broadcast and A State Of Trance.

Julian and Mateusz are among the finest young producers out there, and proudly take their place as part of the new wave of upcoming trance producers - the Coldharbour generation.


  1. Rocket Science (Original Mix)
  2. Planet (Original Mix)
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