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New releases and exclusives (45)

November 09, 2010
New releases by Susana & Josh Gabriel, tyDi feat. Tania Zygar, Dimension presents Long Island and SECTR 24 feat. Chelsea Lee

Susana & Josh Gabriel - Frozen
While Susana used to sing along with her dad's records, Josh Gabriel was already spending his time controlling the electronic side of music. When Susana decided to take professional singing lessons, which were followed by several live performances, Josh enjoyed successful times with his projects Motorcycle, Andain and Gabriel & Dresden. Today, Susana is one of the most requested vocalists in trance music and Josh Gabriel is still on top of his game, even after a quarter of a century. The two of them teamed up and present us 'Frozen', another single taken from Susana's outstanding first artist album 'Closer'.

'Frozen' is a vocal-driven ride into deep, melodic progressive. Bold bass and a maze of intricate spins with Susana's heartfelt voice on top, resulting in one of the highlights on the 'Closer' album. And not just there. This one is guaranteed to rock the crowds


  1. Frozen (Extended Mix)
  2. Frozen (Nic Chagall Remix)

tyDi feat. Tania Zygar - Half Light
A positive mind is the key to success. If you firmly believe in this statement, you'll understand that Tyson Illingworth has been more than just lucky. The Australian talent has seen his hard work and determination change into many feats and highlights. Apart from being voted Australia's number one DJ twice in a row, he won the award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ' at this year's International Dance Music Awards and saw his debut album 'Look Closer' entering Australia's Dance Chart at #2. But tyDi, under which Tyson likes to veil himself, is mostly known for his outstanding productions. From the moody deep 'Russia' to the mesmerizing 'Good Dream' and Audrey Gallagher collabs 'You Walk Away' and 'Calling', all of them still make our hearts pound faster.

With 'Vanilla', tyDi already revealed there was a darker side to his sound. Teaming up with Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar once again, he heads even deeper into it all with 'Half Light'. Halfway up the bright sky, sliding down the dusky deep, we find 'Half Light' comfortably stuck between night-black progressive of tyDi and the lovely, soothing vocals of Tania. 'Half Light' will get any dancefloor to move, whether played in the deep, dark night or as the sun rises.


  1. Half Light (Original Mix)
  2. Half Light (Max Graham Remix)

Various Artists - Magic Island, Vol. 3 Album Sampler 04
The Balearic minded sun-seekers have been waiting for this one. With the first colourful leaves appearing on the ground, German DJ and producer Roger Shah recalls the summer spirit and proudly presents the fourth sampler of his 'Magic Island Vol. 3' compilation. Famous for his Ibiza-inspired sounds, this sampler awaits you with another selection of warm sounding tunes to carry you away. Ready for a little trip to the ever tropically warm season of the year?

Kicking things of, is Spanish multi-talent Dimension, who presents two new releases. Under his Long Island moniker, he presents you 'Opposing Worlds' and 'Cies' - two masterpieces that are just as delicious as a correctly mixed Long Island cocktail! On 'Opposing Worlds' Italian singer Nadia Bonifacio a.k.a. Anthya adds the perfect vocals to a full package summer tune: guitar-lines, a tingling piano, some euphoric synth-melodies and sea gull sounds in the back. 'Cies' rides this same summer-feel, moving you in its very own way.

On the flip-side, Roger offers you a bit of na exception. American sound-creators Ross Lara and Stephen Coleman a.k.a. SECTR 24 are anything but a Balearic trance duo. Pop and Hip Hop tracks belong to their arsenal as well as their collaboration 'Say Goodbye' with vocalist Chelsea Lee. On that one, Ross and Stephen prove to be real citizens of sunshine state Florida. The combination of a tightly built synth with a lovely vocal-line on top of it is another piece of evidence of their musical skills, stretching out far beyond the ordinary.


  1. Dimension presents Long Island - Cies (Original Mix)
  2. Dimension presents Long Island feat. Anthya - Opposing Worlds (Original Mix)
  3. SECTR 24 feat. Chelsea Lee - Say Goodbye (Original Mix)
  4. SECTR 24 feat. Chelsea Lee - Say Goodbye (Johnny Yono Remix)
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