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New releases and exclusives (44)

November 02, 2010
New releases this week by Philippe El Sisi feat. Sue McLaren, Fadios, Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher, M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy, Sophie Sugar and Hoyaa!

Philippe El Sisi feat. Sue McLaren - The Last Hope

Nearly 20 years of music making experience make up for a promising new production by Egyptian producer Phillipe El Sisi. As if the instrumental wasn't powerful enough already, it's also empowered by the voice of British singer and songwriter Sue McLaren, known for her collab with Aly & Fila on 'I Can Hear You'. After 'You Never Know' and 'Story Of My Life', Phillipe presents his third release on the Future Sound of Egypt label, 'The Last Hope'.

This track is a perfect balancing act between floor filling synth-sounds and soothing vocal-lines. Twisting effects backed up with pumping beats come and go in a continuous stream with sound-scapes that don't need anything else but Sue's voice.

On the remix, we discover another Egyptian talent. It's DJ and producer Mohamed Ragab who translated a thumping FSOE piece into a highly danceable trancer. His rework of 'The Last Hope' comes along with tight bass and moving synth-sounds, ready to conquer every heart of the trance-seeking soul.


  1. The Last Hope (Original Mix) (07:46)
  2. The Last Hope (Mohamed Ragab Remix) (09:57)

Fadios - Speechless

A new kid on the block has touched down on the Re*Brand label. Learning to wield melodies of all kinds by playing the piano, he quickly adapted his lust for music into shiny EDM-tracks. Straight from the heart of Canada, DJ and producer Fadios now delivers 'Speechless', a track blasting through your speakers leaving you…right, you know it.

This pitchy prog-trancer awaits you, shining in sound, with a gentle build-up and dreamy melody. 'Speechless' is heartfelt and tightly played at the same time, kicking in with a dark yet captivating feel, making a perfect addition to the Re*Brand label.

No one less than label owner Max Graham has been keeping himself busy with the remix duties, working together with South-African talent Protoculture. Their studio-work comes together in a stunning melodic piece of uplifting progressive, as their interpretation of 'Speechless' says more than one beat could ever tell you.


  1. Speechless (Original Mix) (06:15)
  2. Speechless (Max Graham vs Protoculture Remix) (07:17)

Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher - This Night

Ever-indulged by the nocturnal world of music, Filo & Peri keep hitting full throttle on the production path. About a year after the release of their 'Nightplay' album, including the club-scorching 'Ashley', 'Soul And The Sun', 'Off the Hook' and many other memorable highlights, the New York duo continues to surprise with a new single. 'This Night', a genuine trancer with vocals by Irish vocalist Audrey Gallagher, is set to rule the club speakers for the following months. 'This Night' is pure pleasure to the ears on any night! To be sure this anthem defeats nocturnal stillness in many shapes, Filo & Peri invited a strong army of musicians to remix 'This Night'. With a down-tempo translation by Airwave, more uplifting spirited remix by Walsh & McAuley and other remixes by Max Graham, Jesse Voorn, Alex M.O.R.P.H and Arty, 'This Night' will surely take hold of the global dance floors.


  1. This Night (Original Mix) (08:14)
  2. This Night (Arty Remix) (07:18)
  3. This Night (Max Graham Remix) (07:49)
  4. This Night (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (08:37)
  5. This Night (Airwave Remix) (07:05)
  6. This Night (Walsh & McAuley Remix) (08:18)
  7. This Night (Radio Edit) (03:23)

M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy - Once In A Lifetime / Pacific Dreams

Sometimes we wonder if the man himself has kept track of the number of release he's had. We hope he did, cause we one thing's for sure: he's had many! Working under more than 60 different aliases at the beginning of his career, he's now limiting his musical schizophrenia to less than 10. The face behind legendary all-timers like 'Universal Nation', 'Intruder' and many more top notch releases, now returns to his Plastic Boy moniker.

Following the 2010 releases 'Journey Of A Man' and 'Chocolate Infusion', he creates another Plastic Boy fuzz with double release 'Once In A Lifetime' and 'Pacific Angel'. Sould-soothing prog-trance sounds are the key to this EP. 'Once In A Lifetime' is built up with a bold baseline and exceptional effects in the back. With its spacey melody, it delivers a track addictive, wonderful and dark. 'Pacific Angel', with its maze of diversity in melody, keeps building tension until it eventually breaks into a dark storm of a record. Undoubtedly two colossal additions to M.I.K.E.'s catalogue.


  1. Once In A Lifetime (Original Mix) (07:50)
  2. Pacific Dreams (Original Mix) (06:54)

Sophie Sugar - All For You

The London-based power-lady of trance, Sophie Sugar, does it again. She takes your breath away. The trance scene inhaled her 'Call Of Tomorrow', 'Beside You' and 'Together' as if they were made of air instead of intricate beats and a maze of melodies. A gasp of fresh breath will get to you, once you turn up the follow-up, 'All for You'.

With 'All For You', Sophie presents a lovely uplifting trancer that captivates you with its spacey sound-scape and heartfelt synth-sounds. A tempting violin-line in the break, the contagious female vocal and the track's dreamy piano on top lead to a big, stunning pay-off. Peak-time trance at its best!

Building up on the tracks classical influences, Polish sound-creator Mateusz Stanisz a.k.a. Matt Skyer extends the track's lovely breakdown a bit more. He lets 'All For You' build up gently, delivering a dreamy, euphoric uplifting piece.


  1. All For You (Original Mix) (07:37)
  2. All For You (Matt Skyer Remix) (07:37)

Hoyaa - The Other World E.P.

His name has travelled the entire globe, as his first Aropa release, 'Rising Star,' set things alight on the many dancefloors Dash Berlin moved during his sets. Straight from the heart of Romania, up and coming talent Zsolt Gasparik, better known as Hoyaa, presents another journey of musical finesse. 'The Other World', an EP with three tempting new tracks, is ready to take you in with another heartfelt melodic feel to it all.

His 'Colder' is a perfect example of uplifting trance and what it should be sounding like. Characterized by a strong build-up, breakdown and pure trance influences, it gets your body shivering of pure trance bliss. The same goes for his 'Iceland Falls', which leans to the deeper end but still finds its spine-tingling euphoric moments throughout the song. The title-track of this EP, 'The Other World', delivers its grande moment shortly after the spell-binding breakdown. Three breath-taking trance instrumentals to carry you away. Just close your eyes and you're ready for takeoff.


  1. The Other World (Original Mix) (07:33)
  2. Iceland Falls (Original Mix) (07:51)
  3. Colder (Original Mix) (09:37)
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