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New release on Armada (06)

February 01, 2010
New releases from Glenn Morrison, Mark Burton, Rex Mundi, Alexander Popov and Judge Jules & Roger Shah feat. Amanda Angelic

Rex Mundi - Techanza
It's the deeper side of progressive that fascinates Dutch producer Boy Hagemann most. Scintillating, magical sparkles glance off his new Rex Mundi release, 'Techanza'. Armed for 2010, after the success of his vocal track 'Nothing At All' and with 'Perspective' and 'Sunrise In Ibiza' still in mind, 'Techanza' brings us another one for the long run. Heavy techno-influences slap progressive right in the face with a passionate kick and chunky beat, after which prog fights back and wins after all.

The Rude Original Mix is in perfect shape fit for wild moments on the floor, while the intensely delicate break of the Haunted Mix makes 'Techanza' a true 'lost-in-the-woods' type of tune, as you end up in places you had never thought were there.

  1. Techanza (Rude Original Mix)
  2. Techanza (Haunted Mix)

Glenn Morrison - Playing With Ivory E.P.
The past three years have been an absolute dream to Glenn Morrison. His Morrison Recordings label grew out to be a true sanctuary for prog-house lovers, his originals and remixes went high up the charts and soul by soul, he impresses everyone with his contagious floor-sweeping DJ sets. What more could he want? Well, more of that good stuff!

And that's exactly what he takes in with these two new Morrison gems. 'Playing With Ivory' and 'Another Suggestion' are the follow-up to Glenn's 'Drone EP', 'Odyssey EP' and Bruce Aisher collab 'Graffiti'. 'Playing With Ivory' is the calmer of the two, though more than fit for peak-time pleasure. The prog-driven track is supported with an outstanding piece of piano-play on the break, while in 'Another Suggestion' it's a cinematic sounding reworked vocal that separates this track from any other. A more than memorable release from the man that just doesn't seem to be able to produce a bad track at all.

  1. Playing With Ivory
  2. Another Suggestion

Judge Jules & Roger Shah feat. Amanda Angelic - Hold On
The Judge meets Mister Balearic meets the Angelic voice. Three strong forces battle up against the standard dance music grid and fight it with 'Hold On'.

Any introduction won't suffice the more than 20 years of dance music involvement of UK producer and DJ phenomenon Judge Jules. His intriguing personality has been shining on stage all across the globe, earning many DJ awards and rarely leaving the DJ Mag Top 15. On the production side of his career spans a slew of successful releases under his Hi-Gate collab guise, or solo on the Judge Jules one.

One of the driving forces that kept him going throughout the years, is his wife Amanda. This gifted lady earned her place in the dance scene with her vocals on 'Angelic - It's My Turn' and 'Stay With Me' in the early years of the millennium. In 2009 she hit back with 'Time', in collaboration with upcoming tech-trance producer Paul Webster, to make a nice warm-up for this release.

This musical couple decided to go for a little trio-intermezzo with no one less than German producer Roger Shah. Mister Magic Island himself looks back to another warm and sunny year, especially when it comes to productions. 'Healesville Sanctuary', 'You're So Cool', 'To The Sky'…they all managed to rock the crowds.

'Hold On' combines all the plusses, skills and necessary ingredients of all three musical masterminds involved, and  swirls them into a beautiful blend of vocal trance at its best. Soothing vocals, a dreamy melody and a firm, up-tempo beat..what more do you need?

  1. Hold On (Original Mix)
  2. Hold On (Dub Mix)

Mark Burton - The Fifth Element
A debut release on the Soundpiercing imprint, where the pride of North-Ireland is at stake. No problem Mark Burton can't handle. With 15 years of experience in his record bag, including several big residencies across the UK, he felt it was time for the next step: producing. He's taken the driving, uplifting trance sound of his sets and put them into a 7 minute beauty called 'The Fifth Element'.
With all the right elements in the track, and the drive to write down his name amongst the trance elite of today, we're pretty sure to be hearing a whole lot more of Mark Burton in the near future

  1. The Fifth Element (Original Mix)

Alexander Popov - Metropolis

After seeing his 'Everest' circulate around the highest circles of the club circuit, the Russian producer that balances progressive house and trance is ready to reach even further. Sending your straight into the bottomless cuts of spicy-flavoured prog-trance, 'Metropolis' sees Alexander Popov release another pearl of a track on the AVA Blue label. The feather light melody moves around a tough, distorted saw, making 'Metropolis' fit for both memorable peak time and unforgettable warm-up moments.

  1. Metropolis (Original Mix)
  2. Metropolis (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix)
  3. Metropolis (Soarsweep Remix)

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