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New release on Armada (05)

January 25, 2010

Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again
A new year is upon us and the future is now. Dash Berlin seems more than ready to embrace the moment and kick things off with a reverberating bang and a flash of fire.

With a slick new website, tour dates all over the globe, a strong new single accompanied with an exciting tour video, the hard working Dutchman is reaffirming his status as one of the most promising exponents of the future DJ elite.

'Never Cry Again’ is the fourth anticipated hit-single in a row coming from his critically acclaimed debut album ‘The New Daylight’. The track is released on Dash’s 'labour of love' Aropa records, which maintains his high quality only mindset. With the heartfelt original vocal version of ‘Never Cry Again’ being a daring flirt with indie music, Dash balances things out nicely with another cutting edge and experimental 4 AM Remix.

Fellow Dutchman Jorn van Deynhoven strikes again on quality remix duty, who’s melodic, uplifting Trance version of ‘Never Cry gain’ already proved to be ‘Tune Of The Week’ worthy on episode 439 of Armin van Buuren’s legendary ‘A State Of Trance’ radio show. The progressive side of the package comes in the form of two different remixes from none other than Los Angeles based producer Manvel Ter-Pogosyan under his popular ‘Amurai’ moniker.

  1. Never Cry Again (Amurai's Los Angeles Mix)
  2. Never Cry Again (Amurai's Yerevan Mix)
  3. Never Cry Again (Dash Berlin 4 AM Remix)
  4. Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Dub Mix)
  5. Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit)
  6. Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  7. Never Cry Again (Original Vocal Mix)

tyDi - Good Dream
Some awake and come to find that all they've been doing is dreaming. But pinching Australian DJ/Producer Tyson Illingworth won't awake him from his dream, for he's actually living it. In his early-twenties, he's travelling the world to play in front of thousands of people and has more than 15 originals and an artist album out. The number one DJ of Australia is living the life most of us can only dream of.

But reality is turning into something even bigger now, for tyDi has translated his nightly dreams into a prog-trance track called 'Good Dream'. Distortive slides and a serene, warm blanket of delicate synths make you escape to an ethereal world right there on the dancefloor.

Austrian producer-duo Barnes & Heatcliff, known for their remix on Dakota's 'Johnny The Fox' and prog sound on 'Pyjamaparty', turned 'Good Dream' into a playful one. Sturdy clicks, a firm bassline and the distinctive big room sound of the duo will surely keep you awake.

  1. Good Dream (Original Mix) 2.Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

Element One - South Haven / International Language
The sunny town of Miami is more than just a nice place to live, it's got EDM pumping through the whole city. No wonder, it didn't take long before the young Mauricio Vaca would be infected with the dance virus. After gaining the necessary producing skills, the American lad got himself in the picture with several strong remixes, for the likes of M6 and Heatbeat. This year, it's time for his very own release at Armada, and right at the Coldharbour label.

South Haven' and 'International Language' is his duo-set of weapons to break the archetype of progressive tracks. They're both flavoured big room, melodic and a bit dark, but while 'International Language' is more of a dream away type of tune, 'South Haven' activates and pulls you in. To complete all that, 'South Haven' received a trancy remix by the beloved Funabashi.

  1. South Haven (Original Mix)
  2. South Haven (Funabashi Mix)
  3. International Language

W&W - D.N.A.
The Dutch force that is W&W has gotten in shape for another year of groupie-loving, superstar recognition and blowing the crowds away with their muscular tech-trance sound. No time to catch their breath for Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst, for in 2010 it's full throttle.
After the stellar success of summer hit 'Mainstage', travelling as far as the white beached shores of Ibiza to the hottest clubs in New York, W&W punches 2010 in the face with a solid new stormer, 'D.N.A.'.

Flashback to 'Mustang', 'Arena' and 'The Plan', take all different bits and bites of them and combine it with a fresh, 2010 fit sound that takes you in at an instant. 'D.N.A.' is what gets to you. A no-nonsense trance track with a big room effect kicking in right at the break, showing these Dutchies really have the right type of music in their genes.

This release wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a ravishing trance mix by Sean Tyas there. He gave 'D.N.A.' a full treatment with a richer sound, delivering a remix with a beat that shatters out of the speakers and fires straight into the pleasure part of mind.

  1. D.N.A. (Original Mix)
  2. D.N.A. (Sean Tyas Remix)

Shogun feat. Hannah Ray - Nadia
Some names will never lose their strength - as it calls upon a past memory or fragment. One of love, hurt or something in between. It's what 'Nadia' did to producer Andrew Chen. This American born Taiwanese DJ/Producer left his mark upon the dance scene with a residency in the world-famous Ministry of Sound club and his two previous release, 'Panic Room' and 'AT3'. No wonder, after graduating with an Audio Engineering Degree in 2006 and building himself a fully equipped studio, he would soon come out with a few majestic results.

On 'Nadia', Shogun tells you a story on delicious, frail progressive trance - with a little love-ballad in between. 'Nadia' received its vocal translation by Hanna Ray, a British vocalist that's been singing professionally for ten years already. Her most recent success was a collab with Tritonal on 'Jump Off', and be sure - this lady's got much more coming up. Her soulful, strong voice carries 'Nadia' to a higher level - giving it the full force impact it deserves. Left in memory for a long time to come, this tender-caring, warm progressive tune will surely be one that stands out.

  1. Nadia (Extended Mix)
  2. Nadia (Dub Mix)
  3. Nadia (Radio Edit)

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