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New items on Armada's iTunes sale!

December 14, 2009
Our holiday sale continues and brings you another 8 albums for sharp, discount prices!

We hope you've been treating yourself to some nice Christmas presents over the past few days, cause the Christmas spirit's up and there's even more in stores for you guys! Our holiday sale continues and brings you another 8 albums for sharp, discount prices!

Whether you like it chilled out or up-tempo, Armada Music selected a slew of diverse albums to make you dance around the Christmas tree and start the year with the right beats.

From Laurent Wolf's compilation album 'Ritmo Dynamic' and Markus Schulz' Dakota album to the Balearic beats of Roger Shah on his 'Sunny Tales', you'll find everything you need on

Laurent Wolf - Ritmo Dynamic *€ 7.99.

As the next step in his already impressive career as a DJ/Producer, Laurent presents his new compilation 'Ritmo Dynamic'. Laurent's swirl of electro, house and a bit of avant-gardism, makes for a distinct sound that can be heard on this new compilation. The trademarked Wolf sound leads you past tracks and making it a big room celebration with the latest in dance and trance.

Dakota - Thoughts Become Things *€ 4.99

With 'Thoughts Become Things', Markus Schulz brings us an album on which he allows the Dakota identity to take over completely. Markus: " The album name was inspired from the Rhonda Byrne book called 'The Secret'. The main mantra throughout the book is that thoughts become things. It really is a fascinating self motivation book that I read all the time. I had a lot of ideas and thoughts after my gigs, while on an airplane and even while I was performing on stage. When I took the ideas into the studio they really came to life and turned into the things that they now are." With a flawless, characteristic sound that varies from minimalistic trance, to progressive techno and deep house, 'Thoughts Become Things' turns thoughts into motion. Dakota is back in full effect.

Sunlounger - Sunny Tales *€ 7.99.

'Sunlounger - Sunny Tales' is a double pack, just like Sunlounger's 'Another Day On The Terrace', with on CD1 the original, lounge versions of all the tracks to listen to on your way to vacation, on the beach or even in traffic jam to feel a little bit of sunshine. On CD two you will find the dance versions of these tracks, to get you in the ultimate summer mood.And a little sunshine is exactly what you need this cold winter!

Magic Island - Music For Balearic People *€ 7.99.

Memories of warm long days at the beach, when you forgot your worries and time was on your side. With some nice, chilly music on, as you looked out over sea, with the sun reflected in over thousands of waves. ‘Magic Island - Music for Balearic People’ is bringing this all back to you. Roger Shah has captured summer spirit once again. This German producer/DJ seems to be suffering from an incurable sunstroke, resulting in brilliant productions with the most sunny melodies, delicate laidback beats and sensitive vocals.

The Collected Trance Mini Mixes 2009 *€ 5.99

The bi-weekly Trance Mini Mix has been going strong for years already. This year, the beloved mini mix for a small price, sees a special year's end release. 'The Collected Trance Mini Mixes 2009' contains 30 big tracks that worked well on the 24 mini mixes of this year! Hits by Push, tyDi, Dakota, Rex Mundi and more.

Trance World Vol.8 Mixed by DJ Tatana *€ 7.99.

If anyone knows how to handle a trance compilation, it's Tatana. Carefully selecting the right tracks to build up and highlight the 2 disks, this lady is in full charge of things. In follow-up to previous editions with M.I.K.E., Robert Nickson, John O'Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Signum and Agnelli & Nelson, Tatana makes 'Trance World Volume 8' another unforgettable trip into the latest trance and progressive sounds. 'Trance World Volume 8' supplies you a tightly mixed upgrade on what today's trance scene is all about.

Armada Trance Vol. 5 *€ 7.99.

When it comes to trance, Armada Music knows exactly how to hit the right spot. The fifth edition of the successful Armada Trance series is ready to showcase another 33 of the best trance releases available on the renowned Armada Music label. Armin van Buuren’s new single with vocals by Jaren, a fresh-out-of-the-oven track from Armada’s new S107 label by talent Manvel Ter-Pogosan, two fine proggy tunes by the number one DJ of Australia, tyDi, a classic-to-be by Markus Schulz, a range of strong remixes by Roland Klinkenberg, Mark Otten, Gareth Emery and a whole lot more.

Armada Trance 5 drops by some pure progressive, flows on to the uplifting sounds and ends with a techy flavour. It shows you every aspect trance has to offer. An essential album for every trance seeking music lover.

X-Mas Chill Out (50 songs) *€ 7.99.

Done 'Driving Home For Christmas'? Fed up with the countless sustained notes of Mariah? Right about time to cut loose of the stereotype, and enjoy the Christmas days with the real Christmas spirit. No outdated chanting or old-fashioned repetition, but a tasty selection of down-tempo lounge tracks, that make this busy time one of ultimate relaxation.

Just imagine the snow, cause 'X-Mas Chill Out' serves a warm sound. Profound beats, deep, melodic spins and crystal-clear vocals, with 25 acoustic highlights on each cd. Find the ultimate way of spending Christmas with tracks by Armin van Buuren, Sunlouger, Jan Vayne, Lowland, Arnej, Lustral and many more!

Universal Religion App. *€ 4.99.

Inseparable from your iPhone and a sucker for good trance music? We've got the perfect combination for you, only a download away! Armin van Buuren presents the release of the complete 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' as an iPhone app. The app for the fourth chapter of this beloved album series contains a special player and all tracks of the album.

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