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January 19, 2009
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Certitude / Beyond The Stars
Thomas Bronzwaer

Thomas Bronzwaer decided it was time to bring out his deep sounds again. 'Certitude/ Beyond the Starts' is another strong, frisky release-pack by this Dutchie. Already featured on Armin's 'A State of Trance 2008' compilation, it was only just a matter of time before this big, wall-bouncing pack would be out on the 'A State of Trance' label. 'Certitude' actually doesn't just bounce on the walls, it tears them down. With a strong build-up and a melodramatic tone, Thomas delivers that what the imprint loves most: banging trance! 'Beyond the Stars' goes a lot deeper, edging to progressive depths and abysses, perfectly matching its track title. Another two beauties by a very talented producer.

  1. Certitude
  2. Beyond The Stars

What I Say

Recently teamed up with Armada Music, AVA Recordings is definitely not starting 2009 in silence! Tritonal are the spokespersons to welcome 2009 with a warm sound.
These American producers have caused quite some impact with their 'Walk With Me', a lush vocal track that managed to win over DJ's like Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren and many more. 'What I Say' has the same vocal vibe and proggy build-up, but welcomes a more peak-time feeling on the way, as it pushes the tempo a bit further and roughens the vocals as it breaks through. 'What I Say' is a thick, strong production with lovely housy influences.

  1. What I Say (Original Mix)
  2. What I Say (Dub Mix)
  3. What I Say (Aurosonic Remix)

I Come Running
D:Folt feat. Marcie

Only 20 years old, yet already his fifth release. UK producer D:Folt is keeping trance in form with 'I Come Running'. The bittersweet voice of Marcie balances the groovy trance track with a bit of sensitive loving and adding up to a beautiful blend of beats and melodies. Damien S's remix is a bit lighter and uplifting, while tyDi's mix is warm, atmospheric and even a bit techy. No matter which one you prefer, all three are guaranteed to bring shivers down your spine.

  1. I Come Running (tyDi Remix)
  2. I Come Running (tyDi Dub)
  3. I Come Running (tyDi Damien S Remix)


Samara is the collaboration between the three Armada artists Fast Distance, Monogato and Mr. Roger Shah himself. Their creative talents blend together to create a lovely outcome. 'Verano' gives you a pleasant sense of warm sun and refreshing summer winds. Both the co-operation name and music perfectly fits the Magic Island label. If you like the Balearic sounds of Magic Island, this is definitely a track worth grabbing!

  1. Verano (Fast Distance Uplifting Remix)
  2. Verano (Roger Shah Remix)

Hold Control / Revolution
Rowald Steyn

One of the new discoveries in the progressive house movement is Rowald Steyn. This Dutch producer recently shocked the world with his 2009 remake of club classic 'King of my Castle'. But this guy doesn't necessarily need old material to score a hit. He's now showing off his skills in 'Hold Control' and 'Revolution'. His frisky, addictive style is one hard to resist. 'Hold Control' is the type of tune that makes you speed just a tad faster while driving down the highways, and fixes your sight to an endless horizon of beats, loops and thrilling melodies. 'Revolution' is a true highlight anthem, with a pure melodic break and a steady build-up towards it all. Be sure to keep an eye on this producer, cause you'll surely be hearing his work down the clubs.

  1. Hold Control
  2. Revolution
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