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February 09, 2009
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Body Lotion
Roger Shah pres. Savannah

Even though it's not even close to summer yet, Roger Shah still manages to awake the longing for some heat, sunglass visions and, of course, beach partying. Dreaming away is the exact side-effect that his new Savannah track has. It makes you wonder off to nowhere, stare in silence and totally lose yourself into the music. 'Body Lotion' is a sensitive, touching trancer that already made impact on Roger's 'Magic Island: Music For Balearic People' compilation album. It has that typical Shah break: warm, uplifting and all-embracing. Another lovable trancer on the Magic Island imprint.

  1. Body Lotion (Amex Remix)
  2. Body Lotion (Evangelos Big Beach Mix)
  3. Body Lotion (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  4. Body Lotion (Ramiro Puente Rabbit Chaser Remix)

The Sun'll Shine (Remixes)

Be sure to dress warmly, cause a serious dose of goose bumps is heading down your way! More than a year after its release, the vocals of Ohmna's 'The Sun'll Shine' still has impact. And what to think of a heavy shot remixer such as Matthew Dekay? In this remix package, he gave the track his personal touch. Stuck between serious house beats and proggy depth, he toys around with high hats and makes the vocals stand out like never before. The Bali Ambient remix is the opposite of this, where calm, laidback beats and a steady synth take you off to a totally different place. The Full Moon remix turned the track into a well-build, deep trancer with a mysterious touch. A delicious package with a message. One you better believe, cause Ohmna is definitely right about one thing: 'No matter where you are, no matter what you do, the sun will shine.'

  1. The Sun 'll Shine (Matthew Industry Remix)
  2. The Sun 'll Shine (Bali Ambient Mix)
  3. The Sun 'll Shine (Full Moon Mix)

Lightflow feat. Ken Spector

Lightflow and Ken Spector team up to light some souls with 'Alone', a track that has everything a true trancer needs. California based producer, DJ, singer and songwriter Ken Spector speaks his mind and guides you through a maze of solid beats, well-balanced melodies and lovely piano play. This atmospheric Coldharbour release comes with quite a few remixes. The Prog remix is, as the name might tell you, a lot more proggy edged, while the Benya remix dives into depth without restrictions, giving 'Alone' a true moody, mysterious Coldharbour sound.

  1. Alone (Original Prog Mix)
  2. Alone (Original Prog Dub)
  3. Alone (Piano Original Mix)
  4. Alone (Benya Remix)
  5. Alone (Benya Dub)

Starstuff (Bladerunning Mixes)
Simon & Shaker ft D-Formation

Simon & Shaker combine forces with D-Formation for an honourable mission: to rescue a classic from 2003. 'Starstuff' is one of those tracks that shaped 'The Sound of Spain'. The Simon & Shaker 09 mix brings this classic banger up to date by adding their typical dark and techy elements to it. Respecting the original melody, but adding a new breakdown and of course: an unstoppable groove. The D-Formation remix is a different story and revolves around the melody that dives into depth. Ismael Rivas is the third star invited to complete this seventh release from State Recordings. His Factomania remix adds an atmospheric feel. His idea to double the melody line adds a new dimension to the track. Ismael was one of the DJ's responsible in turning this track into a hit by playing the track on a weekly basis in his legendary sets at Space of Sound, Madrid. To complete this package you will find a new master of the Simon & Shaker Bladerunning mix from 2003.
A sincere classic from the underground.

  1. Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes) (Simon & Shaker '09 Mix)
  2. Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes) (Simon & Shaker '03 Cut Remaster)
  3. Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes) (D-Formation '09 Mix)
  4. Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes) (Ismael Rivas Factomanio '09 Mix)

Corruption / Cut Off (Remixes)
Paul Webster
Download (Beatport)

If you're looking for a pumping tech-trancer, the Mac Taylor remix of Paul Webster's 'Corruption' might just be exactly what you 're looking for. With a pumping loud build-up with tiny techy elements and some pretty loud bangs in between, this remix of 'Corruption' knows right where to hit.
The Will Atkinson remix of 'Cut Off' falls in the same techy category, with rough, playful details and a break that will blow you away.

  1. Corruption (Mac & Taylor 2008 Mix)
  2. Cut Off (Will Atkinson Remix)
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