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January 13, 2009

Leave / Drop PoundsSecond LeftDownload
Uk based producer Ben Preston is quite a busy guy. Over the past few years, he's released several hot tracks, like 'Nervous Breakdown', 'Open It' and 'False Alarm'. Mostly known for the work under his 'Tastemakers' project, but now taking things to another level under his Second Left guise with 'Leave' and 'Drop Pounds'.
'Drop Pounds' is a captivating house track with rich effects and a deep, proggy break. 'Leave' brings out the best of those typical nineties effects and puts them into a new jacket, with a playful melody that'll linger in your head for a long time to come. This duo pack will surely make a good start in 2009.

1. Leave2. Drop Pounds

Into The Unknown / Byte MeM6Download
Despite his young age, Dutch producer Mark Sixma has been growing out to be a household name in the tech-trance scene and developed himself to an all-round producer with a distinctive sound, bottling his talent into masterpieces such as 'Destination 6', 'Amazon Dawn' and 'Fade to Black'. Under his M6 guise, he's now back with another duo-pack, 'Into the Unknown' and 'Byte Me'. 'Into the Unknown' totally fits his ensemble so far, as he combines his rough, techy beats with a solid instrumental ambience. 'Byte Me' is something different though. It hits in with a deep, playful bass and a flirtatious effect that carries the track to a prog-trance type of break. A tasty pack that shows the many faces of M6.

1. Into The Unknown2. Byte Me
Distant BarAstrid SuryantoDownload
The Morrison Recordings imprint has definitely made a good start. After Musetta's 'Red Star' and Glenn Morrisons team-up with Zoo Brazil on 'A Lament', it's now time for Astrid Suryanto to do her thing. The Indonesian-born singer/songwriter/producer has got it all down though. Her tracks 'You Give Me' and 'All I Know' were being spun by any DJ she sent them to, and many more beauties followed. This time, Astrid is showing off her skills in 'Distant Bar'.
'Distant Bar' is an atmospheric down-beat track, with laidback vocals and a strong melodramatic touch. This remix pack includes 3 remixes, all with their own characteristic sound. The 16 Bit Lolita's remix has a swell deep house sound, the Gutterstylez Vox and Dub Mix are both really easy-going house catchers while the Paul Keeley mix is more progressive with a techy feel.Another hot pack on the Morrison Recordings imprint!

1. 16 Bit Lolitas Mix2. Gutterstylz Dub Mix3. Gutterstylz Vox Mix4. Original Mix5. Paul Keeley Mix

VisionDyor 2 DyorDownload
Italian talent Dyor likes to express himself with a luscious blend of electronic beats and melodic depth. 'Vision' perfectly applies to that. Expressed in two different mixes, with their own faces and qualities. The 'Big Emotion Mix' stays on the low, with high peaks to top the proggy profoundness that controls this continuous beat-eater. The 'Hard Emotion Mix' hits in a lot harder, with industrial and compressed sound waves toying around with a fat bass. Both mixes have their own typical sound, yet manage to both embody the emotional sound of Dyor 2 Dyor.

1. Vision (Big Emotion Mix)2. Vision (Hard Emotion Mix)

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