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January 06, 2009

Love Always FadesDave Graham feat. Cat MartinDownload
The new year is full of surprises. One of them is Dave Graham. This so called 'bed room producer' has been producing for a few years, but just didn't find the right formula for a release. That's about to change though. Dave Graham is finally transferring his sounds to outside the walls of his comfy bedroom and into the clubs. Guidance on this quest is Cat Martin, who's been a vocalist for quite some time as well. Their musical chemistry resulted in 'Love Always Fades', a track that has to grow on you. The warm and mysterious vocals totally add up to the dreamy, emotional prog-trance underneath it. This beauty gets stuck in your head and holds on to your thoughts like a long lost love.
1. Love Always Fades (Original Mix)2. Love Always Fades (Michael de Kooker Remix)3. Love Always Fades (Radio Edit)

German trance producers Dennis Gertner and Manuel Schleis, better known as Vengeance or Denga & Manus, might be considered resident producers of the A State of Trance imprint. Their 'Dimensions' and 'Temptation' track definitely left an impression along the way. 'Temptation' caused major mayhem on the global dance floors, with its sinister atmosphere and banging break.But the guys are back and settling themselves with another trancy jewel. 'Explain' has a comfy build-up, that unfolds a path towards a good pair of evocative vocals and a thumping bass. Vengeance is starting the year with a loud bang!

1. Explain (Denga & Manus Remix)2. Explain (Reminder Remix)3. Explain (Sonar Remix)4. Explain (Eric Mino Remix)

HosoiBlake Jarrell presents ThrasherDownload
American producer/DJ Blake Jarrell has already proven not to restrict himself to one style. Over the past few months he's released the trancy 'Punta del Este', expressed his housy feelings in 'The Drugs' and introduced his Trasher alias. Young Blake revealed a totally different side with his Trasher EP on 68 Recordings, with 'Kaupas' and 'Vallely'. And the Trasher's back!
'Hosoi' is the new floorkiller, with Blake's beloved proghouse sound. As he toys around with minimal effects and brings us a new techy edged banger, it's obvious Blake Jarrell has diversity in his hands. A dark and hypnotic production, that comes in two mixes. The original and the Lost Take mix perfectly fit the State Recordings label.
On the remix, we've got State Recordings owners Simon & Shaker, turning this baby into a smacking S&S floor destroyer, representing their unique, deep sound.

1. Hosoi (Original Mix)2. Hosoi (Simon & Shaker Remix)3. Hosoi (Lost Take Mix)

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