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New Dash Berlin single and video!

January 26, 2012
The wait is over.. We are proud to present the brand new Dash Berlin single!

The musical pieces of the second artist album of dance sensation Dash Berlin are falling into place. Following the tremendous success of ‘Better Half of Me’, is the next Dash Berlin and Jonathan Mendelsohn collaboration: ‘World Falls Apart’.

After giving the Dash fans a little sneak preview, the wait is finally over. The brand new Dash Berlin single has landed! Featuring the significant voice of Jonathan Mendelsohn, ‘World Falls Apart’ proves to never change a winning team. His voice carries an emotional tone that no one else has, making a perfect combination with the melodic waves, uplifting synths and strong beats of Dash Berlin. You’ll be meeting this one on the dancefloor, that’s for sure!

Check out Dash Berlin’s ‘World Falls Apart’ featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn, the official follow up video to ‘Better Half Of Me’! The single is out now on Beatport!

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