New Arrivals: Paul Miller

November 26, 2008
In the last couple of years, Poland has seen an explosion in their dance scene.

In the last couple of years, Poland has seen an explosion in their dance scene. A new sound has risen, and along with it a fresh breed of young, talented producers. One of them is Paul Miller. In the lovely Thorn, Paul grew up to what he is today. A passionate, driven producer with a mind full of inspiration. Paul: 'I try to move it from my head to the sequencer every day.'
A handful of releasesTo Polish DJ/Producer Pawel Meller, the interest in dance music started the way it starts with any other regular dance lover: through mainstream, commercial tracks. When Paul was 16, he developed a big passion for trance music, slowly building up to the first steps of being a producer. Paul: 'In the beginning it was just for fun. I never could have imagined that I'd release something! But now, most of my time I'm producing, meeting with friends or my girlfriend. I just can't imagine my life without music or gigs.' The first serious track to pop out of his sketches, was 'Jaarbeurs'. Indeed, based on the party venue in Holland's Utrecht which is mostly know for the annual Trance Energy event. Paul: 'I always wanted to go there and I think my dream will finally come true! I will be there next year.' 'Jaarbeurs' was picked up by several big trance jocks, and with a title and sound like that got the liking of numerous trance fans. It didn't take long before Paul's production talent was spotted and one release came after another. 2007 saw the release of 8 Paul Miller tracks and another handful of remixes. Paul's 'Memories of Love and 'Crystal Source' received heavy support on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance' radioshow and the road to an Armada Music release quickly rose up in Paul's horizon.But before that time, two biggies were up. 'Sunny Day' and the 2008 Anthem for Poland's EnTrance event that Paul made with Manuel le Saux, echoed from Poland all the way down into the other trance corridors of this globe. Paul had a good reason to be proud of this beauty, as it was also his first vinyl release.

A different story2008 was a different story. An even more successful one. Paul:'2008 year was amazing, I got many gigs. Love Parade, Global Gathering Poland, EnTrance 2008 and a few first foreign bookings.' 2008 also started off with the release of 'Call Me Miller', which unlike its cheeky name might tell you, is a sensitive trancer. But more was in the pipeline. 'Enroute', 'Galaxy' and 'One More Time' is just a selection of Paul's quality releases over the past couple of months. It's a lot for such a young producer. But Paul sure isn't near the end of his productions. Paul: 'Yes, I've released many tracks already, but I still got many more of them in my head! Releasing my music on Armada or other good labels was a dream come true.' The biggest one is yet to come though. On December 8th, his cooperation with Ilya Soloviev will be released on the Soundpiercing imprint and is about to fill the halls and clubs with its unforgettable impact and mind-blowing guitar synth. We're talking about 'Lover Summer', which was already featured on Armin's 'ASOT 2008' album and hammered by many DJ's. Paul:'The cooperation with Ilya Soloviev started begin 2008, when I remixed his track 'Sunwaves', which was played in ASOT 2 times. We just talked some day and decided to produce something together and that was the 'Lover Summer' track.' We're certainly hoping this wasn't their only cooperation. It sure won't be Paul's last Armada release though, that's obvious.
New year's resolutionsEven though most of us don't hold ourselves to new year's resolutions, Paul's got one in stores after all. Paul: I will do my best to get better sound for my tracks. I am thinking about an album, but it will not be earlier than the end of 2009, because every production must refer to something, it has to be special.' We will hold you to that, Paul.
Ilya Soloviev & Paul Miller - Lover Summer will be in stores December 8th!

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