New Arrivals: Myon & Shane 54

December 12, 2008
It's early 2008.

It's early 2008. Two musical minds bind their strength and talent, decide to mix their sounds and turn out to have a musical chemistry beyond words. Myon & Shane 54 took things step by step. A massive production here, a bit of remixing for Armin van Buuren there and off they were. Even though these Hungarian talents have only just begun, they are on top of their game. 'Armin told us we're on fire, I'm sure he was right. We truly are!'
Discover the beatTwo Hungarian boys beyond the regular. One with a history of being the frontman of a boyband, the other grown up with mainstream pop music as well. That mesmerizing beat wasn't always the center of attention for Myon & Shane 54. But eventually, they let the beat take over and fell in love with it. Shane: 'After spending 7 years in the Hungarian Pop Music Biz, hearing Ferry Corsten's 'Out Of The Blue' got me into 'serious' dance music making. Years later he told me he hears this story a lot everywhere in the world, so I'm just one of them.' Myon: 'I'm also coming from a more pop oriented background, and always loved club music. Trance is very melody and harmony-driven, can be very emotional, so it was a perfect carrier for my ideas.'
We can't help to notice though, that the switch from frontman of a boyband to DJ is quite a big change. But it seems that dance and pop music can perfectly blend, even if you've released 10 albums and scored numerous nationwide hits. Shane: 'I was always fascinated by club culture. I started dj'ing when I was 19, but up to a certain point it was just a hobby besides my 'pop duties'. After Oakenfold started playing my bootleg Madonna remix in 2001, I knew it was the way to go to. We've sold hundreds of thousands of records in the 90's, but being Shane 54 is satisfying in other ways.'

Make it blendOver the years, both guys learned the tricks and skills it took to produce some quality trance. Myon made some spellbinding remixes and hit the scene with his 'Albion'. Shane started working with Hungary's most popular DJ, Sterbinszky, and collaborated on 'Avalon' and 'Take Me Away'. It was his remake of Jean Michel Jarre's 'Souvenir De Chine' however, that caused Shane's breakthrough. 'Laptop DJ', 'Kippenvelmeter' and '1000 Lullabies' followed. But it wasn't until both guys met, that they found a way to be even more productive.Myon: 'There was nothing wrong with our solo outputs, we simply found out about this weird musical bond, which makes a huge difference in every aspect of music making, includes our dj'ing.' Shane: 'We discovered we're actually much more effective together, and ever since we decided to form this 'band', things took off pretty fast. Seems we challenge and inspire each other at the same time, and here lies our secret I think.'
With the forming of the duo, came a totally new, yet typical sound. They did splendid remix-work on several big tracks onAndy Moor's 'Fake Awake', Lange's vocal cracker 'Out of the Sky' and were even asked to remix Armin van Buuren's 'Never Say Never'. That last one caused the guys quite some work, trying to live up to the expectations and afraid to fail the 'number one dj in the world'. Shane: 'It is a tough challenge, since you have to create music that not only has to meet the standards of the number one DJ in the world, but it has to be so good that he can call it his own.' Myon: 'We became pretty obsessed: made 4 different versions, just to ditch them all in favour for the 5th. Sound design was taken to extreme levels, until we found out we 'overproduced' everything: it was way too much. Finally we stripped down the song to the very basics, then it started working. Lot of struggle went into this one, took almost 2 months to complete it.' But results are definitely showing!
Though that one was quite a hassle, the rest of the producing came with a natural flow. The perfect blend of their sounds, balanced and in the right amounts. Myon: 'Sometimes all comes together pretty fast, but other times it's more difficult. We're always working on something, the geeky-type of guys, who relentlessly search for the ultimate sound. We listen to every bit of audio millions of times, not afraid to rebuild anything from scratch. More often than not, we change things drastically at the very last minute.' But as any trance lover can hear: it's all worth it in the end!
Mythical monsters and mind blowing vocalsThe follow-up of their 'Not A Lot Left' track, is the lovely collaboration with Carrie Skipper on 'Vampire', set for release December 15th on the Armind imprint. The bloodsucking mythical figure is central in this mesmerizing beauty of a track and seems to be quite a fitting theme for all night creatures residing under the cover 'party people' nowadays. Shane: 'Vampire was a track I did with Carrie back in 2003. It never got a proper release, but I always knew it's a special song. When Armin asked us in July if we have anything for his new ASOT album, we already toyed the idea of reworking 'Vampire', so it seemed like an ideal choice. We finally made it, sent over, I still have a text message in my phone from 'The Man Himself', telling us how much he loves the new version.' Myon: 'Carrie is a lovely girl, we're both fans of her voice. When we found out she sings on Andy Moor's 'So Much More' as well, it gave us an extra kick for the remix, which then topped the Beatport's Trance Chart. I'm sure we'll do something together again in the future.'
That's all great, but what about their inspiration, the vampire figure? Shane: ': I'm obsessed with Vampire stories ever since I was a kid. It was the spooky sound in the original instrumental version, that 'gave' this track its title. I imagined the movie trailer guy speaking - very dramatically - about a midnight mountain top, a vampire in a big robe, stuff like that. Then Carrie came along, wrote these amazing top lines, and MTG was off the agenda immediately. Vocals were in. Choosing a remixer was tough though...' Myon: 'It wasn't tough. Gareth Emery, period. He liked the track, but was so busy he couldn't fit it into his schedule. Finally he found the time, and it turned out to be a massive bomb. It's a wonderful feeling to have him on board with this release.'
On fireMyon & Shane 54 have made more than just a good start. With the skills, support and talent to back them up, they're all set for the future. Myon: 'We got new tracks in the pipeline and remixes coming out soon on Lange Recordings and Armada's ASOT label. We really feel good about how everything turned out in the past couple of months for us.' Shane: 'Things got really busy lately: we've had around 12 releases since early summer, and far from stopping. Armin told us we're on fire and I'm sure he was right. We truly are!'
VampireMyon & Shane 54 feat. Carrie SkipperDownload
1. Vampire (Club Mix)2. Vampire (Gareth Emery's Garuda Remix)

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