New Arrivals: Manvel Ter-Pogosyan

April 01, 2009
Distinctive, deep surroundings gently touching the melody.

Distinctive, deep surroundings gently touching the melody. A stirring pair of vocals to go on top of it. 'Fallen In Too Deep' is the new jewel that dazzles the S107 label. It's young talent Manvel Ter-Pogosyan that holds responsibility for this beauty. With Armenian roots and American influences he lets his passion for music guide him along the path to success. Manvel: 'It's as if this music gives me a 'sixth sense' and allows me to view and enjoy life in a special way; one that the senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste cannot give to me alone.'
Back to the rootsBorn in Yerevan, Armenia in 1987, Manvel grew up in a dangerous country, under the threat of the Soviet Union. Luckily, his parents decided not to take any risk and moved to the US, when Manvel was at the age of 4. Manvel: 'My family and I moved to California when I was 4 years old due to the harsh conditions that arose in Armenia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The quality of life quickly deteriorated and my parents decided to immigrate to the United States in order to develop a family in a healthy society. Although there are moments when I regret moving to the US, I am very thankful that my parents made this decision. The United States helped to shape me into the person I am today and has given me opportunities that I would not have enjoyed if I stayed in Armenia. One such opportunity is producing music!' In his childhood years, he was constantly surrounded by music. It wasn't until his teenage years though, that he discovered the trance genre. It was ATB's 'Till I Come' that awoke his passion. And despite the fact that there's numerous other EDM genres that appeal to him, it's trance that left the biggest impression. Manvel: 'The unique feeling of euphoria that I feel from trance music is what drew me into the genre. This feeling is one that I can only experience with trance music.'
The first stepsManvel took his first steps towards a release when he started producing in 2004. Unaware, that it would take only a year to have his first track released, 'The Amurai EP' under his Amurai guise. Manvel: 'I started producing in 2004, during my high school years. These early years of music production helped me to experiment with different kinds of music and establish my sound into what it is today. I usually sent out my tracks to dj's during these years and received lots of support on non-released material. However, it wasn't until 2005 when I was confident enough to send my demos to a label. In 2005 I signed with Filo & Peri's independent label called Empire State Recordings and released 'The Amurai EP' on vinyl.'
Though he loved having this EP out, he also felt the need to develop himself, and learn more about the arts of producing. Manvel: 'Having such a release at the age of 18 was a very exciting opportunity for me. However, I was not completely satisfied with the sound that I was portraying with this release. I have not received any formal music training and for this reason, I felt that at age 18 I was not fully able to express my sound the exact way that I wanted to. I took the next few years to refine my personal sound by further educating myself about music theory before signing another release. I do have many experimental unreleased tracks that received a high level of support after 2005. Some of these tracks are available for free download on my website.'
Two years later, his second release was a fact. 'After The Sunrise', a collaboration with Static Blue, put him back on track. But more was to come. Inspired by classical and modern composers such as Khachatur Avetisyan, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Djivan Gasparyan saw Manvel working on a progressive track with Armenian influences, 'Tears of Armenia'. A beauty of a track that took him 2 years to finish.
An ode to ArmeniaReleased in 2008, Manvel's 'Tears of Armenia' left more than just a good impression. This emotive progressive-trancer runs deep, sends shivers down your spine and perfectly translates the sorrow that inspired Manvel to produce this track. It's a track that lies close to his heart, no matter how much hard work it has cost him. Manvel: 'Tears of Armenia' is one of my most and least favorite tracks. It is in fact an ode to my home country of Armenia and all of the unjust struggles that it has faced throughout history. To be specific, it is dedicated to the horrible events of the Armenian Genocide, which was committed by the Ottoman Turks in 1915. Over 1.5 million Armenian people were murdered in this genocide. My own family was affected by this genocide, which gave me even more reason to compose such a haunting song. I have some bitter feelings about this song because it took me 2 years to complete. It was quite a challenge to implement traditional Armenian instruments and sounds in a trance song but I feel that the end result was very positive. The struggle of producing this song for 2 years makes this one of my least favorite songs to produce but the successful end result makes it one of my favorites as well! The reactions to this song have been overwhelmingly positive. My own Armenian community has consistently given me positive comments about the song. The trance community also seems to enjoy the song. When Solarstone signed 'Tears of Armenia' to Deepblue Records, he told me it was one of his favorites of the year. I often receive emails from people in all corners of the world complimenting me about the song because the mix of traditional Armenian and modern trance sounds makes it a unique listening experience for them. The song has also been labeled as one of the top songs of 2008 by other producers.' 'Tears of Armenia' wasn't just a lucky shot, it set the standard for his upcoming productions. The deep, emotional sound that would also be found in his fresh release, 'Fallen In Too Deep'. Though very different, the similarities are still showing. Manvel: 'I would describe my style as seductive, melodic, euphoric, and sublime. My music is inspired by a combination of different cultures, backgrounds and personal experiences. It is also driven by a love for high quality trance music!'
It's all about the cookiesAt the moment, Manvel is a graduating university student, producer and DJ at the same time. A tough job, when you're involved with so many stuff at the same time. But there's always chocolate chip cookies to pull him through. Manvel: 'Let me tell you that it has been very hard to find balance between producing, dj'ing, studying, and having a social life! At times I have to sacrifice one for the other but I feel that the challenge of dealing with all of these things makes me a stronger person. I keep myself sane by going to the gym, going out with friends, relaxing at home, and eating my favorite snack - chocolate chip cookies.'
Fallen In Too DeepFrom chocolate chip cookies back to a different crunchy bite. 'Fallen In Too Deep' is Manvel's brand new progressive-trance track on the S107 imprint, with vocals by Jenni Perez. Manvel: 'Fallen In Too Deep' started as an experimental track without vocals. I produced the track within a week and felt that it was too minimal, so I wrote some lyrics and sang some vocal melodies for the song. When I had something that I was happy with, I called Jenni over to my studio to sing the vocal melodies that I had created. We ended up changing the lyrics in the break section and recorded the vocals within two days. Jenni and I know each other because we study in the same university here in Santa Barbara, California. We both also studied abroad at the University of Carlos III in Spain during spring of 2008. We had some classes together and always joked around about working together on a song when we returned to California. Soon after we returned our jokes became reality and 'Fallen In Too Deep' was born.' And what a track it is! A tender, moving progressive track that captures the senses and stimulates the soul. Original lyrics, and a well-build instrumental story to back them up.

Manvel: 'My inspiration for writing 'Fallen In Too Deep' came from many different personal experiences. In order to fully understand it, I have provided you with a short analysis of the lyric. The song starts with two questions, 'Rapture, where have you left me? I'm so cold. Why have you put me on a hold?'. We can see that the lyric address the word 'Rapture' which can be translated as a blissful, euphoric human sensation or as a reference to a religious experience. The question asked by the person make it apparent that he/she has been disconnected from 'rapture' due to whatever personal reason. However, the rest of the lyrics describe this person's desire to experience 'rapture' once again, hence why he/she is 'yearning to slip and fall and crash into you' (you meaning 'rapture; ). This continual desire then leads the person to try and search for 'Rapture', which ultimately leads her to her own downfall. All of her time spent looking for these blissful sensations of 'Rapture' causes her to slowly hurt herself; hence, why she feels that 'rapture' is 'draining (her) of soul'. This is why the words 'Fallen In Too Deep' are so important; this person goes to the point of 'falling into obscurity' and 'falling in too deep' in order to experience 'rapture' once again. Her efforts prove to be useless when she fails to find it. This failure then leaves her to continually crave and yearn for 'rapture' and all that it may signify to her. In the end she is stuck in an ironic state of misery and yearning.' Wow. That would be the first time an artist has ever explained their track so detailed. Testifying Manvel is more than passionate about his own sounds.
Up and comingWe're pretty sure you'll be hearing his name a lot more often in the near future. More vocal tracks are coming up, as he's currently hitting the studio with Tiff Lacey, Emma Hewitt, Jenni Perez and Sean Ryan. Manvel: 'Some of these songs I have written the lyrics and vocals myself. My second vocal track of the year is a collaboration with Tiff Lacey. You can also expect a follow-up to 'Fallen In Too Deep' with Jenni Perez very soon on Armada!'
But that's not all, as this young talent has numerous plans for the future. One of them is graduating.Manvel: 'I will be graduating from the University of California - Santa Barbara in 3 months and will move back to Los Angeles thereafter to more actively pursue my music. I have very big plans for the future of the music scene in Los Angeles. I feel it is in need of a very big change because the quality of music here has declined with boring and generic pop and hip hop sounds. I just started my own radio show called 'Amurai Global' which currently airs on over 8 FM & online radio stations all around the world. This show allows listeners to experience my own taste in electronic music. I am eager to expand the scope of the show in the next few months and start travelling the world and DJ for my fans at club events.' Bring on the big plans, Manvel. We can't wait.
For more information about Manvel Ter Pogosyan, check Manvel's website.

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