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New Arrivals: Lens Flare

June 16, 2009
A warm, melodic breeze is being send over from Estonia.

A warm, melodic breeze is being send over from Estonia. It's Rene Pais, residing under the Lens Flare moniker, that lights a few sparkles with his new track 'Back in Resort'. Fresh out on the Soundpiercing imprint, we've got this lovely, summer-spirited progressive track waiting to set your mood right. Rene, also known for the work under his DNS Project, likes to keep things a little unrestricted. His production taste differs from the deep side of progressive to slick tech-trancy stabs. Yet it's uplifting trance that means the most to this youngster. Rene:"Within the years, my taste of EDM got deeper, and I finally found uplifting trance for myself." Time for us to find out what this guy's all about.

The first aim
You may hate it later, but the cheesy beats that sound through your speaker whilst being the young punk that you are, may just be the foundation to discovering your true sound later. In Rene's case, it were the commercial, German beats of Scooter that got him into dance music. But after remake number zillion, it was the trance genre that ogled at him. Rene: " I fell in love with EDM around 2000, when I started listening to old Scooter productions alot. Within the years, my taste of EDM got deeper, and I finally found uplifting trance for myself."

It didn't take long for Rene to take that little extra step, and start producing his own music.
Rene: " I started to produce in summer of 2004. Before that, I was just playing synths and piano. A long time ago. I attended music school for 7 years. At first I was producing for fun and only for my own pleasure, and I studied production software a lot. Later, when my knowledge was already more advanced, my plans got more serious too. Very soon then, I started to aim for my first release."

It was 2006 when the first productions began to grow form and Rene started taking things seriously. Rene: "In 2006, I sent out my first demos and they even got signed & released, to Baroque Records. My first release, 'Frozen Desert' was played by Judge Jules several times on Radio 1. The vocal version of this track had huge rotation in the local dance music radio station as well."

Breakthroughs and back-ups
Despite his young age and short practice, Rene has had a handful of releases already. Supported by the DJ elite out there, tracks like 'Invisible Touch','Airbourne' and 'Chapter One' in collaboration with Beat Service, have left a big impression. Rene:"I feel that I've already had some breakthroughs, as I've been producing only so few years now, starting in 2004. And I'm quite young too, born in 1988, if compared to the most of producers. There is still a lot to dream about though. For example: making a remix for some top names out there, having a track released on ASOT and other big compilations, being 'Future Favourite' in the ASOT show etc." Plenty of challenges ahead for this boy.

At the moment, he's working as a fulltime motion graphic artist and video editor, another one of his passions. Producing and dj'ing fulltime is one of his dreams, but the visual side of things will probably always linger. Rene:"My goal of life would be to be a top level music producer someday, and make a living out of it. Foreign DJ gigs around the world would be a dream too, since I've only had local Estonian gigs so far. I don't have a backup plan really, as I'm not afraid that my productions could get worse in time. I've been working fulltime as a motion graphic artist and video editor for few years, and I still do. I really love video-graphics and I'm developing my skills a lot on it, all the time. "

Aliases & sounds
Rene has been working under several different guises. We've got DNS Project, Whiteglow and, the latest addition to his masquerade, Lens Flare. Rene: " DNS Project is my first and main alias. The genre for this alias is tech-trance. I did several uplifting tracks under the Whiteglow alias ('Airbourne', 'Sky Cafe' remix), some of them are still waiting for their release. Lens Flare is my very new alias, used for more progressive and a bit slower tracks, under Armada Music. 'Back in Resort' is only just out on Armada, but I have already finished a new Lens Flare track and a remix to go along with it too."

It's his diverse taste, and the fact that he wants to surprise the crowd a bit, that resulted in these monikers. Rene: "Nowadays, I try to produce different kinds of styles. That's also the main reason of having multiple aliases. When comparing uplifting trance to progressive and tech-trance, it feels more predictable for me. Uplifting trance mostly seems to have some kind of formula, which everyone tends to follow. In tech- and progressive trance, I feel that there is bigger possibility to make the track more unpredictable and different from others."

Back in Resort and off to the future
Out now on the Soundpiercing imprint, is Rene's new track 'Back In Resort'. A deep, proggy tune with a feel-good summer sound written all over. Rene:"It's a really different tune, if compared to my other previous tracks. The guitars add a really sunny and summerish feel to it. The track has a mood of really sunny and hot days on the beach, where the sky is clear and you can hear some waves far away as well." Very poetically said, Rene. When it comes to the future, and all that coming up after 'Back in Resort', there's plenty to look forward to. Rene: "I have already finished my new Lens Flare track, which has its remixes under production. Several Whiteglow tracks, which I produced a while back, are scheduled to be released soon as well, plus the remix for Beat Service's track, under the Lens Flare alias." As you can see, future's looking bright and shiny.

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