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July 21, 2009
No song of certainty could've predicted the success of their first track, 'Certainty'. Neither could it have shown that the follow-up, 'No End', would breathe the same quality sound.

No song of certainty could've predicted the success of their first track, 'Certainty'. Neither could it have shown that the follow-up, 'No End', would breathe the same quality sound. The somewhat mysterious Julian Vincent moniker is ready to go out in the open and reveal its true form. This project, led by 5 masterminds in EDM production, is on its way to indulge the masses with a genuine type of progressive trance. With David Leseman as the official front man, fellow producers Mark Otten and Paul Moelands at his side and songwriters Raz Nitzan and Adrian Broekhuijse to back it all up, the Julian Vincent project will have plenty in stores for the upcoming year. That's for certain.

Pre-lude to JV
Founder of the Julian Vincent moniker is Dutch producer/DJ David Leseman. He's been part of the dance community for quite some years already, dj'ing under David Leese and DJ David. But despite a successful DJ career, the production side of things never really got off the ground. And so, David decided to focus on his Julian Vincent alias. David:"I was mainly focused on the dj'ing thing, primarily in the beginning. So in the first place I wasn't busy producing at all, although I had some ideas about it. I really got interested when my brother Daniel started creating his own tracks; under his 3 Colours guise he released some beautiful tracks and so now and then we worked together on some new material. When I started working on the Julian Vincent project I wanted to create a whole new refreshing sound aside of things I already did and based on where my roots were at: progressive and trance. A new sound, a new name. That's why I've chosen to release the tracks under my Julian Vincent alias. But as I still like to vary my style of playing, besides playing and producing trance and progressive as Julian Vincent I still like to spin deep, techy and melodic house under my David Leese alias."

The birth of a new project
Though David is the main man in the Julian Vincent project, he's got a full team to back him up. David:"Production-wise I knew what I wanted, but I had the feeling I wasn't there yet. Through my brother Daniel I then got in touch with the very talented producer Mark Otten and I told him what I was up to. Mark was interested and about one and a half years ago he introduced me to Raz Nitzan and Adrian Broekhuijse and they were enthusiastic as well . A new project was born. The Julian Vincent project started and a couple of months later DJ/producer Paul Moelands also joined us. From then on I started producing and working out my ideas with both Mark and Paul, plus I got the privilege to work with singer/songwriter Cathy Burton. Thanks to Raz and Adrian, who already worked with her on Armin van Buuren's track 'Rain'."

The first result of this joint venture was the lovely 'Certainty', which even ended up on Armin's A State of Trance 2008 album. David:"It started out with the vocals that I got from the sessions Raz and Adrian did with Cathy Burton. She's an awesome singer! We did a couple of sessions with her and she blew me away time after time. Actually for Cathy this was her first time to work with dance music producers and as far as I'm concerned not the last one. I fell in love with her singing skills and I finally chose the 'Certainty' vocals to work with. And of course I had the luck that Raz was closely connected to Armin as he just did the 'Rain' track for him, so when the first version of 'Certainty' was there (Mark Otten's version) it could be easily passed on to Armin to check it out. He was so enthusiastic, that he wanted the track for the ASOT compilation CD right away! After that, Paul also produced a remix for the track under his Re:Locate moniker and the first release was there'_"

Certainly no end
The world had yet to find out that Julian Vincent wasn't a one-day-fly, and thus David and his team started building on a new track. July 2009 would mark the release of 'No End', the follow-up to 'Certainty' and official proof that the Julian Vincent project has more in stores for all of us! David:"The actual release of 'Certainty' finally lasted until the beginning of December of last year, so that took quite some time. After its release it appeared on many other mix compilation and in the meanwhile a chill-out remix of the track was done by Andy Prinz, which now appears on Armada Lounge Volume 2. After 'Certainty' I worked on some new tracks, but none of them really stood out until 'No End'. Personally I'm really happy with the final result of 'No End' , this time a co-production with Paul Moelands. An energetic production with a good sense of feeling, not the least through its awesome vocals. The 'goodbye theme' is taken from real life situations; imagine that you or close relatives or friends suddenly lose their loved ones as their relationships end. Something that happened back then to someone Cathy was very close to. I think it will appeal to lot of people." We agree, David.

Upcoming & Coming up
Lush vocals, sensitive lyrics, dreamscapes of melodic madness and swirls of beats are what cover up the most part of 'No End'. With two tracks in his back catalogue, David is set for the next phase in his Julian Vincent project. Expect new tunes, remixes and a whole lot more! David:" A lot of new tracks and maybe even some remixes will follow the coming year. The follow-up single to 'No End' is in progress and there's already a buzz going on as Armada's A&R manager Sander got his hands on the first version and was very excited about it! Besides continuing producing tracks with Cathy Burton it's the my intention to start working with some other singers. Furthermore I'm working on getting a monthly mix out."

Though Julian Vincent is a project with many faces behind it, it's David that has the honour to carry their sound to the outside world and DJ under the Julian Vincent moniker. A mission and challange he takes with both hands. David:"The Julian Vincent project is still in a rather early phase. It's almost ten years ago since I put down my first record, but primarily the last couple of years I get a lot of positive feedback and acknowledgment for my sound and mixing skills. Let's say that I was already bubbling under for a while. There's loads of passion and commitment and I'm hoping to bring it forth even more in the near future. The world has yet to discover Julian Vincent!"

More info on Julian Vincent, check the Julian Vincent MySpace.

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