New Arrivals: Heatbeat

September 23, 2008
Within only 2 years, youngsters Agustin Servente (21) and Matias Faint (23) managed to fill the clubs with their unique hot beats and flaming melodies.

Within only 2 years, youngsters Agustin Servente (21) and Matias Faint (23) managed to fill the clubs with their unique hot beats and flaming melodies. With tracks like 'Geeklove', 'Nebula' and filthy tech-trancer 'Push Over', released on the Soundpiercing imprint, their sound is taking over the world like a couple of young pirates conquering music industry. Soon out on Armada is their new 'Paradise Garage' track. Time to get to know these guys a little better.
Chemistry and skillsMusic has been running through their veins throughout their whole life, but it wasn't until 2 years ago that Agustin and Matias discovered that their team up was their way to success. Agustin: 'I have been producing since 2004, but Matias since he was a kid. His first toy was a piano. But on the other side, I have been dj'ing for 5 years, so we make a great combination. We met each other in a well known Argentinean EDM forum about 2 years ago. We posted our productions there, so we found out what both of us sounded like. We decided to meet up and ended up producing together. The chemistry was great, so we decided to produce under an alias, Heatbeat, and started playing in clubs. So far, it's been a great project to work on!'
PushoverNot only these two guys were convinced of their skills, because after testing their productions on the Argentinean crowds, it was obvious the sound of Heatbeat was ready to go global. Heatbeat started sending promo's of their 'Pushover' track to different labels. Being big Armin van Buuren fans, they also send it to Armada and 6 months later their track was number 1 in the top-sells of Beatport Trance and 23rth in their general list. Agustin: 'We've always liked Armada stuff and are both fans of Armin van Buuren. Over here in Argentina, Armin is like a god or something. I saw people crying during his gigs here, or after shaking hands shout things like 'I can't believe it, I touched Armin van Buuren!' Haha, that's so funny! Anyway, we really like how Armada manages the tracks and how they handle the different imprints.'
The release of 'Pushover' at Armada resulted in massive support by big names of the scene. Dj's like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Markus Schulz and Eddie Halliwell have been playing the tune and Heatbeat's confidence rose and led to a range of slick productions and catchy remixes, like 'Nebula', 'Geek Love' and 'Calendonia'. The style of their productions is hard to describe. They range from progressive and electro trance to uplifting and tech trance or even the so called minimal trance. But what exactly divides their style from any other producer? Matias:'What we always try to do, is to make powerful tracks for the dance floor. We really want the crowd to be jumping, dancing, smiling and having a good time when we play one of our tracks or remixes. The Heatbeat sound is powerful, with loads of energy . A cool buildup, a driving bass line, a powerful breakdown. We always try to combine trance with other genres like progressive, minimal, electro and techno, so our tunes can be more dynamic and unique.'
Being luckyWith Matias being aged 23 and Agustin only 21, you could say these Argentinean boys were very lucky to find their breakthrough. Even though there's numerous young producers trying to find their way to the crowds, with internet and new technology the first step to success is an easy one. And that's the big plus of the new generation of producers. Agustin: 'Nowadays it's much easier because of the internet. It gives you the opportunity to show a good label what you're doing. You don't need a lot of money to produce a cool track. Since we live in Argentina, far away from the European scene, we're lucky to have the internet to stay in touch and be able to do our thing. I can chat with Sander Bouma, the A&R manager of Armada, for example, and build up a bond with him, without knowing him personally. On the internet you can share thoughts about producing, dj'ing, equipment and talk about the scene. Heatbeat productions are 100% made by software. It's a good example of how lucky we are to be born in this digital era.'
The futureWith many years ahead of them and a lot of talent to back them up, Heatbeat are the ones to watch. But the question is: what have they got planned for the future? Agustin: 'Well, we started producing and dj'ing fulltime like 6 months ago. With the Argentinean economic situation, if you work with euro's you can easily manage. We are slowly getting more gigs over all South-America and centre America plus Argentina of course. Usually we have about 4 gigs a month. And considering I'm 21 years old and Matias is 23 years old , that's not bad at all, right?' It certainly isn't! But what about the productions, any more coming up? Matias: 'We are now focusing on our productions and remixes and are starting to get a little more picky. We are currently working on our first vocal track and thinking about doing an album for 2009.'
Paradise GarageIn November, 'Paradise Garage', the new Heatbeat banger, will be released on Armada's Soundpiercing imprint. A combination of intriguing, sensitive piano, a catchy melody and of course a leading beat is about to hit the clubs. Agustin: 'We named the track after a well known party here in Argentina, where we played with some big dj's, like Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond etc. We've had lots of great experiences there. We wanted the track to be something unique. A cool bass line with a solo piano in the breakdown and a dark and dramatic melody so the listener can really pay attention to the track. Initially, we thought the track would only fit for home listening, but we tested it at our gigs and it works great in the clubs as well. 'Paradise Garage' was remixed by Randy Boyer, P.A.F.F. and DJ Eco, they all did a very good job.' As you can see, 'Paradise Garage' is about to rock your world, blow your mind and show you these young-bloods from Buenos Aires have got what it takes to make you move. If staying ahead of the curve is part of your game, be sure to keep an eye on Heatbeat.
Listen:Exclusive Mix (March 2008)

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