New Arrivals: Global Illumination

October 16, 2008
Trembling floors and an illuminating feeling, that's the side effects of the sound of Global Illumination.

Trembling floors and an illuminating feeling, that's the side effects of the sound of Global Illumination. It's no mystery that the mastermind behind these trancy productions is no one less than Freek Geuze. This guy works under several guises, from proggy Smartminds to the housy team up Fine Taste with fellow producer Johan Vermeulen. But next to his funky beats, Freek is also eager to share his vision of what trance should sound like and uses the Global Illumination guise to do so. Results have been well. 'Tremble' has been favourited by the trance scene and another new beauty, 'Season Turnaround' is about to receive the same warm welcome. Time for an introduction with the talented youngster behind these masterpieces.
Personal satisfactionDutchman Freek started producing at the age of 12, when he discovered the beats of EDM and deepened his interest in the trance genre. With a history of piano and trumpet lessons behind him, it didn't take long before he took his piled up talent and started putting it out into his own productions. A 6 year run towards his first release, 'Oradea vs Solid Haze - Nova Zembla', in 2004 followed and Freek slowly gained more interest for the deep melodic side and harder, more techy sounds of trance. From that year on, Freek started working under his 'Gues' alias, not resulting in numerous released tracks but mostly positive feedback and a big thrive to push his work towards a point of personal satisfaction. Looking back upon that time, Freek realized his tracks fell short of what he wanted them to sound like. Freek: 'I did have the feeling the melodies were strong enough, so that's why I used them for my later work.' That's exactly what he did with Tremble. Freek: 'It was an old, non-finished track of me. So I just made some cool new beats and put the melody onto it.' But before his success with 'Tremble', Freek first had some other accomplishments. In 2005 Spinnin' Records noticed Freek's talent and determination, and released his 'Frisky Warlock - Trespasser/Fingerprints', which turned out to be quite successful. But much more was on its way.
A new cup of teaSomehow, Freek wasn't satisfied yet. He was missing that little extra bit. That little extra was found in the form of progressive house. Trance was no longer Freek's cup of tea, even though many trance fans still feel his work fit the trance style seamlessly. But Freek found a new passion: progressive house. In 2006 he teamed up with good friend Johan Vermeulen and formed Fine Taste, a guise that delivers delicious, characteristic housy tracks and really proves their fine taste in music. Their 'Spicy Cooking', 'More Grey Than Blue' and 'My Golden Parachute' saw a release and catapulted their name to a higher status. Their personal highlight was playing at one of the biggest Dutch festivals, Extrema Outdoor in 2007. In the meanwhile, Freek was also working on several other projects. Among them was a track called 'Tremble'. Freek: 'Like I said, it was an old track. I've made new beats from a house/progressive orientated way of producing. I just turned up the BPM a little and put some atmospheric elements in it to make it more trancy.' Turns out that the trance virus had not completely left Freek's body.
A smart mindHe released this beauty of a track under his Global Illumination guise at Armada Music's Armind imprint. Freek: "It was an old project by a friend of mine and he had never released anything with it, so I could use the name. I had a meeting with the Armada guys and I think it's a good place to drop your trance tunes." 'Tremble' was featured on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2007' compilation album and was picked up by numerous big names in the scene. The sunny 'Portraits of Spain' track, in collaboration with Leon Bolier, received less airplay, but was loved and praised by many too. To Freek, it was perfectly clear that both productions needed a guise and couldn't be released with the Fine Taste alias. Freek: "The genres are way too different to combine. The first Fine Taste releases were kind of melodic. Now we're more focusing on tech house orientated stuff, more club-music. I have another project too, Smartminds. That's just a big outlet for everything I make. Melodic stuff, but also pumping tech-house. It depends on the label it's released on.' Next to the work on those two, Freek and Johan also have the Supersub guise, which resulted in sexy house tune 'Shiny Bullets', released on the Fame imprint at Armada. To top all of that, Freek is doing a collab with Mark Otten. Freek: 'This project is called 'Sidesmokers'. Two tracks are coming up on Curvve. It's a combination of our housy beats and Mark's brilliant melodic influences.' Sounds like Freek has got plenty of work on his hands for the next couple of months. But that does make us wonder: does he produce fulltime? Freek: 'I'm still studying. So that's the backup plan. I'm still busy with that 'till end 2010 so I'll just see what the future brings me. I can combine it pretty well at the moment.'
More to comeOn the 10th of November, the follow up of 'Tremble' will be released on the Electronic Elements imprint. 'Season Turnaround' creates a true end of summer feeling, where the warmth of summer fades into falling leafs and icy winter sceneries. Freek: 'It's a atmospheric, trancy tune with, again, more housy orientated beats. With a strong melody, I think. That's the most imported thing when you make trancy music. At least, that's what I think. If the melody sucks, the tune sucks.' Well, this one surely doesn't. Nor does the guy behind it. With a huge amount of talent, a characteristic sound and a steady determination to keep doing what he loves most, Freek Geuze is not even near the end of his game.

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The new single Season Turnaround will be out on November 10th!

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