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November 12, 2008
Motion, devotion and emotion.

Motion, devotion and emotion. Those are the three keywords to describe music. At least, when it comes to Dutch trio Envotion. Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts and Stijn Halfens are the guys behind this all. With their ever-diverse sound and productions ranging from minimal tech-house to the deeper proggy stuff, it's hard to put a label on these guys. But that's exactly what they're trying to prevent. Envotion: 'We strive to be able to deliver quality music without restricting ourselves to one specific type of genre, emotion or groove.'
Time & chemistryWhen looking into the discography of Envotion, it's clear this trio is giving their productions some time. Unlike many other producers, these guys go for absolute perfection. Which is hard, considering Envotion isn't just one mind, but three minds and therewith three opinions when it comes to music. But the trio only thinks of it as a plus. Envotion: 'In general, our taste in music is quite similar. When we listen to music, ranging from classical music to minimal house, it appears that we often hold similar beliefs about what makes a specific song good or typical. In the production process, we all have a different role and different strengths. When one of us does not agree with a choice that is made, we trust his opinion and simply take a different route. We think it's always good to have more than one opinion available during the production process.' A chemistry like that is not often found, so the guys count themselves lucky for that. Envotion: 'We met 7 years ago through a mutual friend. At that time, Hugo and Laurens were making music and Stijn was mainly dj'ing. We got into the studio once and found that the chemistry was right. We never stopped making music together ever since.' We're very glad they did.
One for all, all for oneAll three guys had a huge passion for music and were involved with it before teaming up. Hugo started taking classical piano lessons at the age of 7, but changed it to writing and producing around 1995. He started to study Psychology, but also got himself more into audio and songwriting techniques. His brother, Laurens, was infected by the same virus and started making music with Hugo, together setting up a nice and comfy studio. Laurens studied Computer Science & Knowledge Engineering and got to know a whole lot more about sound programs. This knowledge enhanced their music and together they were able to create some very strong productions. But something was missing: Stijn. Stijn got inspired by house music from the age of 13. He saved up for some turntables and got started, exploring the territories of many different styles. In 1999, he started studying Communication & Multimedia design, which made his interest in producing music even bigger. Next to dj'ing, he soon picked up the skills on producing and so began the story of Envotion. Teamed up, these three producers manage to cross musical borders and keep inventing themselves. Envotion:' Our primary goal is to produce music, through which we hope to receive an increase in bookings on DJ gigs.'

Something typicalThe layered and rich productions of Envotion have made quite some impact, with 'Familiar Places' probably being one of the highlights. It has undoubtedly crossed your mind that whatever these guys make, it's different from their previous work. But no matter how different, it's still got that typical Envotion mark. Envotion: 'In each track, we strive to create something typical. We try to make diverse music with a soul. When making music, we are not trying to fit ideas into a specific style. We never plan on forehand to make a specific kind of track or genre. It just evolves naturally.'
Three Macho'sComing up on November 17th, is Envotion's new duopack on the Pilot 6 imprint. '12 Hours Straight' hits the deepest sounds possible, with a pleasurable melody layering the minimalistic beat and effects. 'Macho Madness' has an amazing distortive drive, causing major madness to anyone who hears it. That makes us wonder, how much testosterone can one studio handle? Envotion: 'Haha! To begin with, we are not the typical macho guys, yet we are extremely muscular and loved by all women, haha. The tracks are quite different from each other. 'Macho Madness' relies more on sound design than on melody. When writing this track, we were mainly focused on making it sound typical and punchy. We used a lot of effects and made a lot of versions to eventually get the gritty electro feel we wanted. The soul of '12 Hours Straight' is more determined by its emotion. We tried to stick to one emotion with this track and make it as pure as possible.' With these two bangers, we're pretty sure Envotion has another impressive addendum to their discography. And considering the future, we're safe to say more good stuff is coming up. Envotion: 'An increase in diversity of music. Most important is to expect music made with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and fun. We hope you can hear it in the music.'
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