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New Arrivals: Alexander Popov

February 10, 2010
Armed with two spicy prog-trancers on the AVA Recordings label and a reviving remix for EnMass' 'So Please 2010', this guy is set for all big things to come.

The new breed of Russian dance producers is slowly but steady taking over. Besides owning some of the world's biggest clubs and serving the best vodka there is, Russia also has a secret weapon when it comes to dance productions. He goes under the name of Alexander Popov. Armed with two spicy prog-trancers on the AVA Recordings label and a reviving remix for EnMass' 'So Please 2010', this guy is set for all big things to come.

Hit by EDM
Alexander:"I was about 15 years old when I heard 'Planet Perfecto – Bullet in The Gun'. It made such an impression on me that I started listening to a lot of dance music. That was the start of my DJ career. My first experience with producing was at the age 16-17. I tried several different styles like house, trance, drum and bass. Later I understood that above all I like to make and play progressive and trance." For Alexander Popov, it's all about the warm, progressive side of trance. He managed to capture it in his very first release, and has been spreading the word in all successors. Alexander:"I always try to make my tracks melodic and dynamic. It's very important for me when tracks work well on a dancefloor and got an interesting thought behind it."

The Popov story
After fooling around in his studio for a while, all the right kicks and clicks came together in 'Vapour Trails', Alexander's very first signing. Alexander:" 'Vapour Trails' was my first track that I felt was ready to be signed by labels. When I sent it to labels I got 2 offers on the next day and about 10 offers in a week. I decided to have it released at Solarstones Insatiable Records and 'Vapour Trails' became one of my most popular tracks so far." And that's how the Popov story got its first chapter.

A story that namely takes place in Russia. A beautiful country with a massive but also divided club scene and dance music industry. Alexander: "The DJ/dance scene in Russia is divided in two parts. First part is represented by DJ’s who've been playing since the 90’s. They are popular in Russia but most of them don't produce their own music. The second part is all about the fresh producers/DJ’s. They often make really interesting, quality music and sign up with well-known labels, but aren't so popular in our own country, because they really have a big problem with artist management. I think in Europe young producers have more chance to make a name for themselves. That’s why many of our talents want to live in Europe. But as for me, I love my country so that’s why I’m living here."

Another reason why Alexander won't be heading for Europe anytime soon, is the launch of his very own artist agency. After working as an art director for a club for about 2 years, he's now started his agency. Alexander:"We're working on a big club event, open-airs and festivals. It's rather interesting and often gives me a chance to play with top world artist when we book them."
Speaking of bookings, is there anything special coming up for Mr. Popov? Alexander:"Yes, I’m going to some new cities in Russia and I plan to play at some global events in spring/summer 2010." Good stuff ahead!

Metropolis & So Please 2010
After a few interesting remixes, collabs and solo-release, 2009 brought us an outstanding Popov track on the AVA Blue label. A tower of a track called 'Everest' put his name on the map and lead to the next release only a few months later. 'Metropolis' is the official follow-up, out since February 1st on the AVA Blue label. Alexander:" The melody for 'Metropolis' was born on a plane when I flew home from Saint-Peterburg. I really like Saint-Peterburg, so when I came home I made a track with this specific melody." This spicy-flavoured prog-trancer isn’t the only Popov flavour to be released this month. Alexander also made a remix of one of the legendary tracks of Enmass. Around the tender vocals of Shimika Brice on 'So Please', Alexander built a chunky progressive jewel, shaped up for 2010 adventures. Alexander:"I always try to make trance music with progressive part in arrangement. I liked the original track and wanted to make it more dynamic and progressive."

Rest assured, we'll be hearing a whole lot more of this Russian talent. He's planning big things. Alexander:"At the moment, I’m working on some new vocal tracks and remixes. And I plan to release my artist album in Russia this year." As you can see, big things are heading your way.

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