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February 11, 2009
Over the past two years, Slovenia has seen a rise in producing talent in their blossoming EDM scene.

Over the past two years, Slovenia has seen a rise in producing talent in their blossoming EDM scene. The arising tech-house scene was enriched by a young talent: Beltek. With a musical education and 6 years of piano lessons behind him, Beltek soon discovered the electronic side of life: EDM. After a few years of practice, it was time for the real deal. He entered Pete Tong's producer contest with his track 'Copacabana' and won. All the hard work paid off, as Beltek's career rose quickly. It didn't take long before Slovenia's techno-hero Umek contacted him and the two ended up in the studio, making one monster track after another. Looking back upon that time, it's all been a really important and exciting time for Beltek. But as he looks back, he's just about ready for some new challenges. Beltek: 'I was so amazed by all of this, that I couldn't believe it for days..but here I am reaching for new goals.'
It will never stopBeltek's passion for music was lit at a very young age. Being the six year old kid that he was, he was already indulged by it all. Beltek: 'I was very interested in playing and making music at the age of six already, when I got my first synthesizer. I think my passion for music creation has been growing ever since and will never stop.' However, his love for dance music was awaken by his brother. Beltek: 'It all began around 1996, when my older brother started visiting some parties where they played EDM. He brought home lots of tapes from various DJ's that played their sets there, so I listened to it and was instantly hooked to those sounds, which were more techno and acid oriented at that time.' Hence the techy influence in Beltek's productions of today.

Not good enoughFor a few years, Beltek practiced and toyed around with sounds, to find out exactly how to produce a good tune. And if it were up to Beltek himself, he would not have send that tune, 'Copacabana' to Pete Tong's contest, back then being the perfectionist that he was. Beltek:' That confidence took me a few years time actually, cause even though I had lots of finished tracks and all my friends told me they were great I still thought that they weren't good enough to be released. I wanted to start my career with tracks that I believe in. So one day a good friend of mine convinced me that I should at least try to send 'Copacabana' to Pete Tong on his show and maybe I will win that contest. Few days later all that actually happened and the rest is history!' We're glad he decided to do so after all, cause things might have looked a lot different if he didn't.
Right after winning the contest, Beltek got signed to Rising Trax and Beltek's name was heard all over Slovenia and far across the borders. It all effected Beltek, as he started getting more fan mail by the day. Beltek: 'This was without a doubt a big turning point in my career, cause I started to receive lots of offers from various labels, and artists wanting to co-operate, including Umek. I also started getting my first fans from all over the world and that was really impressive for me. I was so amazed by all of this, that I couldn't believe it for days..but here I am reaching for new goals.' One of those new goals was handed over by fellow countryman Umek only shortly after Beltek won the contest. Umek, one of the biggest Techno DJ's and producers on the globe, also heard about this young talent. Umek saw his chance and contacted Beltek for a team-up. Beltek: 'When Umek contacted and asked me if I want to do a collaboration on some tracks with him, I didn't think twice before I said YES, hehe. He is a music producer that I have been looking up to all my life, so it was like a dream come true to produce tracks with him. We get along great in the studio and one of us always inspires the other one with some new tricks, sounds etc. Besides that, he is a really cool person, so it's fun to work with him.' Only one month after they decided to collab in the studio, the already signed two EP's on Armada's Pilot 6 imprint, 'Army of Two' and 'Option to Stimulate / Lifetime Use'. It was striking that by combining their sounds, the result was a typical blend of tech-house, progressive and minimal. Beltek: 'The plan was to make some nice tracks and we were never planning to get a particular sound on our tracks, that just happened spontaneously I guess. I think it turned out more than great.'

ExpectationsSo far, Beltek has had 2 solo releases. His 'Copacabana' and the smashing 'Kenta', supported by numerous DJ's. Like with the Umek & Beltek releases, it's hard to define his style. Beltek: ''s hard to pigeon hole my own productions, but I think they sound like a mixture between house and trance.' With another Umek vs. Beltek release coming up, it may seem like the guys are inseparable. But no worries, Beltek has plenty of solo stuff in stores for you! Beltek: 'I'm planning to put out several solo releases. Besides that I will also work on Umek vs. Beltek project, then there will be some great remixing jobs as well, so you can expect a lot releases from me.'But first up is their new duopack 'Is It/ Longer Trail' on the Pilot 6 imprint. Beltek: ' 'Is it' is a nice melodic track with a great buildup of various elements and has a funny side cause it hasn't got any bassline at all, which is very unusual for melodic tracks, but it works really nice in the clubs! 'Longer Trail' is a progressive, more static track than 'Is it', with a little less melody and is also more pumping and bassy . Both tracks received a warm welcome in the clubs.'
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