New Armada Releases

July 06, 2009
New Armada Releases.

Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon

An exciting team-up of two major UK Producers. AVA Recordings owner Andy Moor decided to join forces with Ashley Wallbridge. Ashley, mostly known for trance smacker 'Masquerade' completes Andy Moor's lush progtrance sound. The result is 'Faces' , a diverse vocal trancer in which Andy has messed around with Meighan Nealon's vocals in the way only he can, and Ashley delivered his distinctive synths. The result is a dreamy yet realistic, tender but tough trance beauty that'll surely cause a stir around the scene.
Already featured on the A State of Trance 2009 album, and world-premiered as the highly sought-after ID in Armin's ASOT 400 set, 'Faces' is set to be one of the major tracks in trance land this year.
'Faces' is remixed by Tenishia and Ben Gold, two major names in trance and house land. Where Tenishia fills in the prog-trance needs with a melodic progressive remix, while Ben Gold bangs away with a base-driven trancer with a housy touch.

  1. Faces (Original Mix)
  2. Faces (Ben Gold Vocal Mix)
  3. Faces (Tenishia Remix)

John Shelvin feat, Molly
Just Like You Said

Turning the heads in wonder, and moving the feet, John Shelvin shocked the Spanish house scene with something new. His mixture of sturdy house and smooth vocals put this guy on the map and got him where he is today. John Shelvin has teamed up with singer Molly Bancroft, known for her vocals on Gabriel & Dresden's timeless 'Tracking Treasure Down'. John couldn't have made a better choice, as Molly's voice perfectly fits 'Just Like You Said'. With vocals in perfect harmony to the surrounding melody, this track is a groovy dance track that grows on you.
'Just Like You Said' comes with three remixes, by Cedric Gervais, Simon & Shaker and Groove Garcia. Gervais added soft synths and an extra melody to 'Just Like You Said', while Groove Garcia came up with a heavy, deep house feel to the track, leaving no space for the vocals. Spanish tech-house masters Simon & Shaker dubbed away and toyed around with the vocals, putting the track into a completely different arrangement. A spicy, groovy and atmospheric remix is what remains.

  1. Just Like You Said (Original Mix)
  2. Just Like You Said (Dub)
  3. Just Like You Said (Cedric Gervais Remix)
  4. Just Like You Said (Cedric Gervais Dub)
  5. Just Like You Said (Simon & Shaker Remix)
  6. Just Like You Said (Simon & Shaker Dub)
  7. Just Like You Said (Groove Garcia Remix)

Khaz & Boris M.D.

There's a typical sound that is captured on this lovely deep progressive track. 'Eliana' is the joint venture of one of the singers of Departure, Boris Boraziani, and producer Carey Stansfield, who's worked with them on previous successes like Markus Schulz' 'Without You Near' and 'Cause You Know'. 'Eliana' was already featured on Markus' 'Toronto '09' album, and shaped up into a Blake Jarrell fit onto his 'Concentrate 2009' album. A good start for an already promising track that is right at home at the Coldharbour record label.
'Eliana' has that mysterious sound, deep and dark with an on-going drive. Blake Jarrell's remix is slightly playful, but still sticks close to the delicate original, while Myon & Shane 54's Monster Remix starts off with contagious drums and highlights itself with uplifting trance melodies. A deep, thumping base is consistent in all remixes though, as an essential part of this intriguing release.

  1. Eliana (Original Mix)
  2. Eliana (Myon & Shane54 Monster Mix)
  3. Eliana (Blake Jarrell Remix)

Paradise Lost / Opus Sectrum

We'd almost forget to give Dutchie Mark Sixma a little introduction, as we're pretty sure you're already aware of his ability to mix emotional trance with some heavy techy stuff and the outcome of that. 'Destination 6', 'Amazon Dawn', 'Fade 2 Black' and 'Into the Unkown' have all rocked the crowds and been danced to by numerous trance lovers.
This young producer is now hitting back even harder with a mind and body shivering trance beauty called 'Opus Sectum' and deep progressive trancer 'Paradise Lost'. 'Opus Sectum' is a huge trance anthem that has every element a good anthem needs: a grand opening, a steady build-up with fine melodic elements and a tear jerking break with a classical touch leading to an ultimate end that kicks in hard. With 'Opus Sectum', M6 has managed to produce something that even some of the biggest names can't pull off: a true trance anthem that sends shivers down your spine, time after time. 'Paradise Lost' completes this EP and holds the balance, sounding more proggy and summer-minded. Already featured on the A State of Trance 2009 album, on the first cd with 'On The Beach' as its theme, 'Paradise Lost' doesn't really need more words to tell you it's A-quality..

  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Opus Sectrum

Sophie Sugar feat. Rebecca Emely
Beside You

UK's first lady in trance, Sophie Sugar, is hitting the summer season with a new addition to her banging trance sets. 'Fallen Too Far', 'Call of Tomorrow', 'Sense of Connection' and 'Redemption' gave plenty of warm-up heath for this release. 'Beside You' brings out the romantic, vocal side of her, with a touching synth and the warm voice of Rebecca Emely. Leading on towards an oldskool trance break that'll make 'Beside You' an unforgettable highlight, Sophie mixes deep and haunting vocals with stirring melodies and emotive strings to tell the story of always being watched over by someone we love.

  1. Beside You (Original Mix)
  2. Beside You (Dub Mix

Nick Bugayev
End Of The Line / Impromptu

Canadian producer Nick Bugayev decided to dedicate his life to music. Not only does he produce, he also performs, dj's, programs, composes, teaches and well..breathes EDM. A few months ago he moved to Berlin to see if living in techno-land could stimulate his career a bit more. He was lucky. Within a short matter of time, he became a resident DJ, started his own label, has a few big releases and received some good feedback from no one less than Josh Gabriel. Mister Different Pieces himself was interested in releasing these two outstanding tracks. Nick took techno to a whole different level on 'Impromptu', with a slick electric feel and a melodic progressive approach. 'Impromptu' causes a slightly psychedelic chaos, but without getting annoying. On the B-side, we've got 'End Of The Line', a groovy, mysterious deep track that outshines with originality.

  1. End Of The Line
  2. Impromptu

Andreas Bergmann
El Duderino / Pure Hagelslag

Andreas Bergmann; as big as he is, as wide is his style. From progressive to minimal, from techno to house. Formerly he was known as Antiphus, but he changed his name into Andreas Bergmann. In 2007 he made the decision to lock himself up in his studio. In that year he experimented with the newest music styles en techniques. This resulted in new and successful releases like 'I Want To Buy A Dog', 'Frisian Meatballs' and 'I Will Only Say This Once', which has been played by the biggest names in the scene.
Andreas Bergmann was born 30 years ago, seeing his first light under the name Andreas Bakker. His first acquaintance with the Dance scene was at the age of twelve. The choice to be a DJ himself was inspired by his hero Ben Liebrand. The artist - whose technique can be compared with the militancy and greatness of Goliath - is being designated as one of the greatest DJ's world-wide.
He debutes with this ep on DJ Remys label '68 Recordings' with two big progressive tracks. First of all there is 'Pure Hagelslag' (actually a Dutch specialty to put on your bread, chocolate sprinkles), which is a deep percussive driven, techy track that comes with a huge subbass to make a dancefloor go nuts. On the flip side youll find 'El Duderino', a deep summerish kind of track that keeps on building and building.

  1. El Duderino
  2. Pure Hagelslag
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