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July 20, 2009
Right at home is where Josh Gabriel's new tech-house track 'Rubber' will find its way out to the rest of the world. The sixth particle of the already impressive Different Pieces catalogue comes from the hands of its label owner, Josh Gabriel.

Josh Gabriel

Right at home is where Josh Gabriel's new tech-house track 'Rubber' will find its way out to the rest of the world.
The sixth particle of the already impressive Different Pieces catalogue comes from the hands of its label owner, Josh Gabriel. Gabriel, backed up with a staggering 25 years of music involvement, chose to go solo in 2008. Waving off his successful career as part of the legendary Gabriel & Dresden duo, he made a swift change from the namely trance-oriented to a challenging tech-house minded sound. Though the change has caused quite a bit of awing round the scene, he received a warm welcome with his walk upon this new path. Testing his abilities to the fullest, it's clear there's a whole lot more to Josh Gabriel than meets the first listen.

Indefinable and different would be the exact right words to describe the follow-up to Gabriel's 'Tone Program EP'. However, the name 'Rubber' couldn't have been more fitting to this heavily distorted techno blend of sounds. A thick, stretched out whirl of bass, kicks and melodic stabs keep order in housy chaos, as 'Rubber' looks to be one of the major dance floor destroyers in the following summer months.

  1. Rubber

The Blizzard with Gaate

These Norwegian progtrance lovers have surely taken their time for a follow-up. It's been more than 2 years ago since first single 'Kalopsia' got the crowd going. Luckily, in the meanwhile we've been able to enjoy their enchanting progressive sound on various remixes. The Blizzard have drenched their sound into Armin van Buuren's 'In & Out of Love', Andy Moor's 'Fake Awake' and Mike Foyle's 'Pandora' . Two years after the lovely 'Kalopsia', the summer of 2009 delivers a refreshing and, if we may say so, groundbreaking sound of these two Scandinavian producers.
Honoring their country, 'Iselilja' is a haunting vocal track in collaboration with Norwegian band Gaate. Gaate, that brings a mix of traditional Norwegian folk music and rock, have a sound like no other. Blending it up with trance and progressive may seem a risky choice, but producers Lars-Christian Nyheim and Tore Vatle Jensen sure manage to pull it off. With the outstanding vocals of lead singer Gunnhild, 'Iselilja' is an exceptionally atmospheric track. In melodic Norwegian, she lifts the mysterious progressive beats to a higher level. As ever, The Blizzard has managed to bring us a rich sound with distinct use of piano, violin and a keen ear for details.
The remixes of this heavy-weight release, put the original in a different light. First off, there's Finnish producer duo Michael Cassette. The housy and typical Cassette sound turned the track into a dancefloor fit, playful piece of music, without losing too much of the essence on what the track's about. The second remix on this package comes from The Blizzard, teamed up with Sunn Jellie. Already featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2009 album, the remix captures the sense in a trancy, melodramatic jacket. Easygoing and gentle yet more than danceable.

  1. Iselilja (Vocal Mix)
  2. Iselilja (Dub Mix)
  3. Iselilja (Michael Cassette Remix)
  4. Iselilja (Michael Cassette Dub Remix)
  5. Iselilja (Sunn Jellie & The Blizzard Remix)
  6. Iselilja (Sunn Jellie & The Blizzard Dub Remix)

Paul Webster
The Wolf / Vibrations

The Irish tech-trance brigade is back. Paul Webster is packed with a new dose of rough beats, ever-going jaggy sounds and the exact right amount of melodic trance to balance it. After 'Corruption' and 'Istanbul', young producer Paul Webster provides us two new dance floor candies. First off, there's 'The Wolf', a track that starts off with a sly bass, leading to a techno driven, melodic break. Paul:"Reactions have being amazing so far and some people are already suggesting it's going to be tune of the summer, so fingers crossed." 'Vibrations' is the second dancefloor destroyer in this Captivating Sounds EP. Paul definitely picks up some vibes on this one, fitting progressive, techno and trance into one dancefloor shattering whole.

  1. The Wolf
  2. Vibrations

Second Left
Sculpt and Define / Camatose

UK producer Ben Preston seems to be in good shape these days. Within a matter of months, he's released 6 top notch progressive dance floor fillers. 'Drop Pounds', 'Dusk' and 'Escape' had his groovy progressive flavours running about and put his new Second Left guise on the map. 'Sculpt & Define' is one half of his new EP, and a summer-tune in full effect. Easy-going, sun-kissed and gently uplifting. 'Comatose' has that same proghouse sound, but with a stronger melody and bigger impact.

  1. Sculpt and Define
  2. Camatose

Cardboard Box / Neon Warrior

The brothers Dziewulski share more than just a family bond. In fact, they both have the same passion for music running in their blood. And what's more easy than to share it and start creating it together?
Julian and Mateusz decided to take a shot and started producing in 2003. Working under various aliases, such as Project Logical, Anguilla Project and the later conceived Skytech, they slowly but steadily discovered their own sound, a mixture of uplifting and progressive. 6 years after kick-off, they now managed to snatch up a big one. Or, should we say two big ones? Fact is, that their latest Skytech track 'Cardboard Box' was already featured on Markus Schulz' 'Toronto '09' album. And rocking it.
'Cardboard Box' owns all the major elements a good progressive track need: phat percussions, uplifting sounds and depth. As one of the highlights on the 'Toronto 09' album and in Markus Schulz' sets, it already gave Coldharbour fans a direct ticket to dancefloor madness. Dutch producer Estiva genuinely lifted 'Cardboard Box' to a trancy, yet funky track on his remix. P.A.F.F., one of the aliases of Polish producer Pawel Kasperski, has smashed around with the track and made it a heavy-weight, distortive celebration with funked up techno-sounds.
To complete the package, Skytech provides us a B-side on this EP, 'Neon Warrior'. A heavy techno-loaded, yet progressive track with a playful and stabby melody.

  1. Cardboard Box (Original Mix)
  2. Cardboard Box (Estiva Remix)
  3. Cardboard Box (P.A.F.F. ReSmash)
  4. Neon Warrior (Original Mix)

Jason Chance
Keep It Coming

UK's Jason Chance ranges from the wonderful underground scene in London and has made his way up through organizing his own events, dj'ing for nine years already, and producing since last year. Pouring the sounds in all things house, Jason organizes his own 'Licked' parties and also works under the 'Audiofreaks' guise. Saying Jason Chance is involved with music would be an understatement. Giving his best in all ways possible, this housy all-rounder is now contented with a release on the StoneyBoy imprint. 'Keep It Coming' is the contagious, easy-going house track with a lush progressive approach. It keeps you going and awakes the dance senses with every beat.
Fellow UK producer Harry Brown give 'Keep It Coming' a little summer-lick with his 'Adventures of SC Mix'. A slick, beach-party fit remix that doesn't let itself be labeled as 'just' house. Concerning Jason Chance's beats, we've got one thing left to say: keep them coming.

  1. Keep It Coming (Original Mix)
  2. Keep It Coming (Harry Browns Adventures of SC Mix)
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