New Armada Releases

June 29, 2009
New Armada Releases.

Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher

When two musically talented powerbabes team up, this is what you'll get. 'Freefallin', a sensitive yet powerful trancer that combines the best of both ladies. The mesmerizing, high vocals of Irish lady Audrey Gallagher work with pure trance sounds by UK producer/DJ Claudia Cazacu, resulting in a dancefloor trancer that won't just make the ladies move, but get the whole crowd going.

  1. Freefallin' (Original Mix)
  2. Freefallin' (Dub Mix)

8 Wonders
The Liftoff / Unwritten / Everything's Been Written

Regardless of the success he has under his Arnej alias, Canadian sound-shaper Arnej Secerkadic returns with another EP under his 8 Wonders alias. As he knows, good things always come in three, he brings us three new follow-ups to his previous EP's 'The Return', 'Eventuality', 'People Don't Change' and several other trancy fueled dancefloor destroyers.
We start off with a firm techy sound in 'The Liftoff', where the phat bass rules and shattering trance-violence unfolds into a laser-kissing soundwave. 'The Liftoff' has big room written all over. 'Unwritten' on the other hand, sticks to the more gentle side of things, with an upbeat progressive build-up, a scorching synth and a lighter break. 'Everything's Been Written', last but definitely not least, is a balance between these two. An epic melody, pleasurable details and synthy suprises define the track, making it a perfect ender to any trance party. 8 Wonders has done it again.

  1. The Lift
  2. Unwritten
  3. Everything's Been Written

Johnny The Fox

You've got to be quick to catch Markus Schulz. One minute he's delivering you a dose of blistering hot tech-trance, the next he's producing electrifying progressive under his Dakota alias.
Schulz has been on fire with his recent productions, latest track 'Chinook' winning rave reviews from all corners. 'Johnny The Fox' is the second release from Dakota's hotly anticipated 'Thoughts Become Things' long player - and there's no other word for it other than 'killer'.
Relentless and driving from the word go, this is the award-winning Schulz at his very best. Compacted layers of synths and beats fly out of the speakers and onto the dance floor at sonic speed, increasing the energy towards an awe-inspiring, peak-time instrumental breakdown that should have you reaching well beyond the lasers.
Young upstarts Barnes and Heatcliff are bought in by Schulz for remix duty, underlining his personal mission to seek out and support upcoming talent through his own releases. Markus dropped the remix himself at Guvernment back in March and to say the place went through the roof is the understatement of the year. Taking the original progressive elements and threading a more 'euphoric' trance feel through them, the boys have come up with a winner all round.

  1. Johnny The Fox (Original Mix)
  2. Johnny The Fox (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

Andrea Saenz & Robots Memory
Anywhere You Go

Colombian producer Andrea Saenz, one half of Da Others, teamed up with fellow countryman Robots Memory to maximize their minimal sounds. Like 'Flight 887' and 'Viva La Vida', 'Anywhere You Go' has a distinctive sound that fluently fades borders of minimal, house and progressive. The track starts off with teasing little elements and a melodic synth, building up to a vocal and guitar surprise right in the middle. A diverse, warm house track for the Pilot 6 imprint.
The Unplugged Mix has a more distortive sound, with freaky little changes and a rougher touch, while Milton Channels' remix stripped off most of it all and sticked to a minimalistic, drum-oriented sound

  1. Anywhere You Go (Mainplugged Mix)
  2. Anywhere You Go (Unplugged Mix)
  3. Anywhere You Go (Milton Channels Remix)

Sophie Sugar feat. Rebecca Emely
Beside You

UK's first lady in trance, Sophie Sugar, is hitting the summer season with a new addition to her banging trance sets. 'Fallen Too Far', 'Call of Tomorrow', 'Sense of Connection' and 'Redemption' gave plenty of warm-up heath for this release. 'Beside You' brings out the romantic, vocal side of her, with a touching synth and the warm voice of Rebecca Emely. Leading on towards an oldskool trance break that'll make 'Beside You' an unforgettable highlight, Sophie mixes deep and haunting vocals with stirring melodies and emotive strings to tell the story of always being watched over by someone we love.

  1. Beside You (Original Mix)
  2. Beside You (Dub Mix

Mike EFEX feat. Catherine
Pier 39

American DJ/Producer Mher Ekezian went into the deep. Under the Mike EFEX guise, he brings us a vocal production, 'Pier 39'. A detailed, exhilarating track, that breaths progressive. No lyrics, but a mesmerizing gasp of air, is what Catharine adds to this S107 release, which is more than enough to lift it to a higher status. 'Pier 39' is delicate vocal progressive at its best. Along with the original, you'll also find a Tech and Dub mix to come along, with a lyrical vocal twist in the Tech mix and dancefloor-proof sound on the Dub.

  1. Pier 39 (Original Mix)
  2. Pier 39 (Dub Mix)
  3. Pier 39 (Tech Mix)
  4. Pier 39 (Grube & Hovsepian Remix)

Sunlounger feat. Kyler England
Change Your Mind

Already featured on the A State of Trance 2009 compilation, and making waves since the release of Sunlounger's 'Sunny Tales' album, 'Change Your Mind' is another major release by the guy who's life isn't divided into, or influenced by, different seasons. Summer is all that counts to Roger Shah, with the warm Balearic sounds he constantly manages to produce. He has brought his Sunlounger moniker out into the open again, and delivers us another vocal beauty. 'Change Your Mind' features the lovely voice of American singer Kyler England, who's previously worked with Cosmic Gate and has a successful musical career of her own.
'Change Your Mind' is a happy-go-lucky, Balearic trance track with pop-influences. The naturally flowing melody provides a nice basis to Kyler's vocals, that linger in your mind long after the music has stopped.
The widely known Hungarian producer duo Myon & Shane 54 couldn't keep their hands off this beauty and we're glad they shook Shah's sound up and down a bit, to bring their own remix. This remix was featured on ASOT 2009, and is even more melodic and proggy. But there's more. Another remix was made by Fast Distance, who honours his name by speeding things up, raising the BPM and bringing some more drama into the break.

  1. Change Your Mind (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
  2. Change Your Mind (Fast Distance Remix)
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